No good deed shall go unpunished

That indeed seems to be the doctrine that dominates in the establishments around the world as even this one recent news item titled ‘Psychology professor denounces departments’ reprimands of his work’ indicates. The PeeCee crowd attacks MacDonald for his work including the book ‘The Culture of Critique’:

Though the history and anthropology departments have chosen to distance themselves from MacDonald and his work, they said they maintain and respect his First Amendment rights and academic freedom.

Both statements led MacDonald to question just how much his freedoms were respected.

“The fact is that even though the history department and others at the university claim to defend my academic freedom, the intense assault on my work as well as the ostracism that one must endure certainly has a chilling effect on academic freedom,” said MacDonald. “That is, professors who have views that conflict with well-entrenched, commonly held views are clearly getting the message that they will they will pay a high price for publicizing their views.”

MacDonald has said he will take legal action about the statements made by the history department that claim he did not do proper research for his book. He said the claims were defamatory and libelous.

Fear not. For I at least shall continue writing on this topic as well in my soon to be continued ‘The Culture of Betrayal’ series in order to keep the candle of enlightenment alive.

(and let us not forget what happened to Chris Brand for trying to publish his book ‘The g factor’ years ago.. I myself read it just a year ago and found it to be quite refreshing)

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