Mike Judge’s stupidly brilliant movie Idiocracy

Wow, I just saw Judge’s movie after finding it mentioned during my research and what can I say except that it’s easily the best movie I have seen for what seems like ages. Steve Sailer has reviewed it:

“Idiocracy” is an updating of C.M. Kornbluth’s famous 1951 science fiction story about dysgenic breeding, “The Marching Morons.” It opens with a yuppie husband and wife on the left half of the screen (IQs of 138 and 141, respectively) endlessly debating the perfect moment to conceive their one child: “We just can’t have a child in this market.” Meanwhile, on the right side, Clevon is impregnating every woman in the trailer park.

Unambitious Private Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson of “Old School”) is another of Judge’s average man heroes. Because he scored at the median of every bell curve from IQ to blood pressure, Bauers is drafted for a military “human hibernation” experiment, an idea presumably lifted from Robert Heinlein’s The Door into Summer, in which the Army keeps a few divisions on ice in case of war. Due to a scandal, the private is forgotten and awakes in 500 years. To his horror, he discovers that after 20 generations everyone is a Clevon, and he’s now the smartest man in America.

As he showed in Beavis & Butt-Head, Judge has a genius for stupidity. The visual details of a Washington D.C. populated solely by morons are memorable: a collapsing skyscraper is held together by wrapping it with oversized twine; the White House has broken cars up on blocks on the dying lawn and the “President of America” is a professional wrestler; and at “St. God’s Hospital” the illiterate admitting nurse is equipped with a fast food-style touch-screen menu with diagrams of ailments common in 2505 (such as a stick-figure man with a knife stuck in his head). All clothing is plastered with corporate logos and the Secretary of State is paid to insert the phrase “brought to you by Carl’s Jr.” into everything he says.

Yes, after seeing the movie I can wholeheartedly agree that Mr. Judge’s movie is just stupidly brilliant; Judge must be a genius in his own way. It surely makes one think about the likely consequences of welfare mentality and mediocratic popular culture. Still, although based on current events I fully expect some serious dysgenics happening, to me it is quite obvious that the movie portrays a very vanilla version of the future as in it people are just total morons. As I have written in my previous posts, I expect that in the real future (or actually one more than little likely possible future) there will plenty of morons, just like in the movie, but I think it’s likely they will be ruled by a small highly intelligent but basically psychopathic minority who keep the morons as disposable puppets to be used to satisfy their control-freak natures and to provide other ‘entertainment’ (and yes, I’d rather have the world avoiding that kind of a future if I can help it but currently it doesn’t seem easy since much of the population is already totally moronic as these comments about the movie on one internet forum exemplify quite finely).

Anyway, I’d say the movie is definitely worth seeing and very refreshing after seeing some more popular and highly praised movies which are basically devoid of any particularly meaningful content unlike Idiocracy.

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