Exposing the agenda (with some Jew baiting)

It’s of course flattering to have at least one occasional reader, but I was not particularly thrilled when it turned out he seemed to have a nasty gut reaction against my race realist agenda that acknowledges that most people on the planet Earth don’t have the genes that would allow them to be decent productive citizens of the Western world. Statistically speaking that’s to be expected in the current intellectual environment, although I’d rather think that anyone who is lucky and resourceful enough to find my blog would also quite likely be smart enough not to believe total bullshit. Anyway, at first I was especially surprised that what I first thought had to be a white man, would be against me promoting keeping those pretty but usually a bit dim-witted white females away from black males, but then it hit me: he had a surname that’s the third most common for Jews in the US.

After that, the pieces started falling together in my mind. Even if I hadn’t read David Duke’s masterpiece that is his book Jewish Supremacism (see also this post), I should know who are the most prominent promoters of race-mixing (when it comes to other races mixing — just not to mixing Jewish genes into them): liberal Jews for certain! A truly wonderful case of reality corresponding to what I’ve read, that is, it is to be expected that a liberal Jew will be having a strong gut reaction against keeping the white race pure. Yes, and I shouldn’t have to remind the reader that the recent Eliot Spitzer affair provides just another affirmation of the fact that liberal Jews like Mr. Spitzer are the masters of hypocrisy; it sure pays to follow what they are actually doing instead of believing what they are telling the non-Jews. You know, how many Jewish girls are making babies with blacks? Not many I think, but still for some strange reason, liberal Jews seem to want that white girls end up fucked by them and giving birth to half-black babies. Any chance they want this because currently whites (a small minority of them at least) are still able to compete against them in the intellectual realm while they probably wouldn’t be able to do that after just a little more race-mixing with other races that have lower IQs due to genetic factors? Then the Jews could truly rule supreme and presumably that’s why they are trying to publicly deny the genetic reality of many documented race differences now against overwhelming evidence. But I think that’s not going to happen as long as few people like me don’t swallow what they are preaching.

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3 thoughts on “Exposing the agenda (with some Jew baiting)

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  3. Edward Miller

    I’m not “particularly thrilled” that you spent time researching who I am and then ascribing beliefs to me which I do not hold.

    I could care less who white women choose to marry. My only argument was that social factors are more important with regard to crime rates.

    Even if you don’t accept that argument, and ignore the evidence from criminology, psychology, etc. that show parenting and socio-economic background to play a huge role in crime rates, it isn’t completely unreasonable to emphasize the biological aspect of crime since that is part of it. Biology and society are interrelated. However, over-emphasis of that factor seems to be a dangerous route, as shown by A Clockwork Orange.

    I agree that it is insane that there are women who would consider marrying a guy like OJ Simpson who, in all likelihood, murdered their last wife. The fact that he was black is irrelevant.

    It is equally, if not more, insane that there were dozens of women who wrote letters professing love to Ted Bundy after he was caught, despite the fact that his hobby was murdering women. He was a white guy. Virtually nobody would argue that it is good for people to marry lowlife murderers, so your arguments are straw men.

    Finally, even if one staunchly accepts that biology is the crucial factor regarding criminality, technologies like genetic engineering that are beginning to allow modification of our biologies makes your idea of “race realism” obsolete. Even if you truly believe that black people are inferior, once it is possible to get rid of people’s negative traits then there is no need for emphasis on racial qualities.

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