Clarifying my thinking and priorities

I’m tempted to write much more about Jews after reading things like this Wolzek’s Terror Timeline: History of the Jewish assault on the world, but I’ll be short today at least. To make it clear, yes, I think Jewish supremacists are a reality. They are after all the most natural supremacists in the world knowing that Jews have the highest average IQ of all races. And when I think about it, Jews may well have more cognitive advantage over others than even their quite noteworthy IQ scores would indicate. They have after all received hard science Nobel prizes in such numbers, that unless the Nobel committees have discriminated in their favor (which is a real possibility though), they must be even more superior in the sciences (and in the thinking department in general) than a naive observer would expect based on their IQ scores (note also that the usual tests tend to be unreliable at the extremes or so I’ve heard so that they may not give an accurate picture of who are the smartest people on the planet and the IQ tests of course don’t measure things like persistence while Jews may have such heritable advantages which are important for intellectual development).

And there’s no question many Jews harbor animosity against non-Jews, so it is not like they are not tempted to use their intellects in should-I-say-not-always-so-benign-ways to gain an edge over others. Thus it is highly unlikely that some Jews haven’t been conspiring against whites for example in the most subtle and devious ways imaginable. Thus what I’ve written in my two most recent posts just maybe should be taken very seriously.

Anyway, I’m not sure whether hostile Jews are a bigger threat to mankind’s future than much more numerous Muslims (and leftists etc.), who most definitely are a significant threat, but since the majority of Muslims are basically retarded, studying their stupidity lacks some charm (though of course they must have some serious masterminds too), while trying to figure out what the Jewish supremacists are trying to do (not to mention how to stop them) is, let’s just say intellectually more gratifying, and thus maybe my cup-of-tea as a hobby at least. Thus, you may expect me to write more about Jewish supremacists occasionally although I’m trying to avoid the topic for a while.

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