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The ways of the world

I stumbled on a rather revealing article by Catherine Austin Fitts on the importance of drug trade revenues to current social order. One of the more important sections follows:

One day I was a wealthy entrepreneur with a beautiful home, a successful business and money in the bank. I had been a partner and member of the board of directors of a Wall Street firm and then Assistant Secretary of Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner during the Bush Administration. I had been invited to serve as a governor of the Federal Reserve Board and instead started my own company in Washington, The Hamilton Securities Group. Thanks to our leadership in digital technology, financial software and analytics, Hamilton was doing well and poised for significant financial growth.

One of my software tool innovations, Community Wizard, helped communities access data about how all the money works in their place. Accessible through the World Wide Web, Community Wizard was illuminating an unusual pattern of defaults on HUD mortgages and other government and homeowner losses in areas in which the CIA had admitted to facilitating cocaine trafficking by Iran Contra supporters.

According to the CIA, we were paying our government to help the narco dollars make money in a way that – if you read Community Wizard’s comic book-like money maps – was losing taxpayers and homeowners billions of dollars.

The next day I was hunted, living through 18 audits and investigations and a smear campaign directed not just at me but also at members of my family, colleagues and friends who helped me. I believe that the smear campaign originated at the highest levels. For more than two years I lived through serious physical harassment and surveillance. This included burglary, stalking, having houseguests followed and dead animals left on the doormat. The hardest part was the necessity of keeping quiet about the physical danger lest it cost me more support or harm my credibility. Most people simply do not believe that such things are possible in America.

I’d say I have learned enough to believe her.

Anyway, there’s also a little gem for race realists:

In 1999, I was at a revival for Christian women. One of the presidential candidates made a guest appearance. A friend of mine, an Afro-American minister, who used to work for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), leapt to her feet to applaud him with tremendous enthusiasm. I was surprised at her response given that she understood his success in attracting narco dollars – not to mention his and his colleague’s silence on Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance reports and the subsequent CIA admission of drug dealing by the government.

She looked at me and said, “He is going to be the winner.” So I said, “You mean, I am a loser because I tried to stop the corruption and he is a winner because he profited from it and helped it grow. So you will clap for him and not for me.” She replied, “That’s right. You are a loser. He is a winner”

Oh dear, the naivety of even a rather smart white woman knows no bounds! The negro was simply exhibiting behavior which is very typical for her race. So typical that is has to be one of the main reasons for the failures of every society dominated by blacks. And if we allow such blacks to wield increasing powers in our societies they will surely fail too.

And finally here’s a money shot of Richard Grasso, former Chairman of the NY Stock Exchange, meeting a Colombian FARC commander:Former NY Stock Exchange chairman meets FARC commander

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A ghastly scenario

If I’m even half as smart as I think I am, there’s some seriously nasty surprise awaiting the masses right around the corner. Previously I have been thinking one part of that surprise will be the coming USD hyperinflation(*). However, I’m also quite certain I’m not knowledgeable enough to be able to predict more than a little fraction of the full surprise that awaits us. But after I read Richard Maybury’s Early Warning Report for June/July 2009 in which he speculates that China may have already secretively exchanged much of their supposed USD reserves (around $2 trillion) into real assets I got a new idea.

You see, as my previous studies have revealed, the jews are, and have been, trying to exterminate as many white Europeans as possible with their schemes (like WW1 and 2 as books like The Controversy of Zion illustrate), and what better way to cause chaos to the white man would there be than letting the Europeans hold as many USD assets as possible when the endgame starts. Thus it dawned on me that it might be possible that the jewish high finance community might have been able to do their tricks (think of Goldman Sachs and Greek debt to get the idea) and unload much of those Chinese USD reserves to European pension funds and such (I don’t know many other players besides maybe sovereign Arab funds who might have also been deceived). This would cause those funds to totally collapse as soon as the hyperinflation would set in. And of course massive social upheavals would follow both in Europe and the US (which could set the stage for WW3). The white race would enter a desperate struggle for survival while the jews would have the time of their life.

Still, I’m not sure the Chinese have been smart enough even with their rather high average IQ (and the Europeans stupid and submissive enough under jewish rule) to play their cards right as history has certainly shown that collectively the Chinese can also be very stupid. So keeping that in mind I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if the Chinese would be left standing with lots of worthless USD notes in the end. Nevertheless, I’d say it’s best to consider all possibilities.

*Alternatively the US government could simply default on most of its foreign obligations. This could of course cause similar results in Europe as a serious USD devaluation.

Additionally, the-powers-that-be could use another false flag attack, bigger than 9/11, as the initial “cause” of whatever collapse happens to possibly shield themselves from blame in the eyes of the more gullible part of the public.

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Behind the scenes committees rule…

As a person who is driven towards “judicious study of discernible reality” with the limited resources I have, in order to more effectively affect the world around me to change in the way I deem good, I’m of course happy to be able to learn from people I think have been rather exemplary in that respect before me. And few others have made more sense to me than Revilo Oliver. Keeping this in mind I was certainly illuminated a little reading Dr. Oliver’s summary of his “difficult, delicate and prolonged investigation” into what was really behind what was once to outside appearance maybe the most influential movement to counter the Commie Conspiracy, namely the John Birch Society, then nominally lead by Robert Welch Jr., who was, according to Oliver’s painful discovery, actually operating under the supervision of a committee of jews who also controlled the flow of extra funding needed by the society. Naturally the committee also made sure the society would not achieve any significant progress that could endanger the very real conspiracy. Instead the patriotic citizens ended up wasting much of their time due to subtle sabotage by their superiors in the society and we of course see the results now as America is quickly descending into a socialist serfdom.

Anyway, although I still have too little personal experience of such matters, it seems to me that’s a rather common way of running things in the real world. They have a committee of rabbis or other learned jews who make the decisions for their gentile front-men. Specifically, I’d think it is more than little likely that for example Alex Jones has a bunch of jews preparing content for him contrary to his often repeated claim that “he is running a very small operation there“. Well, I guess if he has for example just three jews behind him it could be considered a rather small operation by jewish standards. And this is assuming he isn’t a crypto-jew himself.

I also think there are rather good reasons to think the BNP is controlled by jews like the Birch Society was as well.

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