The thought lingers on sex bots

Once the thought of sex bots had materialized itself in my mind while writing my last post, I found it hard not to think about them a little bit more.The firstthingisaboutthetimetable: my best estimate when they will become popular is in the 2030’s but I admit it may be a way off. I certainly love to picture myself on my 50th birthday beaming next to my new sex bot, a gynoid that is, just to make future feminazis go crazy,butitmaytakelongerthanthatifthingsgogrievouslywrong in robotics development.

However,eveniftechnologicallyspeakingthingsgook, it seems probable there will be plenty of women who will oppose them just like there are nowadays no shortage of ‘feminists’ who oppose prostitution with very unreasonable arguments (that of course doesn’t stop them from making prostitution illegal in many places). I can think of a multitude of reasons why to prefer a gynoid over a human female whenthe technology gets good enough butmany women will probably fight against their prolifigation simply because that would reduce their power over men. Justlikenowtheymay statealoudotherreasons(thoughoftentheyjustspoutunintelligiblenonsense out of their mouths)than that simple one butthat of course doesn’t mean they are the real reasons.Rather it seems theyarejust
tryingtowinanargumentusingthe best rationalizations their feminazi-brains can confabulate at the moment.Ipredictthismaybeevenmoreobviousthenthannow
when some daring men (maybe the dirty old me among them!) will be selecting for gynoids that look like 13-year-old nubile girls (with unnaturally big breasts of course!) and the feminazis will try to outlaw that kind of thing even though the gynoids could be non-conscious ‘zombies’ who definitely won’t suffer from being used by men and their ‘use’ would be happening out of public sight.

Anyway, I don’t think a real man will allow them to stop him.

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