Kids, bullies and cost benefit analysis

Some smart guy someday said that we have to realize that much of what is done in our societies is due to stupidity and ignorance. I think one such stupid policy might be that people in general think kids should not be punished for their misbehaviour as much as adults. You know, kids and teenagers can do all sorts of crimes and they are often barely punished at all. They bully other kids (I guess bullying isn’t even a crime in many cases and places), steal from shops, vandalize places and occasionally do some really horrible things. And they go free in probably most cases as far as I know (they definitely did go free when I was growing up). Sometimes I just have to wonder if we would be better off if we just gave death penalty for even the youngest offenders after they had committed some monstrous acts. This could be a significant benefit for our societies since it is very rare that such people would later turn out to become good citizens and since they are still young societies haven’t yet invested that much money in them which would definitely not remain the case if they were allowed to live like they currently are since kids like that demand more attention and cause havoc at the expense of decent people. Instead of being a bad time for doing something so drastic as sentencing people to death, as people generally seem to believe is the case, childhood might well be the best time to do it.

To be honest, I think my argument is so very persuasive (although I should probably elaborate on it more sometime to counter some common arguments) I have to think the current situation is really due to sheer stupidity. Or worse, it could be possible, that it is in the best interests of some of our worst politicians and leaders, to keep the rotten eggs of our societies alive for various reasons, and that’s why they oppose giving them what they deserve: death.

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