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Can you call it thinking?

I was reading this article on Arstechnica, which popularizes some neuroscience research that suggests that such psychopaths who have trouble avoiding legal trouble have smaller frontal cortices than others, when I stumbled upon the following passage:

…biologically deterministic arguments are increasingly being made in court. The most famous, as featured in the New York Times, was the case of Herbert Weinstein. Weinstein strangled his wife and then threw her out of a window in order to make her death look like a suicide. He also had a large cyst in his brain, which the defense team obviously wanted to use as mitigating evidence. The Judge ruled that the brain scans could be shown to the jury, but that they could not be told that cysts like Weinstein’s were associated with violence.

Despite this, the prosecution was so afraid of the result that they plea-bargained the case down to manslaughter.

Another fine example of how a judaized justice system works. A jew (well, I’m not sure if Weinstein is technically a jew but almost surely he is of jewish descent) gets away with murder just because he supposedly has some brain damage. Whether or not that is true, someone like Weinstein certainly is a danger to the society and should not be allowed to walk freely after just a few years in prison with zero guarantees he won’t murder again.

Anyway, even with all the technical progress that could potentially help us prevent the rise of psychopaths in our hierarchies, it certainly looks like legal thinking is going backwards to ensure no actual progress will be made. Instead of using technology to keep the threats out of positions of power, we make sure they get lower sentences after they murder us thanks to the use of that technology. Ain’t that just how things should be?

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World Revolutionary Movement on the roll again?

I glanced the news today to discover Libya is literally falling apart. Two fighter pilots have apparently fled to Malta taking their jet fighters with them instead of carrying out their duty to the Libyan government and attacking the people who are rising against it. Scores of people have certainly died already anyway as others have been less opposed to bloodshed.

Mainstream commentators seem to think this is another case of Muslims taking charge of their own destiny but I remain worried that behind these revolutions lies a more sinister force than your ordinary Muslims, namely The Synagogue of Satan and its clandestine World Revolutionary Movement, whose previous actions have been outlined in books like The Pawns in the Game by Commander Carr.

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Human progress: the only way is through the jews

I think I mentioned it sometime that years ago I read a book titled “Nonzero”. Its Wikipedia entry starts with the following:

Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny is a book by Robert Wright originally published in 2000. It argues that biological evolution and cultural evolution are shaped and directed first and foremost by “non-zero-sumness,” that is, the prospect of creating new interactions that are not zero-sum.

At the time of reading it, I was not yet jew-aware, so I did not grok back then that the one major reason the intelligent non-jews have disliked, even hated, the jews, from the very dawn of civilization, from the time of the Roman Empire and even before it, is that the jews, collectively, play a zero-sum, or even a negative-sum game for global domination using deceit and treachery. Like the Protocols said, the jews have an interest in the diminution of the goyim and like the it’s written in the Talmud they have a desire to kill the very best of gentiles to keep their competitors down.

When the jews win, almost everybody else loses. While intelligent whites tend to produce innovations that benefit the whole of humanity, jewish intellectuals seem to produce innovations that only help in misleading or enslaving the masses (though of course through propaganda the less intelligent gentiles tend to believe the hype about the benefits of jewish inventions).

The jews who invented and sold to the whole world the current money system that at its core allows the jewish bankers and their obedient lackeys to create money out of nothing at our expense were no doubt very clever but I’m pretty sure that as an invention a fraudulent money system is at best a zero-sum invention and in practice rather clearly a negative sum system.

The jews stand between us and real progress of ever better positive-sum interaction between the members of humanity.

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Are you ready for a ramble?

A Jew-Savvy Racialist’s Midwinter Ramble

by Val Koinen
February 9, 2011

I have to admit – I never saw it coming. Oh, I have long been racially aware, having been exposed to Negroes and their characteristics and behavior starting at age 11. So I have been something of a race realist ever since I was a boy. And I have long known we had a serious and seriously threatening race problem in America, and that we were not doing the right things to manage that problem and to correct earlier mistakes. That in fact we were making things worse, year after year.

But for most of my adult life, even well past middle-age, I didn’t really, completely appreciate the Jewish problem and the nature of Jews and Jewish perfidy (involving the “complicit and culpable” Jews as I frequently refer to them). And I sure as hell never thought that in one man’s lifetime – my own lifetime –I would witness the downfall and impending destruction of Western Civilization. In my wildest nightmares, I never would have imagined I would bear witness to the near-total dispossession of my people, and especially, of White men. I would never have believed I would live to see us so far along the way to being genocided out of existence, even in our traditional White homelands and particularly in America.

I’m afraid that very few of our people – and even a surprisingly small portion of racially aware and Jew-wise people (so-called “White Nationalist” types) – are fully aware of just how dire our situation is. Very few are aware that we Whites are under full assault – under siege – in a one-sided anti-White state of war, and that we are on the verge of becoming completely dispossessed and defeated. And that our virtual extinction will soon follow.

The rest of this long but fine ramble can be found on this page.

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Jewry takes down Nokia?

Yesterday I saw a symbolic image of Nokia’s marriage with M$ (with Steve Ballmer, a jew, acting as the happy hubbie who will soon fuck the bride). Nokia’s stock fell by about 14% in a day to commemorate the event. In short, in the markets Nokia is bending over while the Big Jew prepares to do the dirty deed.

Needless to say, lots of poor Finnish programmers will soon be out of employment while M$ will have the opportunity to hire and import ever more quality staff from India to continue on working on the mobile version of Windows which will from now on be running on almost all of Nokia phones.

Anyway, last fall I was half expecting that Nokia would choose a jewish CEO to highlight its total subservience to the JWO but so far I haven’t seen the evidence Mr. Elop is jewish (not that I have been looking for the evidence). He just works for them nonetheless.

I’ll be boycotting all mobile devices from Nokia, Google (android), and Apple at the very least.

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The day’s mishmash

I was thinking about writing something about the weird shit happening in Switzerland. Mainly about Ognir’s (of claim that DBS of tried to murder him in a drunken state. But I’ll just note I dropped the link to that latter site for the time being.

Then I listened to Michael Collins Piper’s broadcast detailing his breakthrough research that suggests that Chistopher Bollyn (one of the first major 9/11 truthers and a self-declared relative of Anne Boleyn who became the Queen of England before she had her head lopped off) may well be from an old crypto-jewish lineage that infiltrated the English and Swedish aristocracies centuries ago.

Either Piper is on to something or he has managed to get on a whole new level in the game of discrediting Bollyn’s work (he even calls Anne Boleyn a whore who deserved her execution for her role in bringing England under jewish usury-control).

Maybe I get back to that later, but I also happened to read about the case of Bradley Birkenfeld who is an American banker who worked for UBS in Switzerland before he apparently got seriously greedy and decided to try whistleblowing.

According to this story “He told the US government that 19,000 American clients had about $19 billion dollars of assets at UBS.” and that he estimates that Americans have hidden maybe a $trillion overseas.

Now he’s in federal prison. What a surprise. Still, he’s hoping to get at least $60 million in compensation from the IRS.

He also complains that President Barack Obama is too personally close with UBS Americas CEO Robert Wolf, playing golf with the financier at a time when Birkenfeld is pleading with the president for clemency.

A financier who couldn’t predict that’s how it works? A proof that money doesn’t cure ignorance.

There are of course other stories on the matter such as this one in Politico with more info:

Birkenfeld reported that during his time at UBS, thousands of U.S. clients opened accounts with UBS in Switzerland, but as he told the Senate investigative committee: “I didn’t see anyone declare any of those [Swiss] accounts in my entire career.”

I guess that would defeat the purpose.

Anyway, on the one hand I certainly understand that paying taxes to our enemy-controlled governments is not a good thing. On the other hand I’m almost certain that a very big percentage of those undeclared assets are owned by jews and other criminals and to get justice we need the information that the Swiss are safeguarding (along with the US government which I presume hasn’t made the information about those tax frauds public).

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The road to WW3?

In September 2008 I had learned of the alleged plan for the Third World War that is to be fomented between the political Zionists (mainly brainwashed Europeans and Americans) and the Muslim world and I made a hasty prediction that to get things started countries dominated by the Muslims would have to overthrow their current “puppet governments” in order to pave the road for serious warmongers.

It only takes a quick look at the news today to see that this may now finally be happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and elsewhere.

Still, it remains to be seen if the Muslim Brotherhood will do the bidding of the Jews if they rise to the top and start more effective agitation against the Western World. If that happens, expect rough times.

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Attacking the Big Lie, one little video at a time

Eric Hunt has certainly done his small part for the cause with his video The Last Days of the Big Lie available at the Holocaust Denier.

Among other things the video exposes Steven Spielberg as a shameless propaganda artist who included a black eyewitness (a “liberator” of Dachau) in his documentary to back up many of those common Holohoax lies even though army records had long ago revealed that zero black soldiers participated in the liberation of that concentration camp in Dachau. Not that I think army records can’t be tampered with but in this case I certainly don’t trust most of the people interviewed by Spielberg and Co.

You can also listen to Mr. Hunt’s interview through this page.

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