On my ideological connections

Recently I’ve been spending a little time exploring the ideas of some paleoconservative thinkers. I’ve found that I have quite a lot in common with some people like Patrick J. Buchanan. The Wikipedia entry on Paleoconservatism begins with the following:

Paleoconservatism (sometimes shortened to paleo or paleocon when the context is clear) is a term for an anti-communist and anti-authoritarian[1] right wing movement based in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, that stresses tradition, civil society and classical federalism, along with familial, religious, regional, national and Western identity.[2] Chilton Williamson, Jr. describes paleoconservatism as “the expression of rootedness: a sense of place and of history, a sense of self derived from forebears, kin, and culture — an identity that is both collective and personal.”[3] Paleoconservativism is not expressed as an ideology and its adherents do not necessarily subscribe to any one party line.[4]

Paleoconservatives in the 21st century often focus on their points of disagreement with neoconservatives, especially on issues like immigration, affirmative action, U.S. funding of Israeli military actions, foreign wars, and welfare.[2] They also criticize social democracy, which some refer to as the therapeutic managerial state,[5] the welfare-warfare state[6] or polite totalitarianism.

I obviously don’t have that much respect for religiosity as I’m more of an Illuminati type myself and I suspect that the spread of Christianity was a significant contributor to the fall of the Roman empire and the following dark ages and has been corrupting the Western world ever since. But disregarding that I do think that the paleoconservative position seems to be quite decent.

Few days ago I also watched Alex Jones video ‘EndGame’ in which the paleoconservative Mr. Jones tries to expose the plans of the ‘New World Order‘ people. There’s some entertaining stuff like Jones shouting to some random people attending the Bilderberger group meeting ‘I’m not your slave! I’m not your property!’ with his nice Texan accent while they are supposedly preparing to plan the major events that will happen in the world.

However, I ended up having the impression that it is actually a clever attempt to discredit the anti-conspiracy movement or to fool some of its participants. It has some good stuff, which may be true, but then it goes on to claim that the powerful conspirators have long been planning to reduce the world population to more manageable levels (like half a billion). Things like this don’t seem to make any sense to me as it seems more like they have actually just been trying to eradicate the white race by pouring countless billions in foreign aid to third world countries so that their populations have been able to multiply and promoting mass third world immigration into the Western world in order to replace their formerly white populations (all at taxpayers’ expense of course so that the white people don’t have money to multiply themselves.. with the exception of parasites that is). And obviously it seems that Jews have been heavily involved in its production as even the editor is a guy with the surname ‘Jacobson’. They may have even funded its production so it’s not surprising that Alex Jones and his message may have been compromised in order to promote Jewish interests.

The video also goes on to name transhumanists as working for the New World Order. As a member of WTA I did not find that part of the video particularly convincing either. Although I have to say I’ve grown a bit suspicious of the Jewish involvement in major transhumanist organizations. After being banned from one list by no other person than Natasha Vita-More myself I have come to realize she might have some serious Jewish blood in her veins too. I have not seen any public disclosure of her heritage but I know she was growing up in Manhattan, has come from Russia I think, and had formerly the name Nancie Clark (not so common name for Jews but a quick internet search lead me to find out that for example Wesley Clark has acknowledged his Jewish roots as well). Not to mention that I’ve read that changing names is an important part of the Jewish tradition as it was actually promoted in Talmud (remember all those Jews that had changed their names as they took part in the Bolshevik revolution). Hence it seems she quite likely has Ashkenazi roots herself and thus it was hardly surprising she would not want me to expose the Jewish supremacists on her list. She is probably one of them herself!

Also, I have to admit some prominent members of the WTA are openly promoting global governance, which I don’t think is a good idea myself, and seems to be part of the plan that the global elites are executing. And yes it seems they have some connections with those people who may well be part of the global elite. But I have no idea what they may have been planning together.

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3 thoughts on “On my ideological connections

  1. Edward Miller

    I just saw the sister of Pat Buchana, Bay Buchanan, speak. Like her brother, she has a very likable personality and means well. However, I respectfully disagree with a large amount of their views.

    Nevertheless, because they are not party-line people, they have a clearer picture of how the American two-party system is a corrupting force. They also have a clearer view of certain truisms that are accepted in America, like “the terrorists hate our freedom.” I believe Pat was once quoted as saying “they hate us for what we do, not who we are.”

    Also, Bay Buchanan is no longer a promoter of Free Trade, and is now a promoter of Fair Trade, which is very interesting. Even though I disagree with them on everything from abortion to tax law, I think they probably have done more good than bad and recommend that you look into them simply for the fact that he is at least somewhat sensible.

    As for Alex Jones, he is an entertaining nut, but conspiracy theorists can be quite harmful to public discourse since they have a lack of respect for logic. I think the fact that you claim Alex Jones to be part of a conspiracy should tell you something about your thinking. Maybe there is a simple answer… that this bombastic talk show host who rants about conspiracies isn’t interested in being socially scientific and discredits his fellow conspiracy theorists all by himself.

    As for Natasha, I had never even considered what her ethnicity might be, nor should it matter. In all likelihood, she isn’t Jewish, but it doesnt matter either way. Did it ever occur to you that most people, regardless of race, are offended by racism. Getting booted from a discussion board doesn’t imply a conspiracy.

    I like to think of myself as minorly important in the transhumanist movement, and I am replying to you in the interests of open discourse which I value highly. Yet, an entire mailing list cannot necessarily be expected to get into racially-heated tangents or allow itself to be publically associated with views like racism which transhumanism by definition would make obsolete.

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  2. Edward Miller

    You claim that elites are trying to eradicate the “white race” through foreign aid, but this claim is ludicrous on so many levels.

    Firstly, this aid was originally given as basically bribes to third world dictators so that they don’t align themselves with the Soviet Union, and the money was used for anything but charity.

    Secondly, the aid that actually is used to build up the infrastructure of third world countries actually reduces the birthrates. Take a look at the statistics for the countries with the highest birthrates.


    You can see that the countries on the highest end of the spectrum are the ones who are the worst off such as Congo, Liberia, Afghanistan, etc. More stable countries in Africa, such as Egypt and South Africa have birthrates less than half as high. Even more stable, educated, and prosperous countries in the “developed world” like the US and Europe have the lowest birthrates.

    Thus, your claim the aid drains money from white people “so that the white people don’t have money to multiply themselves” is just absurd. It is the money that has caused the decline in birthrates in the West, and it is my hope that everyone can be so lucky. If we don’t slow the population growth via things like education, then we will have problems of sustainability and political tension.

    As for your claim that members of the WTA are promoting “global governance,” I think that shows a serious misunderstanding. We already have global governance, it is just done via economics… aka “globalization.” This process of globalization is upon us whether we like it or not, and personally I am very fearful of it.

    My views on the matter are most greatly influenced by people like Immanuel Wallerstein and Anthony Giddens. Wallerstein shows how the nature of capitalism necessitates “endless accumulation” which has been the driving force behind globalization. Giddens shows that since this process is basically unstoppable, and he would argue desirable, that the only thing missing is transnational democratic oversight of this process.

    It seems apparent that if democracy plays no role in the transnational space, then the currently dominant economic model of global governance which you so strongly object to as the “new world order” will remain in firm control, with no input from the people they are ruling.

    However, one thing about capitalism is that it provides incentive for statism. The anarcho-capitalist Roderick T Long wrote about this very issue


    Yet he doesnt seem to understand that his proposed system would create the same conditions. He writes “it doesn’t take a million dollars to lobby for a million dollar subsidy,” which provides incentive for concentrated wealth to work for market imbalances.

    Thus, there will be incentive for elites to push for a transnational body which can create market imbalances more effectively than nation-states. Therefore, we need to be active in the process of building a transnational democracy with radical transparency rather than just mindlessly opposing it out of fear of “statism” as opposed to other governance models (economic, religious, etc etc)

    Thus, while at first I was shocked when I saw that some WTA people believed in “world federalism,” once I got over my state-centric political thinking, it became clear that it is on the transnational level where the next battles against corruption and for social justice must take place.

    This means that we need to be highly critical of it the whole way through, no doubt… but one can be critical without being in opposition. Your opposition of the EU is thus not well-grounded. You really ought to try to build the best EU possible because the nature of market forces are pushing us in that direction anyways.

    As you pointed out in another post, surely there must be some rule of law to not allow enormous numbers of immigrants especially into a system with social welfare programs, but there must be flow of labor just as there is flow of goods.

    I have a non-standard view of welfare which I am willing to elaborate on assuming you are open to reasoned debate as you seemed to be earlier.

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  3. kuromaku

    Few short comments: no I don’t mean to claim that me being banned from that list implies a conspiracy. In my maybe twisted thinking it just increases my expectation that there is such a thing.

    I don’t claim I have studied the effects of foreign aid very extensively, but still the fact is that the third worlders have multiplied at the same time it has been flowing and the populations of the Western world have stagnated. I’m the first one to admit that I think much of the latter is due to enormous stupidity on the part of whites. Spending so much on all sorts of unnecessary things and redistributing the money from those who are responsible to those who are not. Thus many responsible but not wealthy people who have been the losers in the redistribution game and would have wanted to have more children have not been able to actually afford them on their own as the government has wasted their wealth.

    I think you are partially wrong that it’s the wealth itself that has caused the drop in the birth rates. With the invention of mass broadcasting and the success of the Creel Commission, the elites (and the Jews in Hollywood) found a method to control the masses. You may think I’m crazy, but I honestly think they have been spreading destructive memes deliberately.

    To give one example, I have heard far too many white women say that the world has enough children already and point to the third world (thus it doesn’t matter if they have children themselves) while they totally ignore that the quality is different since they have been lied to all their lives. All this kind of shit has lowered the birth rates. Not the wealth itself. And I’m hesitant to think the cultural elites are really that stupid that they themselves believe what they have been preaching. Thus I take certain conspiracy theories seriously.

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