I wish they’d learn

After my last post I’m back to writing about more ordinary women. As I’ve noted in one of my older posts, it seems women have faced some serious selection pressure for thicker skulls, thanks to their lack of foresight. And no, modern women aren’t learning to be any smarter in droves as this one new case indicates: O.J. Simpson has a new white woman apparently beaten up and possibly facing a brain surgery (women’s skulls aren’t thick enough yet!).

I wish I could say something to defend most women but I honestly can’t. Their lack of thought beats me. A white woman willingly hooking up with a black man who is a ‘known’ murderer of a white woman albeit not convicted is something I have a hard time understanding. Yes, he’s handsome and I guess rich but can that really be enough to compensate for his lack of other good qualities and murderous brutality?

I’d say these women are not only stupid but also evil. Making children with black men like that is a vote for a future that looks like this story from West Africa where women continue to be brutalized on a daily basis:

“The scale of rape and sexual violence in Côte d’Ivoire in the course of the armed conflict has been largely underestimated. Many women have been gang-raped or have been abducted and reduced to sexual slavery by fighters. Rape has often been accompanied by the beating or torture (including torture of a sexual nature) of the victim… All armed factions have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate sexual violence with impunity.”

The Amnesty report documents case after case of girls and women, aged “under 12″ to 63, assaulted by armed men. The more recent and thoroughgoing report by Human Rights Watch records the rape of children as young as three years-old. During the civil war, women and girls were seized in their village homes or at military roadblocks, or were discovered hiding in the bush. Some were raped in public. Some were raped in front of their husbands and children. Some were forced to witness the murder of husbands or parents. Then they were taken away to soldiers’ camps to be held along with many other women. They were forced to cook for the soldiers during the day and every night they were gang-raped, in some cases by 30 to 40 men. They were also beaten and tortured. They saw women who resisted being beaten or killed by a simple slicing of the throat.

Many women were raped so incessantly and so brutally — with sticks, knives, gun barrels, burning coals — that they died. Many others were left with injuries and pain that still linger long after the war. Many who had been scarred as girls by “excision” or FMG (female genital mutilation) were literally ripped apart.

If by giving birth to half-black children white women willingly vote for that kind of a future even outside Africa, I can not forgive them. They are enemies of everything that is good and beautiful.

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6 thoughts on “I wish they’d learn

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  2. Edward Miller

    First, there is no evidence whatsoever that black people are more violent biologically than any other race. Social factors are the main cause of the statistical differences in crime.

    Even if I were to throw empiricism out the window and buy your assumption that blacks are genetically inferior in some way, seeing as you claim to be a transhumanist I still wouldn’t understand your preoccupation with “race-mixing.”

    From a broader perspective, every human on the planet has a pretty pathetic set of genes compared to what is possible.
    Technologies such as genetic engineering will continue to advance and allow humans to eliminate any undesirable traits, and without the need for coercion.

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  3. kuromaku

    Yet black people are way over-represented in violent crime statistics. Based on my studying the matter, genetics is at least as big a contributor to the differences as social factors. And many social factors have their roots in genetic differences.

    I’ve also read that human races have larger genetic differences than different breeds of dogs which behave noticeably differently due to genetics: see for example http://inverted-world.com/index.php/blog/blog/human_races_are_like_dog_breeds_an_effective_analogy_in_racial_debate/

    I’d say that blacks tend to have less genetic potential for contributing to the advancement of humanity (lower intelligence, worse ability to delay gratification, etc.) than whites and that at least usually race-mixing (especially white women with black men) is thus a bad thing.

    But yeah, as a libertarian minded fellow I do not advocate coercion to solve the problems. I’m advocating that women should not be empowered any more than necessary monetarily or otherwise (if they haven’t earned that much money they shouldn’t get as much money in divorce settlements as they often do now and so on.. I’d say house wifes don’t necessarily deserve more money than you would pay a nanny/cleaner for the same jobs she has done.. no big extra for sexual services).

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  4. kuromaku

    And obviously, I’d abolish the welfare state and coercive redistribution which tends to empower women more than they deserve and what’s good for humanity. Taxation is theft you know no matter how many women vote for it so that they can help themselves to my wallet.

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  5. Edward Miller

    Race stuff aside, if you view marriage as simply a way to gain a nanny and a sex partner, then, with all due respect, your view of marriage is rather warped.

    Nobody is forced into marriage anymore, so certainly the males who got involved with gold-diggers did so willingly, with full knowledge of the legal implications of marriage and the possible risks.

    Since the common argument for welfare is that people are trapped into cycles of poverty, and forced into crummy jobs and neighborhoods, you can’t remain logically consistent if you claim that these men are “trapped” and/or “forced” by the institution of marriage.

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  6. kuromaku

    I wouldn’t say people in general take the time and effort to gain full knowledge of how the system works. And I realize people get married for many different reasons, not only for sex etc, though I have heard many married men claim that sometimes only the sex part of the marriage is working (often not even that though) and keeping it together. I just think that any beneficial ‘synergy’ between the partners (that may or may not have existed) shouldn’t mean that in the case of divorce women who have earned little of the ‘shared’ assets have the right to for example half of them.

    Also, I don’t accept that ‘common’ argument for welfare. I don’t think poor people have the right for other people’s money simply because they may have wasted what little money they have had on junk food, booze or whatever or avoided working. In the long run the main thing welfare accomplishes is creating more need for welfare and ever worsening situation for those who pay for it. Hardly good for the progress of mankind.

    And no, I don’t claim that men are in general forced into marriages (though of course there can be some significant social pressure to do that). I just think the marriage laws are rigged against productive men and not that many married men are aware of that being the case to the extent that they could be rightfully said to have made an informed decision when they were getting married.

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