A report from the European front

I’ve just spent some leisure time strolling the streets of Munich. As European cities go, Munich is not too bad. I could imagine
enjoying living here although
I myself do prefer a more modern look than European cities generally offer.

And when it comes to people, I do feel some affinity for the German stock as they do seem to be pretty much like me on average. At least more like me than maybe most others in Europe. I even went so far that I spent a night with a German woman. I was planning to spend more time with her, but then I did the most stupid thing imaginable: I started arguing with her about how I didn’t quite appreciate how many Turks and blacks there are in Munich. You know, when I went to Hauptbahnhof, at least every second person I passed on the side streets was Turkish, Middle Eastern or black and the stores were predominantly ethnic ones too. I told her that this naturally leads to more conflict and the decline of Western civilization as the situation is after all pretty similar in most bigger European cities.

However, she had basically swallowed every single line of the liberal canon and found my view and explanations heretical. She even questioned the concept of intelligence itself and claimed that nobody can put any number on how much of the observed intelligence differences between races are due to genetic factors. And she said Europe needs even more diversity. I myself gave her some simple working definition of intelligence, I told her the twin studies let us make a decent estimate of how important the inherited factors are even though it’s not easy to give an exact number and told her that there are good and bad diversity as exemplified by the fact that black Africans are the most genetically diverse race and yet African societies are the worst in the world (thus diversity of course isn’t any guarantee of improvement and I think there’s little reason to expect that adding blacks to Europe will result in any sort of improvement). I argued about other things too and the result was that she threw me out.

Well, I of course should have known better than to do that as I already had noted some hints that she embraced a contrary worldview that is very typical for women. Still, it ended up being a confrontation that confirmed (once again) that I’m not wrong about how crazy the typical woman is. And how little women actually know, she for example had never heard about Geert Wilders or Theo van Gogh or the concept of Eurabia and obviously she had never bothered to research independently any of the issues relevant to her leftist pro-immigration position. She just thought in the exact way all those ‘respectable’ people in the establishment want her to think.

I was left wondering how mad she would have been if I had honestly told about how I think men have given women already way too much power and it’s time to take some of their powers back. I honestly can’t see how Western societies can survive if women like her are allowed to continue to make the decisions that shape our societies to such an extent as they now do when their votes decide who our political masters are.

Conclusion: women remain as irrational as ever and there’s no easy way to reason with them, if you need more proof see for example this story from Turkey where an Italian woman got the bright idea of hitchhiking in a bridal gown and got herself raped and murdered last Saturday. But of course, you are not allowed to make generalizations about women based on single examples like these (never mind that when I studied machine learning making profitable generalizations from a collection of single instances was considered to be one hight of intelligence… one of the Holy Grails of AI). I’d say that incident in Turkey is just a little more immediately understandable example of female irrationality and that in the long run allowing third world mass immigration to Europe very likely leads to a future where women are a lot worse off than they are now or alternatively to major conflict(s) in which pretty much everyone suffers and that women who quite overwhelmingly seem to support mass immigration are basically almost as stupid or naive as that Italian woman.

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