The Culture of Betrayal II

It took longer than expected, but at least I have finally read all of Kevin MacDonald’s book ‘The Culture of Critique: An evolutionary analysis of Jewish involvement in twentieth-century intellectual and political movements’. As I don’t have a terribly good memory myself, I should probably read it again in order to get its contents burned better into my declarative memory, but at this moment I’ll write some of my casual observations I have made based on it. At first, I might note that David Duke included some of the same things into his later book on Jewish supremacism, but MacDonald’s book has more details and is definitely worth reading for everyone who doesn’t mind going into some trouble when trying to understand what’s happening now and why.

In short, critical analysis of history shows that Jews have used their considerable intellects to initiate and run many movements that in effect undermine the fabric of Western civilization while at the same time covertly promoting Jewish interests. The trouble with smart Jews is that they often make a lot of sense but then at times carefully twist their public thinking in ways that often fool the gentiles into thinking that something which is harmful to their interests is actually for their own good. Thus even if they do much good thinking they may cause more harm than good in the end for the society as a whole.

One example, which MacDonald analyses quite nicely, is Freud’s psychoanalysis cult which was dominated by Jews and which promoted pseudo-scientific ideas that may well have been chosen because Freud had calculated their adoption by their competitors would lead to the growth of Jewish power. Other examples are the Boasian movement, Jews of the Frankfurt school and so called New York intellectuals who of course were mainly Jews (though as MacDonald writes Jews have pretty consistently used gentile front men in their movements so that the casual observer doesn’t instantly understand that the Jews are running the show).

The Boasian movement, initiated by Franz Boas, downplayed the importance of race against empirical evidence and thus in effect paved the way for multiculturalism and third world immigration into the Western world (even nowadays Wikipedia tells us that ‘Boas was especially concerned with racial inequality, which he had demonstrated was not biological in origin, but rather social’… yeah right!).

The heavily Jewish Frankfurt school included some thinkers who may be not that well known nowadays but whose ideas still influence much of modern thinking especially on the left side of the political spectrum. Maybe the most widely recognized of them was Theodor Adorno, whose book ‘The Authoritarian Personality’, seems to continue the quite popular Jewish tradition of trying to appear scientific while at the same time disregarding empirical evidence and in the end getting it all backwards in the way that may easily lead to negative consequences for the ones who take his ideas seriously.

Another notable contribution that has played a very questionable part in modern time is Derrida’s idea of deconstruction (Derrida was himself descended from marrano Jews in Spain who had lived centuries hiding their true beliefs). To me at least deconstruction has seemed to be very counterproductive(atleastinthosecasesIhaveseenitused) but I can’t say I understand it very well and at this time I doubt I will take the time to study it.

Then there’s of course people like Stephen J. Gould who continued the Boasian tradition with books like ‘The mismeasure of man’ but others have dissected his thoughts quite well so I won’t write more about him.

Of some personal interest to me is the part where MacDonald details the Jewish involvement in the Russian Revolution which lead to the formation of the Soviet Union and the era of Stalin and the territorial conquest of my great-grandparents’ estate in Karelia. Let’s just say they don’t teach about the Jewish involvement in Finnish public schools (or else I have totally forgotten about it). And I guess it would be called unacceptably anti-semitic if they did. And for some reasons, I’m pretty sure the Rothschilds and Jacob Schiff’s estate, who financed the movement, have not paid reparations for anyone (and contrary to public knowledge the Rothschilds may still be one of the world’s richest families, trillionaires actually, along with marrano Jewish Rockefellers though I have to rely on very questionable sources easily available on the internet… still after obtaining vast powers in the previous centuries that may have enabled their ‘ascendancy’ beyond the realm of mortal men I cannot dismiss the possibility of that being true.. anyway, they probably would have the money). Though of course they just financed the movement that lead to the murders of millions of people in gulags so I’m sure they cannot be considered responsible (in their own thinking anyway). In any case, it seems the Soviet Union would never have existed unless the Jews wouldn’t have been so heavily for it.

MacDonald also gives an in-depth analysis of the Jewish involvement in opening the floodgates for multicultural mass immigration into the US (and a more superficial account of their involvement elsewhere). They had started their efforts already around 1880’s and finally succeeded in 1965. After that the Western world has been in seriouscomparative decline while the Jews have been growing ever more influential (as for example the Iraq war that may well serve mostly Jewish interests shows.. the oil sure wasn’t worth it I gather.. also the fact that all the current Presidential candidates in the US are supporting Jew-approved immigration plans kinda reveals their influence as the majority of Americans don’t seem to support mass immigration to such an extent).

To conclude this post I’ll note that I find it almost infinitely interesting to study the Jewish influence in order to understand whether it has been in the end more good than bad (alsounderstandingtheir influence willhopefully help me think of ways how to counter it if it reallyhasbeen as bad as I now think), but sadly my time is very limited now and the full understanding of the situation is no doubt beyond my mental capabilities. Still, I have a dream, that one day, when the age of spiritual machines has dawned, I can unleash an AI to digest everything on the internet and break into every data vault on the planet in order to form a coherent picture of the situation, so that one day, the Jews and the rest of us can get what we truly deserve. For now I’m limited to publishing these casual writings however.

(More to follow in part III someday soon I hope)

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