A call for libertarian action

It’s not like there’s a particularly grave shortage of libertarian theorizing going on the internet as everyone who has been looking for libertarian thought online should know. Theories can be good but they are definitely not enough and one of my favorite thinkers, Arnold Kling, makes a call for trial-and-error anarcho-capitalist activism on TCSDaily.com for setting up (virtual) Splinter States inside the US kinda like in the spirit of Dynamic Geography as proposed by Patri Friedman elsewhere though on international waters. Kling proposes that like minded people start getting serious about living inside the US without kneeling all the time before the Government; they should avoid contributing to or participating in “Social Security, Medicare, public schools, government regulatory agencies, etc.” and instead setting up their own underground organizations.

Sounds totally unworkable? Kling’s answer:

Right. It should. Think of this in entrepreneurial terms. Suppose we were getting together to brainstorm a new business idea. If it sounds to you like a sure-fire success, then either it’s an obvious idea that somebody has already done or you are ridiculously naive to believe that it will work. Instead, it should sound like something that is almost sure to fail, because of all sorts of problems that could get in the way. The trick is to see if you can brainstorm ways to solve the problems, so that something that sounds impossible at first ultimately has a chance.

I’m at least looking forward to participating as soon as I find enough like minded people who want to work with me.

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