My awakening

Yes, this is my, not David Duke’s awakening, and it’s progressing just fine thank you. Especially now that I found even more evidence that I am on to something big to fuel my intellectual fire; also my growing outrage. As a thinking man, I have always been interested in long-term planning and thinking about the big things like the future of humanity which differentiates me from the common man who mostly worries about short-term gratification and is like a sheep who is being lead to the slaughter by the powers-that-be when it benefits them. Yes, it takes a lot of foolishness to be a sheep and then spend a substantial part of your life building a slaughterhouse where your masters can butcher you for their own gratification but sadly that’s pretty much the part most people seem to play if I’m correct (sheep help building the slaughterhouse by paying taxes which the establishment uses to fund mass immigration of third worlders to the Western world). I myself think it’s better to try my best to avoid that faith.

Anyway, the new evidence (to me) I refer to is this review of Alon Ziv’s book (‘Breeding between the lines’) by J Richards down at the site Majority Rights. Ziv does his best to argue that race mixing can be good for populations. However, as Richards quite decently argues when he gets to analyzing the book’s main thesis, Ziv does that with some shady seeming tactics which involve ignoring plenty of research and data that indicates otherwise. I understand the argument which I have read that in certain (theoretically possible) cases mixing leads to more heterozygosity which can be beneficial for the second generation. Ziv just apparently fails to mention this basically won’t be good after that second generation. Hence the easily observable result that in practice mixed populations (in Latin America and elsewhere) are not particularly known for their intellectual achievements to name just one example.

As Richards notes in his final comments, after his quite erudite critique, it makes sense to ask why Ziv, who should know better, has published such a book intended for mass audience that may well fool many whites into thinking that race mixing can be more beneficial than more careful analysis suggests. I of course have already offered one possible explanation (with some further thoughts in this post) for his real motivations.

Similar analysis can also be used to question why another Jew, Jared Diamond, wrote a popular book ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ (which I read some years ago) and in which he tries to argue that the fact that the industrial revolution happened in Europe and that Europeans conquered much of the world does not mean that Europeans (at least necessarily if I remember correctly) possess any innate differences like certain superior mental characteristics that would explain their success (rather European success is basically due to environmental factors). It surely takes some thought to see why Diamond’s thesis is probably wrong as he makes his case quite convincingly, but after that it also makes sense to ask why liberals (Jewish dominated media especially) were so keen to promote it as a ‘proof’ of that whites aren’t really inherently exceptional (and thus nothing is really lost if whites cease to exist because of race mixing).

What can I say, there seems to be more to the story than the liberal intellectuals (lead by Jews) would like you to think. Use your own brain when assessing what the media and the so called intellectuals are feeding you if you do not want to end up in the slaughterhouse yourself or seeing your children ending up there.

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