The return of patriarchy? Hell yes!!!

White males, those superior beings, who have given the world almost all its greatest innovations and artistic masterpieces (as Charles Murray’s book ‘Human accomplishment’ details), have also made some of the world’s biggest mistakes. I have come to the realization that giving women suffrage has probably been one of them.

Even though, after making all those institutional, scientific and technological innovations, that made the Western world the most successful and prosperous part of the world in the previous centuries, our civilization has been able to afford cultural irrationality on a vast scale, I’m afraid the time has come to realize that the situation has been growing too bad for the continuing prosperity of the Western world — if we don’t make some radical changes like strip women off their voting rights as soon as possible before the Western civilization is already off the cliff.

To make my case, I note that John Lott’s research has revealed, that it seems women’s suffrage has been a major contributor to the growth of government and the erosion of individual responsibility and freedom — the pillars that allowed Western prosperity. And I, however much I hate to say it aloud (ok, I don’t hate saying it that much!), think women are for big government mainly because they are less intelligent than men on average and there are very few really smart women (see for example these pages I, II, III; in short adult women have up to around 5 points lower IQs than men on average and their IQ variance also seems to be lower).

This intelligence gap explains quite well why it is generally better to allow males to make most of the decisions and why it is generally bad to allow women control as much (let alone more!) resources as men do; it also explains why non-patriarchal societies have not been particularly successful in the longer term during the history of the world. Males may make serious mistakes, but still women tend to make even worse mistakes when they make the decisions. Of course this is not always immediately obvious as lower intelligence tends to lead to decisions that are reasonably good in the short-term but are quite suboptimal, even fatal, in the longer term. Thus women are often able to fool themselves into thinking they are the smart ones after gaining some short term advantages and they rarely have the intelligence to realize that the troubles they face later on are due to their own previous shortsightedness. Instead they often blame white males! Who actually are more often trying to do what’s good for not only themselves but also the society as the whole and humanity’s future while women themselves have been trying to live like little princesses — shopping like hell (etc.) while leeching off the wealth white males have made possible and caring little about how to actually make the society better.

I would need to research the issue more, but I have noted that it seems that although the establishment has generally been trying to suppress research that makes it clear women are on average less intelligent than men and this is due to biological factors, for example the Jewish propaganda machine has been targeting mainly white women probably because the Jewish intellectuals have long known about the sex differences and thus realized it is more efficient to try to fool women than to try to fool men when they promote race-mixing and other harmful things that may lead to the destruction of the white race (and after white women have been fooled into entering mixed-race relations white males have no alternatives but to do the same if they want to propagate their genes). I’m not yet sure if the Jews were actually also largely responsible for women’s suffrage in the first place as they might have long ago realized doing that might well lead to the downfall of the white race.

In addition I might also say I think that the fact that women are less intelligent explains why women tend to be more religious than men and why they support for example mass immigration and foreign aid more often than men. It all comes down to women’s general thoughtlessness and incapacity for thinking about the long term consequences of their actions in a rational scientific way!

Conclusion: it is time to put men (and importantly not those men who women think are the best choices) back in charge of the Western civilization. Else, we may well be about to see how the world collapses.

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