The Culture of Betrayal I

No longer can the white race afford my ignorance. No longer can I avoid reading Kevin MacDonald. That was basically my reasoning when I picked up his book ‘The Culture of Critique‘ after first reading his article ‘Understanding Jewish Influence I‘. Sometimes the Jews make it almost too easy, since as soon as you hear them being hostile to some piece of work, you know it’s likely to be worth reading. I guess it works better for them when they just manage to avoid ever mentioning some masterpieces, but luckily that’s not always possible even for them.

MacDonald begins by noting that Jews have always had enormous influence in those societies they have been able to get into (which is why studying their influence is critically important when trying to understand the modern world) due to several probably genetic traits they have. They seem to be psychologically intense and hyper-ethnocentric on top of their more commonly acknowledged traits like having generally high verbal IQs; these traits explain how they have managed to be so influential in pushing Western societies in the direction that has furthered their ethnic interests. Their moral particularism seems also an important thing to note as it is opposed to the best enlightenment thinking that the white race has produced. More on that later as I’ve only read the first pages of CofC; still the foreword at least is very promising as it is packed with very informative and intellectually stimulating content.

Few thoughts I have had so far relate to my theory that it is actually the very influential Jews who have been pushing for massive third world immigration to Europe (Nathalie Rothschilde at Spiked’s Open borders campaign to name one example that some are actively supporting islamization of Europe) sometimes behind the scenes and sometimes in front of the public eyes for their own profit with little regard for what’s good for white Europeans. Another noteworthy example of an influential Jew, France’s Sarkozy, also seems to approve spending public money to build giant mosques. So yes, many influential Jews don’t seem to mind supporting their supposed enemies at the expense of European taxpayers.
And as MacDonald notes, critical historians have noted that the powerful Jews actively supported the Muslim takeover of Spain centuries ago and they definitely played a part in the fall of Constantinople too according to what I’ve read (Istanbul was a quite hospitable safe haven for some of those Jews who fled Spain after been found guilty of having been traitors). Thus it is not like it would be a new thing or necessarily against their interests for the Jews to support islamization of Europe contrary to some common thought in the circles of immigration critics. They seem to enjoy sticking to their old ways. Better not forget that.

Noting the increasingly clear but still emerging picture that the Jews have not been very good for the health of American society, which quite unwittingly welcomed them, now may be about the last good time to spread some jewcide on the ground there. I can almost picture in my mind the resulting seeds of resistance taking root underneath the American soil, spreading far and wide, waiting for the opportunity to surface and entwine and incapacitate the hopefully unsuspecting Jews to protect the white race from their schemes. What happens after that is still bit fuzzy in my mind. Will the Jews be pulled underground for the final embrace or not… now that is the question.

The more they try to fight against making the society sane again using morally questionable tactics, the harsher the eventual backlash against them will be. That is my prediction.

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