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The same old sheeple story in new wrappings…

Since I like to take a probabilistic approach to things I do usually tolerate much uncertainty. But sometimes even little things just add up and remove most of it. This can be a good thing as I can be a bit lazy when in comes to the hard work of checking facts like whether they do indeed add significant quantities of fluoride into the drinking water in Finland. But just reading about the recent proposal of one workgroup of the Ministry of Justice there which indicates that those creeps are planning to make it possible to prosecute a person who just links to a “racist” website with a charge of “aggravating against some ethnic group” which in the worst case scenario could land that person into a prison for up to four years, brought to my mind a “probably” sure way to know without checking the facts: if they manage to make those changes into the law without inciting serious public outrage, the poor sheeple must surely have had they brains well fluoridized or else they couldn’t possibly be so docile.

Also, the law would of course make me a criminal in Finland since I remember that the jewish state prosecutor considered even rather “mainstream” sites like extremist (makes some sense from their perspective as I certainly understand why the establishment doesn’t in general like for example Paul Graig Roberts’ articles). I wonder if I could apply for a political asylum in the Obamination then. Oh wait, Holappa tried that already and ended up spending his time in jail before he was deported.

Oh goodness, aren’t I glad that the jewdicial system is hell-bent on going after racists while minor crimes like the murder of the weapons inspector David Kelly are so unimportant to solve that the British system declared all evidence regarding his death secret for decades (up to 70 years I hear).

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A tale of decline

I had to spend more than little time in public transport recently and had no other reading with me except John Grisham’s book The Innocent Man, Murder and Injustice in a Small Town which is apparently based on facts. It’s not the type of a book I probably would have read if I had done more planning but actually it seems to tie in quite well with the topic of America’s ongoing decline. Like the title implies, it tells a story of rather criminal sort of injustice in a small town in Oklahoma — Ada to be specific.

First a young woman is found dead in 1982 after enduring savage abuse but that’s just the start of criminality since the book implies that the local police had been running drug sales and had to protect the real perpetrator(s) as they were actually working for the police who then lead the investigation of the crime. After much foul play the judicial system eventually manages to incarcerate not just one but two innocent local men who end up spending some 11 years in prison. The other one, Ron Williamson, who was a mentally ill former wannabe star baseball player, also faced the death penalty, before DNA evidence (in 1997) was finally used to prove his and the other guy’s innocence (not that there should have been any need for such evidence as the previous foul play should have spoken for itself if the judicial system had proper checks and balances).

In short, the book paints a rather sorry picture of ignorance and cultural decline. The small town people are preoccupied with baseball and praying while organized crime takes control of their system (or maybe keeps on controlling it?) and slowly but surely bankrupts the local finances. The judicial system relies on unreliable evidence provided by polygraphs and hair analysis and the “experts” and does little to keep tabs on the corrupt investigators who continuously abuse their position. The evangelical Christians refuse to ever consider they might have been wrong and continue to rely on the liars. No authorities ever get punished even though at least two more innocent men were wrongly incarcerated after a similar crime based on the details provided in the book.

So much waste, so little real accountability. In other words pretty much exactly what is going on right now everywhere though on a much larger scale. The only “good” thing in the story is that it appears that at least Mr. Williamson would probably not have done much good for the general society even if he had not been spending time in prison and mental institutions.

A quick internet search also indicates that either Grisham or the book’s publisher did not want to include the detail that the real savage identified in the book, Glen Gore, is apparently half-indian, half-white.

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Old stuff in a new era…

Tough luck has kept on haunting me as I have totally missed out on the opportunity to experience the cold chill that reports tell me has recently engulfed most parts of Europe.

Still, I haven’t been so unlucky that I haven’t had the opportunity to experience the consequences of and perhaps learn from the other major cause of human misery I have written about besides psychopathy: namely stupidity. For the record I say I agree with the one person who said succinctly that it is a disease. A mostly heritable disease that should ultimately be cured if possible and eradicated by other means if not. If the human race fails to cure it I would not personally weep if by some fluke the mind children of better minds would inherit the earth.

Speaking of better minds brings me once again to Revilo P. Oliver. A man who had both learning and intellect he used to enlighten people rather than to take advantage of them like most modern intellectuals who have sold out (no surprise he is not widely known in modern times). In particular I’m currently reading his book America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative. I at least haven’t encountered any other thinker (among those who haven’t been on the inside anyway) who has seen so clearly what was going on in the world and what would follow besides Dr. Oliver. Nevertheless, it’s still in some way comfortable that even minds like his can make epic mistakes occasionally like not realizing already right after or during the war that “the international race” was actually more powerful than any of the countries populated by whites.

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Things to come

At the risk of being proven wrong, I’ll say I think the US will enter hyperinflation in 2010. At the very least I think there’s a good chance for that (based on my casual reading of various blogs like Will the race war follow after the food stamps run out I can not say. Will the police state be able to round up the dissidents into those FEMA camps? I certainly hope not. And I lack the knowledge to predict with any confidence what will happen to euro and other currencies in this scenario.

Now, I have of course been wrong before. Last year, when the financial tsunami hit the global economy, I for example honestly thought the building boom would come to a near total halt in 2009 around my temporary Mediterranean location in Turkey. That hasn’t happened. People are still building no matter that there is hardly any shortage of vacant apartments and other properties around. I fail to see much good thinking behind the ongoing building projects except that at least they may keep public unrest at bay as unemployment levels won’t skyrocket as long as the banks keep funding new projects. Still, one would think that people should be able to be more useful doing other things if only they had little imagination.

Certainly there are plenty of poorer people around here living in rather unattractive older buildings but somehow I doubt many of them will be able to move to the new properties unless the current social order starts crumbling down.

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