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Who am I? What’s my problem?

Recently I saw an old picture of myself and I was struck by something I had forgotten: I used to be a rather formidable looking, albeit very small, Blond Beast, before the genes for brown hair had kicked in as happens rather commonly among Northern Europeans. Now of course I can’t say my looks attest to Nordic purity of Aryan ideals but still, as I now understand better than a while ago, within me some Aryan genes must live on even if they have hidden themselves.

But perhaps more importantly, I’m not just a Former Blond Beast, I am a person who seeks not just easy living but truth, justice and transcendence — both spiritual and physical.

I am no prole as I have a rather high future preference. I know proles can be decent people in many ways and I can enjoy the company of a prole for a while but there’s no denying that I think that any prolonged exposure to the proles tends to drive any sane thinking person to the brink of desperation as they almost exclusively concern themselves with what I consider to be trivial matters while ignoring almost everything I consider profound. And I don’t quite belong to the middle classes as I wouldn’t even think about choosing a certain career for the sole reason that it would bring me economic benefits*. Nor do I care about material status symbols that the middle classes strive to obtain. And of course I don’t belong to any actual existing elite class. Having said this, I understand that most people would not care much about the things I have written on this blog.

Some of my racial enemies, some ignorant jews to be specific, have come here and read a few of my posts and thought I’m some sort of a foolish Christian. Just to be clear, I’m not, I’m anti-Christ, or better yet I’m the anti-Titus. Thanks to the work of Jesuit educated Joseph Atwill I think I have found the truth about the matter I previously thought would remain unknowable — who created Christianity and what the son of man really talked about. And I can conclude ChristInsanity was created as a means to control the thoughtless masses. It was created by jews under some Roman supervision (hence the few rather accurate descriptions of jews in that time in the New Testament). And of course it was no accident that a religion that contrary to common belief had the support of the greatest empire of the time would come to dominate a large part of the planet.

Anyway, I was re-reading some of the last chapters of Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope a while ago concerning the rise of middle class people in professions like science where they don’t quite belong as they put their careers before truth and I think I came to a minor revelation. You see, as I have documented before, I have come to the conclusion that there’s a massive amount of fraud going on and not a little of it is going on in academia. The final straw for me was the realization that Einstein’s theory of relativity has been a deliberate fraud and the scientific establishment has not been able to get over it for a hundred years. How could such a thing be possible in academia where theories are supposedly constantly put under pressure? And the answer seems to be that the academia has come to be dominated by people subscribing to the middle class values (I could also add psychos) just as Dr. Quigley noted was happening.

“Houston, we have a problem with the middle class” They keep humanity away from its true potential along with the hidden hand who set the agenda the middle classes are happy to follow if it helps their careers.

I know many middle class people are smarter and more talented than I am but I think there’s no way all these monstrous frauds and such (moon landing hoax, holohoax, man-made global warming hoax etc.) would be going on if people like me were more common among modern scientists.

*Especially in a society where the benefits seem to be the greatest for all sorts of entertainers and such who keep the common people deluded and ignorant

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Grim November, Bloody December?

So far it seems the Irish debacle won’t be quite enough to trigger the crash I’ve been anticipating though you never know. In any case it certainly serves as a reminder that things are really going downhill for certain after years of wasteful spending and misallocation of resources even if an outright crash won’t happen in the near future.

I have tried to remain sufficiently grim throughout the episode but the mainstream media I have been following haven’t made that as easy as it should be with rather hilarious reporting of such comments as the one by the Irish financial minister that indicate that Ireland may allow itself to be given emergency relief (of course with some strings attached that will give even more power to the financial elite) or the one of the Finnish prime bitch minister who said the country has to help Ireland to save the jobs in Finland.

They really think the public is stupid enough to buy BS like that (though no doubt the bankers would try their best to punish countries that wouldn’t willingly serve their agenda).

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Truth at Stormfront

Re: Interesting facts surrounding 9/11

We are told that Islamic terrorists are spanning the globe threatening to destroy civilization, yet when anyone suggests that Jews are capable of conspiring with one another, we are summarily dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Why is this?

How is it that we are expected to believe that these camel jockies, many of whom are still live much as their ancestors did centuries ago, are capable of all these international plots, yet even the idea of a Jewish organized crime syndicate is scoffed at?

You know why. It’s because there actually IS an organized Jewish crime syndicate operating inside the US at this very moment. Anyone who understands the Jewish Talmudic traditions can easily understand how Jews in politics, in academia, and in religious circles could have direct and indirect links to the existence of Jewish criminals.

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Vikings smelling the blood of banksters?

If you think about it, a lot of problems could probably be solved by a bunch of dedicated vikings using their natural talents at chopping off heads with oversized axes. They just have to have the right problem to work on. And it looks like in Iceland things just may be moving in the right direction after ten Icelanders have apparently studied books like The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (by the late Eustace Mullins) and made a website that promotes Icelandic Financial Reform in a way that looks mostly sound. Good stuff!

To get started they have outlined ten areas that should be changed for the benefit of the general public rather than the few bankers. Number 10 reads as follows:

10. Restraint, transparency and education

It is crucial that the public keep elected officials busy doing the right thing, so to speak. That is vital when it comes to keeping corruption and the damage it can do, to a minimum. The key weapon in that war is education and transparency. Over all, the common Icelander probably lacks financial knowledge. Only a few are capable of making important decisions for the future, regarding changes in the financial system.

It appears that the present system was not designed on the grounds of public safety. A new and reformed financial system must be based on public interests, and not on special interests.

So far, financial education over all is not a priority for young people, under the age of 18. We need to change that. When people gain financial freedom at the age of 18 and with the obligations that follow, they should already have received a fundamental education on finance in the school system.

In our opinion, a solid and stable financial system can guarantee the nation’s financial security, along with job security and food security. Voters should keep that in mind on election day. The public should do much better when it comes to setting the record straight regarding elected officials and demand all information they require.

There’s no question things might be a little different if the public schools taught pupils the truth about how the bankers can create money out of nothing as they borrow money and so on.

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