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A promise for the New Year

Eustace Mullins in The Curse of Canaan:

Indeed, the great movement of modern history has been to disguise the presence of evil on the earth, to make light of it, to convince humanity that evil is to be “tolerated,” “treated with greater understanding,” or negotiated with, but under no circumstances should it ever be forcibly opposed.

That’s also my observation as nowadays in “civilized” Europe we don’t execute even the most wicked psychopaths. Nor do we punish bullies or hang the obvious traitors in our governmental and private institutions.

And thanks to that attitude we are facing a collapse or at least a new era of totalitarianism.

I promise to oppose the evil I see around me as forcibly as possible. I will try to starve the beast and gather a force that can stand against our evil rulers and their enablers.

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The architects of “choice”

Last year I read about a jew who advocated cognitive infiltration of 9/11 truth groups (by the government). His name is of course Cass R. Sunstein. And it seems by the time he in public proposed the plan to infiltrate such groups the jews had in effect already done that. Basically they had lead many groups from the beginning and ensured they would not be too effective. And according to this recent article he certainly has other rather interesting ideas for the society. Some examples:

…in practice it’s clear where Sunstein stands. He is a staunch defender of government intervention in economic and social affairs.

A good old-fashioned Judeo-Bolshevik in other words…

In Sunstein’s analysis, autonomy is not acting in accordance with one’s preferences made in the absence of government interference; it is acting in accordance with preferences formed and enlightened by government.

Right, I should have known that’s how these modern jews define autonomy.

Libertarian paternalism, Sunstein and Thaler explain, occurs when “choice architects” frame decisions in such a way that people are induced to make the proper choice on their own. (A choice architect is someone who “has the responsibility for organizing the context in which people make decisions.”) The freedom to choose is not formally curtailed, but the choice architects package the choice in such a way that people are induced to exercise their freedom responsibly. The experts manipulate the default options, but individuals may always opt out.

Read: they may opt out as long as jews don’t have those neat little micro-chips planted into our bodies that allow them to kill everyone who disobeys anywhere at any time.

And tellingly, the authors clearly like libertarian paternalism in some respects, but not in others. Would Sunstein and Thaler support a default option of opening each school day with readings from the Bible, so long as students are free to opt out? It’s unlikely.

Progress: the writer at least implicitly recognizes that Sunstein and Thaler are jews.

In Nudge, the decision when to employ a choice architect and when to allow for uninfluenced choice ultimately hinges on whether the authors like the architect and his design. The choice architects are not themselves subject to nudges fashioned by meta-choice architects.

Isn’t that sweet.

Ultimately, Nudge relies on the idea that there are “choice architects” with objective knowledge of what is best for us, who should frame choices in order to get us to understand what is in our best interest. But these are the same sort of experts who failed, miserably, to predict the consequences of President Obama’s stimulus bill on the rate of unemployment. Sunstein and Thaler cannot get around the knowledge problem: how do we know which nudges will be helpful and which will be harmful? And then there’s the knower problem: who out there is qualified to be a choice architect?

I bet if you would be able to get a straight answer out of Sunstein he’d admit only other jews would need to apply for a job as a choice architect.

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The Sun prevails again!

Kuromaku wishes you all (except the most vicious Talmudic readers) merry Yule-tide!

Anyway, it occurred to me that in a way I agree with many jews who don’t like to use the word ‘Christmas‘ though not for the same reasons as I don’t hate the mythical figure known as Jesus Christ with passion like they do. I just think it would be better to go back to our ancient pagan traditions which formed around celebrating the fact that around December 24 days are once again growing longer after the darkest days of the year (which tends to ease the depression those dark days would otherwise easily provoke).

For my international readers, it might also be noteworthy to point out that in Nordic countries the common names for Yule have no reference to Christ: Joulu (in Finnish), Jul (in Swedish and Norwegian) and Jõul (in Estonian). In a new era the same will hopefully be true in the Anglo-Saxon world. Let them celebrate Yule-tide, the victory of light over darkness, not some hoax birth of a Savior!

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The jewish bond that failed the gentiles

It’s again that time of year we can expect the repeat of something akin to an Israeli attack on Palestinian civilians. You know white phosphorus burning women and children to show the world how much they hate Christmas and peace loving gentiles. Of course they already bombed Gaza a few days ago but somehow I doubt it was enough to sate their bloodlust…

Anyway, it’s also a good time to remember the Madoff Scandal since it appears that the (apparently jewish) Picower Estate will return more than $7 BILLION of illicit profits made off from the Big Ponzi Scheme. John Graham at The Occidental Observer has written about the case:

In our essay “Is the Madoff Scandal Paradigmatic?,” Kevin MacDonald and I asserted

  • The Madoff affair was an immense transfer of wealth to Jews from non-Jews (often European).
  • The SEC was amply informed of the fraudulent nature of the operation, but was afraid to act for fear of the Jewish Establishment.
  • Several Jewish families besides the Madoffs were tremendous winners from the fraud, but that their complicity would never be appropriately exposed.

This last point is now proving true.

Jeffrey Picower himself was, according to news reports, found dead in his pool over a year ago, so I gather he was actually murdered. Since we are talking about a gigantic sum of money (enough to pay 350 000 wage slaves for a year at 20k a piece) it’s conceivable he was in a way sacrificed to allow even more deceit in the aftermath that is now unfolding (you know, if you deal with demons expect to pay sooner or later). I wonder when we will see a list of people who receive all the money from the Picower Estate… and how much goes to gentiles rather than jews. No surprises if the real victims will remain uncompensated.

A detail of some interest: Forbes had listed Picower’s net worth at mere one billion in 2009. Somehow though the jews always seem to have more money… again no wonder we don’t see Rothschilds’ at the top of that list.

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A whiter shade of awakening

For four years zero snow around me, now snow all over the place.

I didn’t sign up for this when I made the decision to come back to Europe. Or maybe I did.

I just need to remind myself that I may have been away for a few years, but I have been here for ten thousand years as a White Man. Many others here can’t say the same. And there will come a time many, if not all of them, will have to go. Either willingly or not.

Especially the ones who have have brought to us the mental disease that has nearly incapacitated us.

I’m of course talking about the “chosen ones”.

Anyway, for an American perspective I recommend this recent blog post by the amazing Christopher Jon Bjerkness titled “If you cross this line we fight! Or do we?” that deals with the same issue.

I see Mr. Bjerkness has also his doubts about Ron Paul (the same man who named his now-rather-famous son after the jewess Ayn Rand):

Back in May of 2007, I revealed the fact that Ron Paul is slated to be the Sen. Aldrich of the 21st Century and will give the bankers exactly what they want, while pretending to be opposed to the bankers. I disclosed the fact that Ron Paul is controlled opposition to the bankers. My predictions have come true, as Paul will chair the monetary policy subcommittee overseeing the Federal Reserve. Is anyone so naive as to believe that Paul would be given this task if he were not an agent of the bankers?

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How to spot a fake enemy of the state

Of course everyone who follows what’s on MSM knows all about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. That should be enough to raise some doubts about whether Wikileaks is spreading material the hidden hand doesn’t want you to know as their control over the media tends to mean actual and serious leaks would be hushed up. Still, for a time I have given Wikileaks some benefit of doubt.

But I have to say I’m running out of doubt as I was reminded of two cases of what happens to actual enemies of state: the Edgar Steele case and the case of Muad’Dib. Both men have received close to zero MSM attention as far as I know and yet they have been attacked much more brutally by governmental forces. Muad’Dib could be facing life in prison for sending his 7/7 Ripple Effect documentary DVDs to a courthouse (pending immediate extradition from Ireland to the United Kingdom) while the white rights advocate Mr. Steele is doing prison time on blatantly obviously faked charges by the Federal Government.

Contrast those cases with all the lucky minor mistakes that have kept Mr. Assange free and in the spotlight. Also, Muad’Dib’s documentary in itself probably contains more damning evidence against our rulers than all the recent wikileaks.

Anyway, reading about those cases also kinda makes me think at least 66% of all the lawyers and judges should be facing prison time themselves as this sort of perversion of justice could not possibly happen if the good guys among them were not outnumbered by the bad.

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