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The plot thickens…

Death seems to like those who are not friends of the current world order. The most recent case that I’m aware of is apparently that of Curt Maynard who according to news report shot himself with a rifle while driving a car during an escapade after allegedly gunning down his ex-wife.

I can’t help but to agree with Robert Reis and his comment on MR:

I did not realize that a previous poster had brought attention to the death of Curt Maynard.

I do not believe it is prudent to grant too much credence to news stories in America.

Curt wrote many things which were true and important, other things which were dubious, and some things which were tasteless.

One article mentions that he shot himself with a rifle while driving his car. This is very hard to do.

I suggest the violent deaths of Terreblanch, Richard Barnett, and Curt are worrisome.

And one could certainly count among the worrisome things the disappearance of J Richards and the deaths of even those Polish dignitaries who however mostly played along with the power elite (not that it was enough to save them as I have warned my gentile readers).

Anyway, I may be psychic but I think I’m noticing a pattern with these recent events: the conspirators seem to be deliberately adding to their stories in the media details which arouse suspicion in anyone who has some independent thinking skills left. This may even be an old habit as the same method was apparently used also in the creation of the New Testament.

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Lying scum — an ultra short case study of fjordman’s propaganda

It should be no surprise that I have lost much respect for many people I used to look up to before I became aware of the hidden reality behind world events — more specifically the international jewish network that is responsible for much of what’s truly rotten in our world.

Nowadays it’s often quite painful to read some of the stuff they write. As a case in point here’s a link to fjordman’s article Why Israel’s Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too. Some examples of blatant lying:

The incessant demonization of Israel in the mass media prevents us from realizing that what we are dealing with is a global campaign of bloody conquest.

Now granted I don’t watch that much TV these days, but I’m pretty sure I don’t live in a reality where that rather often repeated claim (“The incessant demonization of Israel in the mass media”) is true. Instead hordes of people like fjordman almost instinctively attack the media if it airs something which paints Israel as anything less than the “light onto nations”. And I see almost constant propaganda, sometimes rather subtle, sometimes not, that promotes the myth of jewish victimhood. Naturally this seems most obvious in hebewoods movies and such.

The Jews of Israel, in contrast, do not want to “take over the entire world,” they simply want a tiny piece of land where they can live in dignity and practice their religion in freedom.

Uh, even Israeli taxi drivers openly admit that jews already control the entire world. And world conquest accompanied by global enslavement of gentiles (partially in effect due to continuous interest payments, of course taken from ordinary taxpayers, to jewish bankers because of government debt and such even now) is a rather central part of jewish religion which should be rather obvious for anyone who has read even just the Old Testament. And I certainly recommend that people also read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to see how they have been controlling the world and what kind of plans they may have for the future. It’s hard to imagine a starker contrast between actual reality and fjordman’s claim.

Islamic leaders and preachers regularly and openly brag about how they are planning to conquer our lands, defile our women and wipe out our civilization.

Now, this part may actually be true, but again, even a cursory look at modern pornography industry tells that jews are already defiling our women (viciously even in front of cameras… no telling what they do behind the scenes) to such an extent muzzies would not necessarily be much worse than they are. Maybe the only thing that would be worse under Islamic rule would be that there would be more muzzies than jews doing the defiling. And no doubt that’s one of the reasons the jewish organizations have worked tirelessly to import as many muzzies into the western world as possible.

Anyway, I conclude that fjordman may not himself be a Norwegian as he claims but rather just another crypto-jew hiding under a pseudonym that belies his true identity.

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Poles never learn

I guess a flight “accident” can’t stink much more than the one that today killed Poland’s president and dozens of the country’s other leading figures. And to think that these suckers had packed themselves all into one single plane when they were going to attend a memorial event for those murdered at Katyn in Russia of all places is just beyond belief.

Anyway, BBC helpfully reports that:

the head of Russia’s Aviakor aviation maintenance company told Russian TV the plane was airworthy, after his plant fully overhauled it in December.

Yeah, sure, or more likely they made sure the plane was prepared to have an “accident” whenever they got an order to arrange one. I’d say the odds are at least 100 to 1 it was not an accident.

I have also quickly browsed some comments from the general public in the Finnish mainstream media and noticed that a rather surprising number of them made a big deal about the “fact” that supposedly the flight controllers had told the plane to land on another airport since the airport at Smolensk was surrounded by fog. And this supposedly indicates that human error rather than sabotage was the most likely cause of the “accident”.

Are those commentators either morons or part of a deliberate propaganda effort? You know, the people who supposedly received that warning to avoid that airport are dead now and there’s of course no reason to trust the russkies too much. The truth may well be that they simply redirected all other air-traffic to other airports and told the poles to then “safely” land using all the automation that enables planes to land even in foggy weather. And then they just pulled the trigger. The rest is bloody history.

Update 27.4.2010: I haven’t seen much mainstream coverage on the aftermath so far but Jane Burgermeister reports on her blog some things of interest which raise for example the possibility that they might have created artificial fog to surround the airport. I certainly would think that is well within the realm of what’s feasible these days.

Mainstream news sources also quickly reported after the crash that the military airport at Smolensk did not have the necessary equipment to support modern Autoland used by passenger jets. However, stuff like that could easily be disinformation as obviously military keeps its secrets. In any case Burgermeister reports:

The airport is also equipped with signal beacons that can be seen from a long distance even in reduced visibility and dense fog. The first beacon is located one kilometer from the runway, the second 4 kilometres away and the third 6 kilometers way allowing pilots to ascertain their position and the location of the runway.

So far I haven’t read much about what the black box recordings reveal but after learning about those fake Bin Laden tapes and fake phone calls on 9/11 I probably wouldn’t trust them too much anyway as surely they can fake such recordings these days using voice morphing technology etc. if necessary.

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“It has served us well, this myth of Jesus”

The quote in the title comes from Cesare Borgia, the son of pope Alexander VI. I say it has served them well, they being the people of big lies, namely psychopaths.

Anyway, I’m not sure which one of the things I have managed to dig up along the way has been the most incredible, but the true story behind ChristInsanity has to be near the top. Last fall, I of course briefly wrote about my discovery of Joseph Atwill’s revolutionary work Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus, but somehow that post seems rather inadequate considering the impact the Myth of Jesus has had on our civilization.

Now, there’s a lot of things I could write about the book such as its explanation of typology which seems rather useful thing to understand when reading jewish literature, whether religious or “historical”.

But first let me restate I think Atwill does a rather good job when it comes to the core issues of the book which he describes in the following:

I will show that the Gospels were created to be understood on two levels. On its surface level they are, of course, a description of the ministry of a miracle-working Messiah who rose from the dead. However, the New Testament was also designed to be understood in another way, which is as a satire of Titus Flavius’ military campaign through Judea. The proof of this is simply that Jesus and Titus share parallel experiences at the same locations and in the same sequence. Those parallels are both too exact and too complex to have occurred by chance. That this fact has been overlooked for two millennia represents a blind spot in scholarship as large as it is long.

But as I saw Atwill being interviewed by an Israeli host on and realized he seems to be rather politically correct when it comes to the jews (and was hoping on getting some Israeli support for making his work known) I decided to focus more on the jewish angle to the issue contrary to Atwill’s own emphasis on the Flavians who ruled the Roman Empire during the era the New Testament was most likely written, from 69 to 96 C.E..

And there’s rather much to such an angle since Atwill identifies as the main force behind the invention of Christianity three jews, the adopted member of the Flavian family, Flavius Josephus, Tiberius Alexander and Bernice, the jewess who became the mistress of Titus Flavius who quite likely was the overseer of the project.

Still, Atwill writes that

…Christianity had been created to be a “calamity” upon the Jews.

Yet it was also a creation of jews as Atwill himself makes rather clear even if he plays up the Flavian angle. I would rather think the jews who created it only meant it as a calamity to the lesser jews, not the elite jews like themselves who prospered within the Roman Empire. And these jews were the elite of the elite jews as Tiberius, who served as Titus’ chief of staff during his campaign in Judea, was a son of the wealthiest man on the planet — of course a jew then like now; Josephus who to me seems like the main figure behind the creation of the false religion claimed to be a descendant of Maccabean royalty and Bernice came from the ruling clique of Judea, the Herod family (note: it is quite possible these families have passed down the truth about Christianity for ages along with the Flavian family).

And what a creation it was! It was a jewish concoction of poison for the spirits of their enemies. A religion for the uneducated masses, “slaves and scum”. A plague set upon the gentile nations for thousands of years. The reason behind the dark ages. A work of evil so hideous it is simply beyond the imagination of your common man.

It was a religion whose central figure tells their enemies to turn the other cheek and to love their own enemies while Titus, the real “son of god” after the Roman deification of his father Vespasian, himself according to Josephus tortured zealots simply because they refused to call him their “Lord”. Now there’s of course a difference between mild torture and truly sadistic torture, and I have no way of knowing how far Titus went during those torture sessions if the legend is true, but still behavior like that seems rather narcissistic to me if not totally psychopathic (the Flavians’ of course also had the habit of entertaining the masses by throwing their captured enemies to the beasts at the Colosseum… though apparently it is a historical hoax that there were Christians among them early on during the first century) .

Thus I myself am lead to hypothesizing that the jews surrounding Titus used his narcissism to get his and the Roman Empire’s support for creating Christianity on the excuse that it fooled the lesser jews unknowingly to worship him as “God” while actually planning to use the religion against gentiles the whole time knowing no educated jews would ever fall for shit like it as they already knew how to read jewish literature.

And to make sure of this they left many clues for the educated reader. Some quotes from Atwill’s book should help even the gentiles to make more sense out of the Gospels:

the core of Jesus’ prophecies—the Galilean villages “laid low,” Jerusalem encircled with a wall, the temple left with not a single stone atop another, and the “wicked generation” destroyed—all share one characteristic. Each is a military victory of the Flavian family.

the author is using different characters that he links typologically by a shared name or parallel experiences to create a single satiric theme.

The consequence of these traditional literary techniques is that the Jewish reader does not read a text in what might be thought of as a rational, straightforward, and linear manner. On the contrary, the Jewish reading is intertextual. The use of similar phrasing, formulas, places, clothing, and so on are used to create layers of associative meaning, as contrasts, and to provide continuity and color.

they “improved” the nature of their parallels in the New Testament from the open-ended types found within the Hebrew canon to ones that were very precise in their logical and chronological relationships, and in the identities that they reveal.

The authors of the Gospels were very aware of the typology in Hebraic literature and were, in effect, showing that they were able to produce a more perfect, more complex form of it. Moreover, there was a profound irony in the authors’ requiring the Gospels and War of the Jews to be read in the manner of Judaic literature in order to learn that they had created a false Judaism.

Mind-boggling for the gentile mind?

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