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It’s springtime even in Helsinki. Just looking around carelessly, I could think nothing is wrong. The suburban area I’m in looks quite decent. Yet I know more than meets my eyes. Though even they do see that Helsinki is changing. When I passed my old comprehensive school, I saw several Somalis (I think) walking towards the bus stop. One another Somali girl who was obviously a pupil in that school, rose on the bus and started speaking loudly on her cellphone; less than twenty years ago there was only one pupil of non-European heritage among some 600 pupils. And the black woman on the street, with several little children, had her body and face covered more thoroughly than the vast majority of women you see in Turkey where I have spent about one year now (I’ll be back there soon too).

And when I go to a grocery store I immediately notice how ridiculously expensive everything is compared to the rest of the world. Some of the same things I saw in stores in Munich are twice as expensive in Helsinki. And when I read some news they tell me that one liter of gasoline cost 0.62 euro in April on average in the US while in Finland you pay 1.42 euros. I’m sure the hardworking taxpayers are glad that on top of those prices they are now supporting the expansion of multicultural society and their own replacement. I’m sure it was a smart choice to get a replacement for me from Pakistan. The authorities know best after all. So just pay your taxes gladly!

And of course I haven’t been able to avoid reading some stuff about the Josef Fritzl case. Now of course that guy found a willing woman for himself. A woman who apparently had just no clue of what was going on (bloody typical!). And the media covers the story for ages and the masses are distracted from thinking about those psychos that really matter. Fritzl may be monstrous, but at least he has not been trying to destroy all that’s still good in Europe like those psychopaths who run the EU (reminder: although just a very small percentage of the general population is psychopathic, I fully expect that of the top EU elites, at least 35 to 100 percent are psychos, as in general organizations are top heavy on psychopaths and the prevalence of casual but outrageous lying by them indicates they are much more prevalent in the EU than in most other organizations). But of course since the big media is in the league with the elites they are not spending time trying to expose them. On the contrary they are usually busy spreading more propaganda. The only choice for the average citizen to make some real sense of the situation is to crawl on the fringes of the internet (and yes, I have some good links on my sidebar to get started).

The more stuff I read, the more likely it seems that the current situation is indeed due to a vast conspiracy which has long been trying to fool the masses (not to mention also actually fooled them!) in order to further its own agenda. And yes, it seems the Jews seem to have been very instrumental in it. I myself suspect they are trying to collectively punish all white Europeans for their past misdeeds (either real or imagined) as their faith Judaism dictates (it’s a sick religion I gather!) but I’m willing to consider other explanations as well. One part of their plan seems to involve getting the Europeans into a bloody civil war against the Muslims.

I’ll give one example of the subversive tactics they have been using in order to reach this situation: I remember that some years ago, when I started reading economics blogs, I initially gravitated towards certain Jewish economists (with names like Becker, Cowen, Levitt, Roberts) because they were obviously pretty good writers and also enthusiastic bloggers. Yet when I begun reading more stuff from their non-Jewish collegues (for example Hoppe is non-Jewish I think), it begun to be increasingly clear that the Jewish economists tended to be quite biased in their analysis of the economic effects of immigration. In short I noted Jews tend to ignore or downplay all but the most obvious costs to immigration (the less immediate and obvious costs include things like the genetic deterioration of the population and all the hidden costs to native taxpayers… though of course some pretty decent Jews like M. Friedman have noted that it’s insanity to have mass immigration into a welfare state) while the (at the least the smartest) non-Jewish economists tend to take more of them into consideration (and often end up unpopular in the establishment when they give reasons for restricting immigration).

Anyway, after realizing that the Jewish economists tend to be systematically biased, it is not that far-fetched to think they may be deliberately biased because they are willing participants of a conspiracy to bring down the Western world. Observing their systematic biases surely increases my expectation that the conspiracy-theorists are right. Yes. It’s the Jews, stupid! They are really out there trying to get me and other whites killed or enslaved! Also the Muslims of course!

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