Meanwhile, on the home front…

The establishment continues its war against those who dare to challenge it using reason as this report from Finland makes clear (the verdict is reported on this page). Mikko Ellila is ordered to pay a fine for publishing and defending his text ‘The Society Consists of People’ on the internet (formerly at thinkertothinker) and also to remove it from the internet.

Mikko Ellila on the left in this image during his trial:

Mikko Ellila during his trial

As there are only a little more than a thousand Jews in Finland it pays to note that the state prosecutor, Mika Illman, who works for the establishment, which basically denies reality and tries its best to criminalize fact-based criticism of multiculturalism, is apparently a Jew (update: or probably not a Jew after all.. if I get a confirmation I’ll let you know). Now that would be a surprise! It really seems to be that Hitler wasn’t totally wrong about the Jews (though I suspect he was wrong at publicly condemning all Jews since knowing how diverse even the Jewish race is there has to be more than a few good Jews although the majority of them may well support the Jewish supremacists who appear to be seriously evil… in any case I understand it must be hard to get the common people to make such distinctions which is why the populists tend to prevail in the public arena).

Already, a few critical thinkers in Finland have noted that if the establishment continues on this path to damnation there has to be blood on the streets sooner or later when the betrayers get what they deserve if the Finnish sheep population (who sadly tend to follow the authorities blindly) doesn’t wake up and start supporting people who actually would work for the society’s benefit. And of course, the same goes for pretty much all of Europe although maybe not for the Eastern parts.

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3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, on the home front…

  1. Adelphi

    Where did you get the information that Mika Illman is a Jew? And what does it matter if he is? What makes you think that it would be in the interest of the Jews to advance the ideology of multiculturalism, which basically means Islamisation of Europe?

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  2. kuromaku

    I saw the claim on one list but it seems to have been a false alarm. Another Illman, who wrote a book about Jews, was called an ‘honorary-Jew’ by some Jews which may have lead to that possible misinformation.

    I don’t claim to know for sure why the Jews would want Europe to be Islamized though I can make some crazy speculations like that they want the Muslims to punish Europeans for their past crimes (they want their enemies to fight against each other). I’m still thinking about this so I may think of better reasons for their behavior later. Anyway, as I have written in my previous posts, Jewish scholars have definitely been happy about promoting multiculturalism even if doing that may lead to Eurabia.

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