On the goals and tactics of Jewish supremacists

Now that I’ve been thinking more about what I wrote in my previous post, I do think it’s reasonably likely that Jewish supremacists (disguised as liberals etc.) are indeed deliberately trying to degrade the non-Jewish gene pool using several tactics that they publicly proclaim are aimed for achieving other goals, in order to pave the way for the situation in which only Jews have a significant presence at the top of the cognitive elite who can then run the world as puppet-masters as the intelligence gap between the elite and the common folk could be then substantially bigger than it is now.

I don’t claim to have formed a totally coherent picture of the situation yet, but it definitely seems that many of the things that Jewish liberals support, supposedly in the name of creating more egalitarian societies, actually lead to other notable outcomes than equality which may well be the real reasons they support them. One tactic liberals seem to favor simply involves portraying non-whites such as blacks positively in popular culture which subtly improves their chances in the mixed-race mating market and the society in general; it pays to keep in mind how predominant Jews are in producing and funding much of what goes around in Hollywood (just to give one example.. remember Mel Gibson and his comments about Jews?) so they definitely are in the position to do that deliberately. Another is empowering non-whites through affirmative action which gives them unearned status and wealth and thus also improves their chances in the mating market while of course at the same time hurting whites (many a white girl goes crazy when they find blacks in supposedly respectable government jobs (etc) blacks obtained through affirmative action and foolishly think they are good marriage material too… no surprise mixed race children tend to follow). In addition, welfare payments benefit non-whites and less intelligent whites rather than intelligent and responsible whites so it is not surprising Jewish liberals are often for even more welfare even though they also have to pay a little for it themselves; same goes for progressive taxation which results in high IQ men especially having less children than would be the case with flat tax rates or no taxes which of course would be the ideal situation. The general principle seems to be that whatever results in fewer smart white children and more non-white or mixed-race children with lower IQs is to be supported by Jewish supremacists as long as it doesn’t hurt Jews more than is cost-effective. Jews may also try to empower themselves using the methods of state-capitalism which leads to privatizing the profits (overwhelmingly for the Jews) while socializing the costs (paid predominantly by white taxpayers); this seems to be the case in Jew dominated financial industry in the US right now to name one example.

Even on top of those things, liberal Jews have other notable weapons in their arsenal, such as their practice of obfuscating the discussion about racial differences which keeps a substantial portion of the whites unaware of the consequences of what is happening around them. In this mission Jews can use their often superior academic credentials rather than the quality of their arguments to overpower their intellectual opponents while also derailing the discussion with irrelevant details that wear down their opponents as actually they have little to gain from shedding more light to the discussion. This definitely is my observation.

Update: One additional thing that makes the situation worse for race realists, that may be worth mentioning, is that as the establishment is overwhelmingly against them, their opponents often get significant public funding while the race realists, who are often pushed out of the establishment (remember James Watson), get no money and on top of that have to pay taxes to support their opponents including Jewish supremacists in lofty academic positions. So it is not surprising the establishment thinkers can waste plenty of their work time derailing the discussion while the thoughtful race realists can not always afford answering their obfuscation attempts that too often fool the general public.

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