I won’t need a doctor, I have Google

Even some doctors have realized search engines can help make difficult diagnoses. I too have used Google to find possible diagnoses sometime before. And I did find answers that seemed to make sense.

Then again, although the study found out that Google helped make the correct diagnosis in 58% of the cases I have a quote like the following from the article:

“A spokeswoman for the Patients Association said it would be “concerned” if doctors were using websites to diagnose people because many contained dubious information.

“What would happen if they gave the patient the wrong information? There are lots of good sites out there, but we also know that there are many that are not credible,” she said.”

Oh, boy, the little misogynist in my head is tempted to say that once again a woman proves she misses the point and ain’t that smart -that’s hardly the right question to ask or to be worried about. Doctors have always made mistakes and given wrong information. The right or better question is can doctors give patients better advice if they consult search engines in tough cases and that study seems to say yes more oftenÂtheyÂcan than not.

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