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A new agent provocateur in the movement?

Oy vey, I haven’t been too great recently as I have been recovering from a dental surgery which removed the last pair of my troublesome wisdom teeth. On a positive side, I didn’t have to suffer for long before the operation as I was able to get the time for the surgery the very same day I went to a private clinic. Much better than waiting for a month or more to get the time in a socialized system even if the costs are mostly paid by the taxpayers like happened last time in my home country.

I certainly feel I could whine more, but I doubt that would further my popularity in the segment of the blogosphere I’d like to be part of.

Anyway, nothing beats the combination of having a toothless ache and listening to Jim Giles turning his interview with Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent into a total fiasco. I certainly can’t recommend that anybody should listen to it as Giles’ confrontational focus on issues I don’t consider crucial (gays taking part in the movement, remaining pseudonymous…) appears to me rather counter-productive and that is putting it mildly. Either Jim Giles is showing his limited rationality more clearly than before (no wonder the physically strong former football-playing patriotards don’t rule the world) or he is actually the newest agent provocateur in the movement (I heard from the recently convicted Bill White the feds in the US have been going crazy as they haven’t been able to provoke white nationalists into making a sufficiently stupid move that could serve as an excuse to round them all up and it looks like Mr. Giles is trying to do their bidding).

Also, I was a little disappointed when it came to the issue of Alex Linder promoting the genocide of jews in response to their past and present crimes against humanity Mr. Wallace replied that at least the jews are never so thoughtless that they actually advocate the genocide of the white race. I’m disappointed because at least one of them should have been aware that it seems jews have actually taught themselves that “even the best of the gentiles should all be killed” for a thousand years: jews have not only been advocating genociding whites but actually all non-jews for ages. One would think this should be basic knowledge for anyone in the movement:

Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog (“Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed”).

Israelis annually take part in a national pilgrimage to the grave of Simon ben Yohai, to honor this rabbi who advocated the extermination of non-Jews. (Jewish Press, June 9, 1989, p. 56B).

Of course there is some controversy about the issue and absolute certainty is hard to come by as naturally there are different versions of the “holy texts”, some presumably modified to be suitably tame for superficial gentile consumption. Obviously you can’t trust talmudic scholars either if the Talmud in the first place approves of jews lying to the gentiles if it serves their interests. You also deserve the death sentence if you are a gentile and study the Talmud. I guess it’s quite possible the hardcore jews would like to kill such gentiles at least two times in a row: once for reading the forbidden text and the second time just for being a gentile.

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Uncovering the Mossad

The fine folks who make up the white underground sent me a copy of Victor Ostrovsky’s The Other Side of Deception (your help is much appreciated, thanks!), a book that details the ex-Mossad agent’s travails after he was sacked from “the Office” in 1986 and was recruited into efforts to reform the Mossad from the outside (after rogue elements within the Mossad had assassinated their appointed head using a 14-year-old Lebanese sucker).

I gathered a short list of the more interesting bits of information I found in the book:

  • over 80 Palestinian refugees recruited by the Mossad in countries like Denmark using a single method in a single year, local intelligence services supporting Mossad’s efforts
  • Mossad monitors hotel chain reservation systems all over the world
  • 3000 sayanim in Great Britain, over a hundred safe houses in the Greater London Area
  • British intelligence operatives in Washington DC totally unaware of the extent of the sayanim network
  • Israelis control the US using the sayanim network, the Israel lobby and the secretive B’nai Brith
  • assistance for fundamentalist muslims. The goal is to have other middle eastern countries ruled by fundies unwilling to work with the west so that all Western support will flow to their good ally Israel
  • constant interest in purchasing media (with assistance from sayanim like Robert Maxwell) in order to influence public opinion and to provide “day jobs” for agents
  • Mossad’s seminars on terrorism, given as acts of friendship to German intelligence, were actually used by the Office to recruit people to work against their country’s interest (similar shenanigans also in other countries)
  • the conspirators behind the first book agreed that they should not include things which could nurture anti-Semitism (I bet they had to omit lots of things!)
  • Direct links with B’nai Brith, AIPAC, UJA
  • unlimited emergency funding provided by sayanim bankers
  • Israelis had been testing medications on blacks in South Africa under Mossad’s command
  • French intelligence didn’t seem to want to believe that there’s no compartmentalization in the Mossad (the reason Ostrovsky knows so much about other operations than his own)
  • the plan to vilify secular Saddam was already in place in 1986
  • sometime after Ostrovsky left the Mossad it started to recruit new members from messianic sects in large numbers (presumably the type of jews who think of goyim as cattle whose only purpose is to serve their masters and so on)

Ostrovsky, who was a self-described fan of Israel, a good Jew who only hated the Mossad (because it was inefficient and serving other than the general interest of Israel), doesn’t go into as much detail as I’d like in his book, but at least he reveals some dirty methods used by the Mossad to take over media using people like Robert Maxwell:

They would target in advance a paper that he was to purchase and start it on a collision course with bankruptcy using all available strategies, starting with workforce agitation and ending with pullback of funds from the paper through bankers and advertisers sympathetic to the Mossad. Then, once the target was softened, they’d send Maxwell in for the kill.

Also, if Ostrovsky’s claim about many Palestinian refugees working for the Mossad is true, it naturally begs the question of how many of the more outrageous acts performed by such refugees have actually been instigated by the Mossad to serve some purpose in the propaganda war…

Anyhow, it has to be said that it is not easy to determine how truthful Ostrovsky is when it comes to certain details of his story, though if some things like his recounting of the time when the Mossad’s shrink told him that he has a “fear deficit” based on his psychological profiling, are false, they certainly are rather clever deceptions considering the overall story (though by no means beyond the capabilities of actual Mossad operatives one would think).

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Our culture, going downwards

I’ve been learning a little about how the pop culture has been utilized by the elites using a more or less scientific approach at least since the Frankfurt School as a tool to move the society in a direction they approve of (few elites knowing the score and the mindless masses serving them without possessing the initiative, ability, knowledge or the intelligence to rise against them).

As is customary to the elite strategy, the progress has been rather gradual but for the worse all the time. And recently we have reached what must be something close to the very pinnacle of cultural degradation. I’m talking about Lady Gaga. For those who don’t know about the woman, her very public essence seems to be about total brainlessness and lack of self-direction. And it’s not like there’s really anything obscure about that at all given song titles like “Eh, eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)“, her other lyrics or her visual performances on videos and stage.

Now I can’t be sure what the people behind her have been thinking, but I’m guessing they are actually using her to represent the state of the common man, or maybe more accurately the common woman, in a modern society. They use her to show the other illuminated ones a caricature of your average sheeple who has in effect been programmed by culture to be a thoughtless consumer mindlessly following the cultural engineers. A serf or a slave ready to be disposed of at the time of their choosing as nothing of real value is lost when an empty shell is erased from the face of the earth. She is actually an inside joke. Or the shape of things to come right about now.

(see also Vigilant Citizen for a somewhat different take on her and other pop artists including references to mind control)

If there’s one sure sign that we really are on the verge of civilizational collapse it has to be Lady Gaga and her popularity.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to Radio Free Mississippi on my spare time recently. I’d say I’ve actually learned quite a few things about white nationalists and the resistance movement thanks to the interviews Jim Giles has on his website. To give one example, Arthur Kemp of the BNP certainly managed to convince me that he is working for the jews by declaring that 911 conspiracy theories, except the one promoted by the authorities, are “hogwash”. I think he sounds too smart to believe that. And I’m pretty sure the American listener who called in to ask Mr. Kemp about 911 doesn’t trust him much either after that.

Nowadays, whenever I hear that someone either doesn’t believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories or states that The Protocols are an obvious forgery, I certainly start taking everything he says with not just a grain of salt but with a whole shitload of salt no matter how convincing he otherwise seems to sound.

Anyway, moving on to more pressing matters, John de Nugent had some things of interest to say about those FEMA Death Camps that the Feds have apparently been preparing for American dissidents for some time.

I still haven’t studied the topic in depth, but I do take the threat quite seriously. My gut feeling is that the jews are indeed planning to replicate the Gulag Archipelago in the US very soon now. I’m not sure how they are planning to get the thing started but I’m betting they certainly want to round up the people who have been waking up and have the plans to do so. Will the people who are enthralled by the likes of Lady Gaga be able to resist? Or do the masses just shrug off when the first line of dissidents are being rounded up and go watch more TV or something? Will the psychopaths be able to get away with things depicted in sick movies like The Hostel (torture porn made by jews though of course portraying jews as victims and germanics and other gentiles as the psychopathic torturers) in the open. Now that is the question… as is do the Eurocrats have a similar if only more secret plan to take care of European dissidents.

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