EU <-> RotU

Looks like the Rotten Union is at it again when it comes to these new reports of “extensive, widespread and criminal abuse by Euro-MPs of staff allowances worth 100 million a year” reported at Bruno Waterfield’s blog as well as at Each year more fraud and lame excuses but still the sheep population tolerates it and avoids noticing how the parasites around Europe multiply.

“We want reform but we cannot make this report available to the public if we want people to vote in the European elections next year,” said a source close to the decision”, the Telegraph reports.

Now that hits the nail doesn’t it? And still people will likely vote (though not that many I guess). And then few years afterwards still no noticeable reform has taken place while the pockets of the robber barons have grown even fatter.

It’s more than five years since the EU’s chief accountant blew the whistle (and was soon sacked) but the bulk of Europeans have proven to be suckers once again. Still, this can’t possibly last for long. Either the Europeans allow the Muslims to take over and become obedient Dhimmis instead of sheep or they start doing something that sounds a little smarter such as lining the traitorous Eurocrats for slaughter and making a fresh start without the RotU.

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