A dissident review

My search for serious anti-establishment thinkers led me to Celia Green’s blog (maybe related to the awesome Hetty Green!??). She was a prodigious child some 60 years ago but feels obviously quite betrayed by the British establishment which has almost totally sidelined her. From what I’ve read so far, she definitely is a lot smarter than the average woman, and not surprisingly she is also decidedly anti-leftist in her attitude unlike the average woman. She has made some ‘mistakes’ (with the helping hand from egalitarian educators) which have kept her poor but at least she’s running a small organization called Oxford Forum which seems to have lots of stuff worth reading.

She’s also affiliated with another dissenter Fabian Tassano who writes on the blog mediocracy — some good stuff on how the modern Academia has gone crazy on too extensive technicality that hides the lack of content for example I’d say.

I may write more on their ideas sometime as there seems to be lot I can relate to after being disgusted with the Finnish system myself.

Also, as a bonus, I’m linking to another very nice EUSceptic blog with some good production values: enter The Devil’s Kitchen.

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