Womenfolk explained

Women, those thick-headed creatures of mediocre intelligence, need to be put back to their proper place if the Western world is to advance. This one site makes the case quite frighteningly but also entertainingly. Highly recommended stuff.

Update: I might mention I have two more or less rarely mentioned hypotheses for explaining why women initiate more divorces. The first is that since the woman tends to be the least intelligent member of the marriage she is basically worse at predicting before marriage whether she will enjoy a marriage with a particular person or not. The second, the more common explanation is that some women go into marriage just for a nice divorce settlement: those women really are the parasites the men begin to hate. I might also mention that I find the current situation so unbearable because women get way more money out of divorces than they tend to deserve and that this is seriously bad because again the women tend to be less intelligent and thus waste their unearned wealth. This leads to significantly suboptimal allocation of scarce resources in the Western world and contributes to the current decline of the West relative to developing countries which tend to have women in more proper places. In any case, it seems women will eventually be put back to their place either because the Western societies smarten up or the developing countries and their societal orders become dominant.

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1 thought on “Womenfolk explained

  1. Mikko Ellilä

    The man’s socio-economic status is one of the major criteria the woman considers when she thinks about getting married, and therefore a woman is likely to leave her husband if she can find another man who is higher up in the socio-economic ladder.

    Another explanation is that since women often marry men on the basis of their socio-economic status rather than on the basis of love, women are more likely to leave their spouses for some insignificant reason than men even if they have not been able to find a better man. In other words, a man marries a woman only if he truly loves her, and therefore he is not likely to leave her very easily, whereas a woman may get married with a man she doesn’t love, and therefore it’s easy for her to leave him for some insignificant reason like “he doesn’t do the dishes often enough” or something.

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