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The fruits of harmony and knowledge

It is of course none other than David Rockefeller who is on record for sharing his impressions on China in 1973:

“One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony…. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded… in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive….The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly form the singleness of ideology and purpose…. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in history.” New York Times, 8-10-1973.

And as anyone who still goes through the trouble of following mainstream news knows even after Mao China has managed to take further giant leaps toward increasing harmony (by putting its collective jackboot on such organizations as Falung Gong and so forth).

Anyway, Aangirfan reports on the latest news about mass suicides among Chinese factory workers. National Harmony sure has its price. And some other companies evidently use slave labour under conditions I sure wouldn’t like to experience myself.

However, the reason I’m writing about this is that sometimes the obvious escapes conscious perception and I think I can illustrate one such case as naturally Apple is one of the companies caught benefiting from those conditions The Great Social Experiment produced. You see, there still seem to be zillions of sheep who think Apple is the good company (at least compared to Micro$oft) even after such revelations that have received some airtime which indicate that Apple’s environmental record is actually pretty horrible. Surely this perception is at least partially due to Apple’s usually rather favorable treatment in the media. And as we all should know, the mass media is almost totally under control of some serious evildoers. So if they give good publicity to some company, you can be quite sure there’s something to be suspicious of. And in the case of Apple you can start from the very name of the company as ‘apple’ is in my humble opinion almost surely a deliberate reference to the forbidden fruit of biblical lore. A Satan’s gift for mankind. The fruit from the tree of knowledge. It should be bloody obvious that anyone who came up with that name was somehow connected to some serious Satanic organization (whether based on kabbalah or the doctrine of CoS I don’t know). Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out it was the Illuminati considering the fanatical following Jobs has.

Slightly off topic bonus link: Ed and Eurodale at TOOblog seem to be on the same page with me on certain issues.

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Oh the chutzpah!

I have been a bit too distracted with other things lately to have made much progress in my bold quest to make ever more sense of what’s going on, but I noticed that Nathan’s Economic Edge has Damon Vrabel’s decent expose of one of Wall Street’s pathocratic figures: Jamie Dimon. Some commentary on JP Morgan Chase CEO’s recent address at Syracuse University follows:

Snippet #1: “Many of the lessons I’ve learned I’ve learned by making mistakes. It takes courage to be accountable. Throughout my life, throughout this crisis in the past three years, I’ve seen many people embarrass themselves by failing to stand up, being mealy-mouthed and acting like lemmings by simply going along with the pack.”

Jamie, by implying you are uniquely courageous and others are weak in such a huge public setting, it’s clear you’re not a true leader, but just an arrogant salesman. More importantly, your 2nd sentence is the best example I have ever seen of what psychologists call projection, a vicious trait of narcissism. You say others have failed to stand up, are mealy-mouthed, and act like lemmings by going along with the pack. Wow. I can think of no better description of many on Wall Street.

I guess I need to remind you that Wall Street is a cartel, a pack, created by the Federal Reserve System that lives as a parasite on the backs of 308,000,000 Americans. So your absurd wealth comes from having monopoly usury license to put all of us in debt and then live off our wages that get sucked up to the cartel. Wall Street is full of lemmings, most of whom don’t really understand the truth of the usury system that steals from the American people. But as an insider in the CFR and on the NY Fed, a completely anti-competitive unconstitutional cartel, my guess is that you do understand the truth. Yet you go along with the pack–you’re just a highly paid lemming no matter how hard you try to convince yourself you’re tough and independent.

Snippet #2: “Have the fortitude to do the right thing, not the easy thing. Don’t be somebody’s lapdog or sycophant.”

What fortitude do you have besides doing whatever the controllers behind JP Morgan Chase want you to do, i.e. being a lapdog and sycophant? Your firm has built up the most irresponsible derivatives position in the country. Your firm has helped make countries, states, and towns insolvent. Your firm likely manipulates markets as a cartel insider. Your firm jacks up credit card rates on the poor and kicks them out of their homes. You played a role in racketeering and extortion to control the government’s response to the crash of 2008. You call this doing “the right thing?” Mad delusion.

The people behind your firm used their leverage over the US government to ensure JP Morgan emerged from the crash with new levels of concentrated power over the economy, especially in the unconscionable WAMU takeover, yet you took credit for it as if it was all just a result of you being a good CEO. You know JPM’s new lofted status has nothing to do with you but everything to do with those behind the scenes. You’re just a smooth-tongued front man, a sycophant of the CFR crowd, and you provide them cover as the main salesman for one of their key firms. This is not “doing the right thing.”

Right on! If Dimon had any real dignity and conscience he’d be working on things like monetary reform to abolish debt based fiat currencies controlled by private interests which are the real cause behind all diversions plaguing global economy and robbing ordinary people blind. But of course that won’t be happening as he’s just a highly paid lemming himself.

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Better not trust corporations run by hebes…

..such as Facebook, whose founder, the jew Zuckerberg, reportedly called Harvard members of Facebook “dumb fucks” since they trusted his company enough to give it their personal info for free.

Better not trust joogle too much either as even BBC reports that “Google has admitted that for the past three years it has wrongly collected information people have sent over unencrypted wi-fi networks. And no doubt that’s a rather minor matter compared to other things joogle has very likely done for many years now.

I certainly noted that before I started writing about jews in less than worshipful tone google search seemed to find my blog much more easily than it does nowadays. Devious bastards! But at least I had the sense to start avoiding joogle as much as is convenient after that.

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You think things are bad? Wait a little longer…

Things are really heating up around here in Turkey. And I’m becoming ever more convinced the end is nigh. It’s not enough the plummeting value of the euro in combination with the plans for further integration of the Eurozone are giving more credibility to my worst fears of coming Europe-wide economic collapse and descend into total serfdom as I just saw two white tourist girls proudly hanging out with their negro boyfriends — a sight that has been thankfully rare until this year. And to top it all up one Danish family owning a holiday apartment next to my place came to town sporting not one but two adopted little niggers. I wouldn’t necessarily think this would be a disaster for the Nordic race if these blond parents weren’t, at least telling from their outside appearance, part of the better half of the Danish stock. Certainly that was not enough to save them from falling victims to multiracial madness though.

I hate to say it but things will very likely get rather ugly. I can only hope the few good whites will find strength within them to put up a good fight for the revival of the Western civilization before the frog finds itself boiled and all is lost. Just remember to be as wise as serpents or else you end up fighting on the wrong side no matter how good your intentions might be.

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The storm is coming

I’m sure some could accuse me of intellectual vanity or some such thing, but I want to be on the record for predicting, and warning about, the Big Thing before it happens. I of course might regret these predictions in a year or two, but as I read about China’s impending crash according to “experts” like Faber and Quinn, due to malinvestment and such, along with the obvious troubles faced by the eurozone, it has definitely dawned on me that maybe the most likely economic scenario is that of a unified, or sequential, crash of all the major economic zones of the world: the US, Europe and China (no doubt followed by total crashes in places like Dubai). And it seems to me the mainstream media has been trying to distract people from maybe the biggest crash of them all, that of the Jewnited States of America. I certainly have a hard time understanding how they could keep the problems under a rug for another year let alone two years.

Mark my words, if the Unified Crash cometh, it comes because the international schemers want to create their Jew World Order out of the chaos that follows. And remember, I was able to predict it because I spent some time studying their scheme dating back to ancient times (and if it won’t happen in any catastrophic extent, you definitely have a good reason to question my warnings in the future).

Right now it seems the powder keg could ignite at the moment Spain suddenly finds out it needs a €300+ billion bailout but certainly there are many other possibilities…

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