The Culture of Betrayal III

Note: it might be a good idea to read the parts I & II first.

After considering the contents of Kevin MacDonald’s book CofC, I have been re-analyzing some of my previous encounters with Jewish movements. One of them is this movement behind the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SI) dedicated to bringing on a safe ‘intelligence explosion’ to benefit all of humanity whose founder Eliezer Yudkowsky is of course a hardcore Jew (looks like one too!).

Some years ago some of my acquaintances started making substantial contributions to his non-profit organization (they were proud members of Mensa I might add). At that time, after I had read much of what Yudkowsky had published, I casually compared him to Jesus Christ in an email-discussion with one contributor. I noted that those who most loudly profess altruism, like Eliezer and Jesus, tend to be some sort of scam-artists (like leftist politicians who claim to be working for the ‘public good’ while actually their actions indicate they are mostly interested in getting more power to themselves). And as I hardly believe in anything supernatural, I of course think that Jesus of Nazareth was probably a scam-artist (like Jews also think I suppose). At that time I didn’t consciously realize it but of course Jesus was also Jewish just like Yudkowsky.

And now the Jesus Cult has managed to fool billions of people while Yudkowsky has managed to get his cause maybe a few million bucks in donations and other support. I could also note that I find it a bit funny that many guys who are very critical of Jews have fallen for maybe the biggest Jewish scam-artist of all times themselves: Jesus. If humans have one thing in plenty that surely is gullibility.

Nevertheless, the person I was having the discussion with was perhaps unsurprisingly unconvinced as he had already invested so much to SI and started being quite hostile towards me. Still, after reading CofC, I feel even more strongly that it sure pays to be very skeptical of Jewish movements like that (especially when SI has produced very little of what can be objectively assessed to be worth something and is hardly very transparent). I’d say I feel a bit vindicated. It almost seems that Jews have a quite common innate desire to use their intellects for scam-artistry. I hate to say it but that might explain a lot of what has been happening in the world. Starting with folks like Jesus and continuing with folks like the Rothschilds, Franz Boas (I don’t think you can be honest and smart and then ‘demonstrate’ that only culture is responsible for racial differences.. therefore he must have been dishonest!), Freud, Gould and now Yudkowsky. Though I admit I’m making these claims based on inadequate knowledge so I may well be wrong. And I won’t deny that I have occasionally found Yudkowsky’s writings on Overcoming Bias worth reading (still I doubt his public writings alone are worth what he has received so far).

Well, I’m getting a little tired writing already, but before stopping today, I could also note that although I so far still respect some Jews like Ayn Rand, whose objectivist movement I’ve been observing, she had some serious shortcomings too, which should be obvious to any critical reader of her article on Racism — her very worst one in my opinion as very few are racists in the sense that Rand uses the term in that article and in addition empirical evidence like the twin studies surely contradict Ayn Rand’s claims as well… as does the field of evolutionary psychology. This is not good for the reputation of the founder of objectivism though I admit people knew a lot less around the time Rand wrote that essay.

It seems Ayn Rand may have been deceiving herself (a common trait for Jews and others if people like MacDonald and Robert Trivers are to be taken seriously), if she did not promote that kind of thinking because of Jewish group-think (inspired by people like Franz Boas) which tried to downplay race differences, as apparently Rand herself preferred to associate with other Jews, which kind of contradicts her expressed thoughts on that subject (see this or some texts on Ayn Rand’s Jewish years). Anyway, that single article surely casts some serious doubts on Rand’s intellectual sincerity. I hate to say it, but that’s just another indication that it is really hard to find a totally straight-thinking Jew.

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