Identifying the mass killers

Europeans, especially those who are in power at the EU, are in general strictly against the death penalty. And they of course claim they occupy the moral high ground. Yet, they are the same people who are likely responsible for fraud on the scale of hundreds of millions each year on top of the much larger forced taxation with very questionable justifications. Now, think for a moment, what happens when the productive people are forced to pay for the parasites’ frivolous lifestyles (as Eurocrats’ lifestyles often are while productive but frugal people can survive with a small fraction of their living expenses). The parasites may prosper, but somewhere, somehow, it is almost certain that someone who was forced to pay taxes encounters a hardship that causes his death he would have avoided if only he had the money he has now lost to those fraudsters (in practice it may be a foolish thing like losing his girlfriend to some Eurocrat’s richer offspring that leads to depression and premature death while the Eurocrat’s sicko genes multiply — women in general are suckers for the rich males after all; or maybe more damningly he may die because he can’t afford to get medical care abroad which is unavailable in his home country with socialized health care system; you may imagine better examples yourself). In any case, it is bound to happen that people who would have survived without the fraud end up dead. Obviously, I can’t expect to be very accurate, but I’d expect that for each million stolen at least one productive life is lost on average. Thus if the Eurocrats steal a hundred million each year they are basically responsible for at least a hundred deaths just because of their fraud on top of everything else; they may be ‘fractionally’ responsible for many many thousands of deaths but again it is hard to give a good estimate.

And now, let’s remember that the Eurocrats are against killing even the most heinous sadistic murderers against whom there exists overwhelming evidence (instead they want to raise taxes so that those murderers can be ‘rehabilitated’ at public expense and provided humane prison environments). Yet, without blinking an eye, they steal untold millions which basically leads to thousands of deaths of people whose only crime may have been that they happened to work and live productively in Europe until they faced some hardship they couldn’t handle without the money they had earned but had been forcibly expropriated from them at the Eurocrats’ command.

This should be obvious to any consequentialist: the Eurocrats are basically no better than direct murderers themselves and in a just world they would be punished just as harshly: put to death as soon as possible. Maybe that’s why they instinctively don’t want murderers to be properly punished.

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