It’s not the environment, stupid!

Yesterday, it was reported in Finland that the teachers think that the public school pupils are more restless and egoistic than before and that more than half of the teachers think the kids have generally been getting worse during the time they have been teaching (source in Finnish). I noted that some commentators were already blaming the culture and the way the parents are bringing their kids up. But of course, so far I have seen not a single person, who is working for the establishment, claiming that since in Finland more than half of what people earn is redistributed through government, mostly from responsible people to welfare bums, scam-artists and public sector workers, it should be obvious that it is not the good responsible people who have been having as many children as they had before massive redistribution started taking place.

I’ve read about many convincing studies that personality traits are often something like 50% heritable so how can the educators and others immediately jump to the conclusion that this apparent change has to be because of environmental factors. Nobody ever mentions that it might be because the irresponsible folks are breeding in Finland at the expense of the responsible people! Of course that just can’t be possible! And obviously the public sector needs even more taxpayer money to find solutions to this. Yeah, it’s the class sizes! They are too big! More teachers and more money for them! There can be no other explanations!

Not to say I don’t think that the environment can’t be a significant contributor to the worsening situation, but surely it is not necessarily the most important one. Also, if the irresponsible are having children at the taxpayers’ expense, obviously they also neglect their duties at bringing up their children in a responsible manner. And as I have written previously, I am all for privatizing the education system. Giving more expropriated money to public schools isn’t the answer.

In conclusion, as the establishment and most people deny reality, the Finnish society is most likely moving downhill. And as the progress seems to be quite similar all around the Western world, the risk of entering another dark age grows.

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