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Wikileaks leaks what the government dictates?

Looks like the kikes haven’t been able to make me disappear just yet (maybe Mr. Ostrovsky was right after all and the Mossad is mostly run by inefficient morons… evil yes, but stupid also), but since it’s too hot over here to write much, I’ll just note that for example Kev Boyle has written a decent expose of the recent Wikileaks’ “controlled leak”. At least so far everything I have seen seems to indicate whatever information they have released is part of a deliberate psy-op though it’s of course possible I may change my mind if I have the time to go through more of the information myself.

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A sign I’m making progress: A jew made a death threat against me

Sometimes it takes me quite a while to approve comments as I don’t always notice when there are new ones awaiting in the queue, but today I noticed a few older ones and I was in for a bit of a surprise as it certainly looks like hebrew trolls have been riled up a bit by my post that outed Elon Musk as a probable Talmud following psychopath. A commenter using none other name than “Elon Musk” wrote last week:

You are right on target!!! Elon is indeed an Israeli (and therefore Jewish) name!!!

The meaning of the name is Oak (the tree).

His parents probably named him after Yigal Elon , An Israeli born, young General in the 1948 war of independence. Elon founded the “Mistaaravim” commando unit that specialized in infiltrating Arab military, pare-military, and terror organizations. These people literally killed with their bare hands, people like yourself. Their followers in the IDF and the Israeli intelligence organizations are carrying the same actions today. Even a pathetic looser like you, probably heard names like:

Fatchi Shkaki

Mahmud El Mabhuh (The guy who was wasted in a Dubai hotel, remember?)

Imad El Morania – The Hezbollah operations officer

Halil El Wazir (Abu Jihad)

and many others.

By the way, not ALL the loosers that were eliminated by these Israeli organizations were Arab Muslims. Some of them considered themselves to be good Christians from European descent.

Sleep well.

Now that’s one vile barely veiled death threat that’s for sure! But you can bet I’m sleeping well knowing I managed to get one of these creeps crawl out of his crypt and show the world what kind of bloodthirsty monsters they are.

A simple IP search revealed that the threat seems to originate from the Tel Aviv-Haifa axis, the domain belonging to Netvision NOC team in Omega Building, MATAM Industrial Park, Haifa 31905, Israhell (the israeli internet defence league probably has offices there…).

Might be a good idea to send a few nukes down over there just to make sure the creeps won’t rise up again.

Anyway, there’s of course some more stuff available on the pathological behavior of Mr. Musk such as this blog post that asks the question “is Elon Musk a pathological liar?”.

Its ending certainly reveals the prevailing mainstream American perspective on such matters:

Seriously, what difference does it makes if Musk can’t tell the truth to save his life? If mendacity is what we need to get the electric-car economy going—in the worst economy in living memory—then let the guy keep right on lying.

Right! If it takes a psychopath (who allegedly basically stole the company and knowhow to make them from the original inventor) to sell overpriced electric cars then let him be a psychopath. Now that’s insanity!

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Crazy summer + a Canadian tale of civilizational collapse

Once again I plead guilty to the charge that I have been a lazy blogger, but in my defence I have to say I have tried my best to solve my financial problems which keep on putting more pressure on my intellectual and activist pursuits. The problem has been that I’m too damn smart for working my ass off in a regular job for some jew’s profit like most gentiles do these days which at this time has led me to spending time chasing wealthy white women (damn the society that has given many of them unearned wealth but if they have money who am I to say no). Specifically I have been keeping my eyes locked on both Dutch and Norwegian women since the little eugenicist in my head has discerned they offer the most potential for further advancement of the White Race given my own set of genes (the deal is that she brings in the beauty and wealth and I bring in my brains.. a priceless item). I’m sure any day now could be a lucky day for both me and the White Race.

Anyway, going back to more serious matters, I note that Tommy Taylor wrote recently a rather chilling account of his experiences in the aftermath of the G20 meeting in Toronto. The original work contains plenty of typos and such but that is easily forgiven considering the author wrote it shortly after enduring prolonged torment in police custody among many others.

Based on my reading the whole sequence of events is of course rather outrageous and certainly bodes nothing good for ordinary people. With a security budget of around $1B the Canadian secret police had their own Black Bloc fake protesters working as agent provocateurs causing havoc while the ordinary police apparently had orders to let the media shoot some scary footage (a common practice these days…) for public consumption.

Sometime after the agent provocateurs had made themselves scarce the police started rounding up peaceful protesters and totally innocent passers-by. Many of these were then kept under arrest for close to 24 hours in a large facility where no human decency could and would not be assured (minimal supply of water and food in small cages that confined up to 40 “protesters”). And the security people just did what they were ordered to do. The few decent people among them were powerless. Obviously rather clear evidence that Canadian security apparatus has been ponerized.

If the authorities won’t be punished for this (unlikely!) it’s pretty clear the elites are busy trying to re-create the Gulag Archipelago in Canada right now (the Americans down south certainly have their FEMA camps already ready for the right “emergency”). And I thought the Canuks were still relatively civilized.

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Another can of worms for graduate students of science

About a decade ago I was a rather naive young student studying a physics textbook. I had been growing up reading all sorts of pop physics stuff but back then I was about to get to the bottom of the real thing and I spent many hours trying to comprehend the relativity theory and the math behind it. But I have to admit it, I didn’t quite get it.

In my wildest fantasies I had seen myself as the one who could unravel the secrets of nature, maybe even unify physics, but the difficulties I experienced even when trying to to understand how to derive and use stuff like inertial frames and the Lorentz Transforms convinced me that maybe mathematical physics wasn’t my… thing… after all.

I of course eventually decided to focus on a little bit more down-to-earth things, but just maybe part of the difficulty I experienced was due to my failure to consider the unthinkable. To consider the possibility that the whole science establishment had been wrong for a hundred years, to accept that Einstein’s Relativity Theory was fundamentally incorrect.

Now, over the years, although I have paid little attention to what’s going around in the physics research, I have certainly noted that there might be serious cause for alarm in the cosmological community to name just one example. For years, based on, (I think) gravitational redshift calculations, which are derived using Einstein’s General Relativity and are used to determine at what speed objects in the space are moving, cosmologists have been convinced that the universe must be expanding at an accelerating pace. And this doesn’t seem to be possible without mysterious Dark Energy that supposedly permeates the whole universe. And of course no mainstream cosmologist has to my knowledge considered that maybe the problem is with Relativity Theory which messes up the redshift calculations and so on (there might be no observed acceleration if the calculations were done using the correct theory — whatever that would be).

The day before yesterday I finally downloaded Herbert Dingle’s book Science at the Crossroads (published in 1972) in which the former philosopher of science details how the whole scientific establishment failed to address his simple observation that Einstein’s Special Relativity leads to a logical contradiction and must thus be false (Heretical Press also has an article on it.. Dingle also raises some questions about the experiments that supposedly confirm relativity theory).

Now I’m not yet quite sure if Dingle is totally correct and how serious an effect the contradiction has on the generalized version of the theory, but based on other massive scientific frauds like global warming scaremongering, it seems Dingle was absolutely right when he noted that science was at the crossroads in his time (and has mostly continued on a path that leads to disaster since then even though there’s no question real progress has been made in some areas like computer science).

So far it doesn’t seem like Dingle was aware of the bigger picture, the corruption of scientists who are dependent on government grants, nor the jewish angle to the question, but once again The Protocols warned about frauds like this:

Protocol 9:


11. Above the existing laws without substantially altering them, and by merely twisting them into contradictions of interpretations, we have erected something grandiose in the way of results. These results found expression in the fact that the INTERPRETATIONS MASKED THE LAW: afterwards they entirely hid them from the eyes of the governments owing to the impossibility of making anything out of the tangled web of legislation.

12. This is the origin of the theory of course of arbitration.

I’m almost willing to declare the whole idea of relativity is false. The physical realm is absolute in its nature (we’ll see how many centuries it takes to prove me and Dingle correct!). Anyway, I have to say I’m relatively sure (a pun intended) the commonly accepted interpretations of quantum physics are false as well (I have certainly smelled something rotten in that direction for years). No surprise physicists haven’t been able to unify their theories for almost a hundred years.

Note: It seems Christopher Jon Bjerkness has also written a 2800+ page book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein which has a lot more material on the subject (we’ll see if and when I get around to reading it…).

UPDATE: Some parts of Dingle’s reasoning went a bit over my head on my first quick reading, but to me it seems rather likely there is something fatally flawed in Einstein’s relativity theory. I wouldn’t be betting that time dilation actually happens in a real world for example though Dingle seemed to hint that Lorentz’s original relativity theory could be closer to truth than Einstein’s one. Anyway, there are of course rather nice implications if the Relativity Theory turns out to be incorrect such that it could be possible to somehow achieve speeds faster than light and more convenient space travel.

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