Some lazy thoughts on Sunday evening

I’m still reading Kevin MacDonald’s brilliant book but I found he has also recently published this one decent article on VDare which highlights the glaring discrepancy between what is nowadays commonly accepted in ‘respectable’ leftist Western circles that dominate much of public discourse and what the actual science tells:

Indeed, a mainstay of the intellectual left since Franz Boas and his disciples came to dominate academic anthropology beginning in the 1920s has been a rejection of any theories that allow for biological influences on culture. A corollary is that different peoples and different cultures do not, therefore, have legitimate, biologically-based conflicts of interest.

But the data are quite clear: There are genetic distances between different peoples and different peoples therefore have legitimate conflicts of interest. And: there are deep psychological roots to ethnocentrism that make us attracted to and more trusting of genetically similar others.

Which is pretty much why I think multiculturalism most likely leads back to the Dark Ages and eventual bloodshed especially when it is practiced in welfare states (note: the article has many other good links too that shed more light to the situation).

Fjordman has also written another good piece for the Brussels Journal in which he concludes that indeed the European Union deserves nothing more than to be disbanded. I could also say that the EU elites appear to be so monstrous and psychopathic that only their public executions can bring some justice back to Europe. I demand to see some heads rolling. Just to make it viscerally clear for the general public that the age of bullshit and betrayal is over. On a related note I could point out this Kevin Barrett’s article ‘Twilight of the psychopaths’. Some crazy stuff included but I’m not saying it’s not all true.

And yes, I suspect Fjordman hasn’t yet realized the part Jews have been playing in bringing on this ongoing downfall of the Western civilization. More on that as soon as I have time and energy to write about my latest thoughts on the subject.

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