I will not submit, I’ll fight them

Once upon a time I was pretty much like multiculturalists are these days. I thought immigration is in general a good thing for my country. But then I was young and foolish and at a lousy public shool where I had been fed all sorts of propaganda and I did not really know much about immigrants from Muslim countries. I can’t say I still do personally know that much about them but the evidence is mounting against them. The closest thing I have come near those Muslim immigrants was when I served in public jury back in my home country (yeah, I’m an immigrant myself). I saw quite a few Muslims in court back then. At times some of them seemed quite amiable but then again they of course tried to act that way while in trial – and I remember seeing some violent outbursts of anger which betrayed what they truly were: people who had no respect for civilized values. I’d say seeing them helped me realize the threat is real. We should fight to stop their multiplication in our countries and we should stop subsidizing them through welfare and other ways. Read this article by Fjordman if you think otherwise and reconsider your position. And keep your eyes open and think for yourself so you won’t help our downfall.

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