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Remember Rothschild’s advice?

I vaguely remember predicting some sort of serious economic hardship for this year. I think I may have used the word hyperinflation sometime. And guess what, I still think there’s at least a 50 per cent chance of a serious crash before the end of the year.

Now to be honest I haven’t been paying that much attention to financial news during the summer, but I haven’t been able to avoid noticing many mainstream voices have grown significantly more pessimistic lately as much of the economic data has so blatantly failed to support false hopes of continuing global recovery.

Anyway, I tried my hand at cherry picking a news story to support my fear of a resumed economic meltdown and so here’s Telegraph’s short piece on SocGen strategist Albert Edwards’ warning for investors:

Investors should brace themselves for an equities “bloodbath” and a further fall in bond yields when the current excessive optimism propping up the market seeps away, Albert Edwards, a strategist at Société Générale, has warned.

Mr Edwards said there was too much hope among investors, with excessive valuations in the US, but predicted it would come to an end in the coming months as economic data increasingly pointed to a double-dip recession.
“Equity investors are in for a rude shock. The global economy is sliding back into recession and they are still not even aware that these events will trigger another leg down in valuations, the third major bear market since the equity valuation bubble burst,” he said.

“The equity market will though crumble like the house of cards it is, when the nationwide [US] manufacturing ISM slides below 50 into recession territory in coming months.” The ISM index fell to 55.5 in July from 56.2 in June.
Mr Edwards forecast a return to the “valuation nadir last seen in 1982”, with the S&P bottoming at around 450.

Now I of course also consider it possible that the US treasury bonds could become worthless rather fast in a hyperinflationary situation that could become reality basically overnight (QE2 anyone?). But we’ll see how things will unfold… and how much blood there will be on the streets.

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Swine flu, vaccines, lies and more

I’m almost disappointed that the Israelis haven’t just yet renewed their own death warrant, but life goes on. Though I have to say I think I almost managed to end mine just the other day as I seemed to find that there’s indeed a limit to the heat my body can take before collapsing. In my case, it only appears to take a little too much time on a treadmill in the Mediterranean heat and then trying to sleep in a room where the temperature stays over 30 degrees Celsius the whole night. I’m pretty sure I came to the very brink of entering hypothermia, but thankfully possibly only my brain ended up taking some permanent damage from overheating before I wisened up and cooled myself a little. Well, I guess my skin does still feel a little uncomfortable as well in some areas from excessive sweating, but yeah, life goes on.

Anyway, I read with some interest the recent news that there seems to be an unprecedented epidemic (though still numerically small) of narcolepsy affecting children in both Finland and Sweden which quite possibly has been caused by the H1N1 vaccines (at least no likely alternative explanation has been offered so far).

Can’t say I would be surprised if that turned out to be the case after reading Eustace Mullin’s Murder by Injection last year. You just can’t trust the big pharma corporations, which are dominated by jews, or the government health officials, who are often receiving money from the big pharma, to be on your side.

I’m reminded of my own experience of getting the swine flu in Turkey before any health officials admitted there were any such cases in the whole country (certainly my symptoms were more like those of actual swine flu victims than those of any other flu I have experienced in my adult life or before that). Also, I noticed people here were having flu-like symptoms all summer in 2009 but according to official sources as reported by the mainstream media “first actual cases of swine flu” happened in autumn conveniently right before the vaccines started arriving. I’d say the media and most of the officials were probably deliberately lying (again, they lie all the time!). They just did not want the public to understand that the disease was about a hundred times less deadly than some of the earlier reports indicated before they got the first vaccines into the country so that the companies could make lots of profit. Though I understand most people here weren’t that enthusiastic about the vaccines even after all the fearmongering in the media.

Well, I sure didn’t get the vaccine myself and I certainly had no flu after swine flu supposedly made its way into Turkey during last autumn and I certainly haven’t heard of anyone getting narcolepsy around here so far. Damn, muslims can be smarter than they seem at times as they didn’t believe in those vaccines unlike many Finnish and Swedish suckers!

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Pressure rising

Only a week to go before we see if the Israhellists are crazy enough to attack Iran in order to stop their plan to begin operations at their new nuclear reactor. They might be. And if they are, I’d dare say every Israeli everywhere should be a legal target for elimination as a quick death is the only proper punishment for risking the initiation of the Third World War which could easily cause billions of casualties.

Anyway, back in Finland, international jewish lobby groups have finally forced the Finnish National Board of Education to add strict guidelines for Holohoax indoctrination into the national curriculum (as Finnish newspapers reported today). Not that there hasn’t been such indoctrination before as I myself certainly remember seeing one of those black-and-white Holohoax documentaries in a darkened classroom around the time I was about 13-15 years old and the textbooks had more than little material on the subject as well. Nowadays I just know enough to suspect that those skinny corpses in the documentary might as well have been starved germans (possibly also gypsies etc.) rather than “chosen people”.

I wonder what was the exact thing that forced the board members to make their decision to add those guidelines outside the normal timetable. A simple transfer of money to some off-shore account? Or maybe the evil-ones have recently obtained damning photos of some of the board members engaged in some illegal activities with “little-ones”. That would certainly fit their modus operandi. If Finland had any honest investigative reporters maybe we someday would know.

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Social progress taking its toll?

A brief note for the day before I get back to studying electrodynamics: Matt Simmons allegedly died of drowning due to having a heart attack while in his hot tub. Maybe another use of those neat little tools of social progress Russkies invented way back in Stalin’s time. No way to know for sure without independent and thorough autopsy of course.

In any case, I’m not sure if any of the Simmon’s more controversial claims I heard during his interview by the King World News are true except of course that BP and the US government have been lying since the day one (after the Big Spill) as that’s what the ruling psychopaths do basically all the time. They are pathological liars after all.

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I have been electrified

Having acquired some degree of confidence in the falsity of Einstein’s theory of relativity, I quite naturally ended up doing some searching for alternative theories which would explain the observed phenomena in the visible universe. And much to my pleasure, there is indeed at least one which seems rather appealing to my sensibilities: there is a theory that postulates it is not gravity that is the predominant force on galactic scale, instead it postulates that electrical forces are what really animate the interstellar space (also gravity itself might be just one rather weak manifestation of electrical phenomena). Even our very Sun might be more like a giant ball of lightning rather than an orb of matter experiencing continuous nuclear fusion at its center.

Sounds rather wild at first hearing, but if I had to trust my intuition, I’d go with the electrodynamic theory rather than the gravitational theory as it certainly doesn’t seem to need rather ludicruous unobserved stuff such as dark matter, dark energy or inflation to make it fit the observations.

Anyway, there are of course websites that have more material related to the Electric Universe such as

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