Vigilantism reborn

There’s an informative report on a group called Anonymous that has declared a war on the Church of Scientology down at the blog Sentient Developments:

And it has been the utter lack of political action in North America that has forced a clandestine vigilante group to emerge in the first place. While European countries like Germany and France are working to ban Scientology on the grounds that they violate human rights and take advantage of the vulnerable, it is a vastly different story here in North America. Our misguided mandate to unquestioningly honor all forms of religious expression has created a loophole for Scientology enabling it to spread its memetic cancer. And virtually nobody does anything about it—and those few who do are ignored or declared to be intolerant.

Which is why Anonymous has emerged and why they feel they have had to take matters into their own hands.

Anonymous protesting against CoS

I’d say it’s worth paying attention to how well they will do. After all the situation is much worse than that in Muslim infiltrated Europe. COS may not be a force to be not reckoned with, but I doubt it can be anywhere as powerful as some 1.3 billion Muslims in the world who are hell-bent on world domination and subjugating the rest of us. They have the Saudi oil money to back them up and somehow I suspect it has been used to lubricate the wheels of EU’s bureaucracies. I know, it’s possible that the eurocrats are just plain stupid when they are promoting multiculturalism at the expense of native Europeans like themselves, but yeah, I think it’s a bit more likely they are receiving bribes from Jihadist sources. To fight them, vigilantism may well be needed if the system is as corrupt as I fear it is.

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