Keeping your priorities sane

When I was studying pattern recognition, one of the first things I learned was this thing called Principal Components Analysis, which is often used to extract the most relevant features for the task ahead. I mention it as an example of giving higher priorities to those features that tend to matter more. Which should be considered a very basic thing for rational behavior. You pay attention to relevant things and do things that produce the most good and often ignore things that aren’t worth paying attention to.

This brings me to considering the actions of a certain state prosecutor in Finland whose actions cost Finnish taxpayers a lot in salaries just because he just couldn’t have a text critical of immigration (and multiculturalism), with some non-flattering word choices, being available on the internet. Just why is that worth wasting public money while it obviously doesn’t seem to be worth spending public money, according to bureaucrats and politicians at least, to keep the accounting of the EU (also the US) honest even though the ongoing frauds most likely cost countless millions (or billions) to the taxpayers? Um, it almost seems that the public sector workforces aren’t working for the public good — doing things that produce the most good (clean your own corrupted nest etc etc) while ignoring going after people who use some offensive language and cause little or no harm while doing that (or who actually are just trying to make other citizens understand what’s good for them and what definitely isn’t).

Of course this should be so very obvious, the politicians and those who work for the government are often not even trying to do what’s good (definitely not what would be best) for the society. They are just doing what tends to be good to their own interests (which may be very shady) while caring little for anything else. Often they should be just ignored. At other times they should be vehemently opposed. And constantly you should try to avoid being fooled by them into forgetting the things that really matter.

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