The prospect of immortality and its legal consequences

It is the ultimate human desire to live forever. But only recently science has begun to make real progress toward meeting this goal. And in my opinion science and technological progress is the only way to achieve immortality since I’m not religious at all. Optimists, like Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey, think people like me could be there when the final breakthrough happens.

I do too think it’s a real possibility in my lifetime. However, this belief has some consequences. A rational person who believes he has the chance will try to survive since the utility of a substantially prolonged life could be so great. Some people have definitely put more thought on this subject but I haven’t read anything about one particular idea I have: since murdering a person now is potentially more damaging than ever before, the punishment for murder and related crimes should be going up the more real the prospect of immortality seems. However, it doesn’t seem that is really happening in our societies. Murderers walk free in many cases after spending only few years or decades in prison – so much less than could be considered just. And if we beat aging during the time a murdered person could have lived the murderer might still walk free soon enough and use the cure to survive indefinitely. This is in my opinion totally unacceptable. Our societies are growing more unjust each year. I’d say we have to do something to correct this situation or else evil prevails.

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