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Bringing down the witches by the way of monetary reform

Gee, I never knew the original L. Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz“-story contained the keys to saving the world from the wicked witches that rule over us, before watching Bill Still’s video The Secret of Oz,thesecretofoz which details why monetary reform to eliminate debt based currencies is one of the most crucial issues of our time (rather than global warming or other such fraudulent diversions created by TPTB)

To summarize the rough plan in my own words (which may not do full justice to the story), it is to wake up the productive farmers and the industrial workers (the scarecrows and tin woodmen) so that they see through the spell the wicked witches have cast over them in order to prevent them from understanding just how their lifeblood is continuously drawn (using currency created out of thin air as debt and controlled by private bankers which practically enslaves them). Then re-monetize silver (click your silver slippers together three times on the yellow brick road) and enlist the re-empowered peoples help to neutralize both the eastern and the western wicked witches (who just happen to have names like Rockefeller and Rothschild in the real world).

I have heard of worse plans.

Anyway, I do recommend the video as it also contains many rather interesting and rarely heard revelations from past times like Otto von Bismarck’s words after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination:

I fear that foreign bankers with their… tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it systematically to corrupt modern civilization.

They will not hesitate to plunge the whole world into wars and chaos in order that the earth should become their inheritance

The man was spot on…

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Further proof of the global warming scam?

Now, I personally haven’t ever taken the supposed threat posed by global warming very seriously which is reflected by the fact I haven’t bothered to write almost anything on the subject. Still, it is good to see that someone has apparently hacked into a system of some climatologists (University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit to be specific) and released about 61MB of their files including 1073 text files containing email correspondence. I have only briefly taken a look at the files and can’t say I found anything particularly incriminating in them though others apparently have found some things of interest concerning faked data to support the global warming mantra (see also for instance Climate Audit’s take on the matter).

It remains to be seen if any foul play can be properly verified from other sources based on the information now available to anyone. If so, I hope more people will start questioning the validity of other holy cows of corrupted modern science like vaccinations* and also take a closer look at the moon landing hoax and so forth.

Anyway, just maybe the good hacker gets more ambitious and hacks into the Federal Reserve System or Bank for International Settlements. Then I’d be really interested in going through the data myself. Though I suspect all the more interesting stuff would be in yiddish which could cause some trouble.

*For the record I do find the basic idea behind vaccinations, that of stimulating the production of antibodies against specific pathogens, sound, but I have grown more suspicious about the stuff that they put into the shots after reading Eustace Mullins’ book Murder by Injection. Also I’d guess stuff like vaccinations for Alzheimer’s disease are pure bullshit. I certainly have lost much of whatever faith I may previously have had in the medical establishment.

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Tax-exempt foundations — major branches of the octopus

My bold quest to read whatever books the jews don’t want me to read lead me to W. Cleon Skousen’s The Naked Capitalist which contains some rather interesting commentary on Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope (which I still have only read partially myself) from a perspective that is not that different from my own.
Skousen is quite naturally mostly interested in Quigley’s insider revelations concerning the secret establishment and his occasionally rather peculiar way of acknowledging the rather treasonous actions of his conspiring colleagues but then acting as if nothing of that sort had been perpetrated or at least that it was all for the good of humanity (like selling out 600 million chinamen to the communists was surely good for the mankind).

Maybe later I’ll write more about other things but today I’ll just note the book also contains a rather good summary of Rene A. Wormser’s Foundations: Their Power and Influence (1958) (I added it to my reading list). I think it may be revealing for newcomers to the idea that no, things don’t happen by chance in the big scheme of things so I’ll include that part of the book here:

A Congressional Committee verifies what Dr. Quigley says concerning the power of tax-exempt foundations

For the sake of brevity, the facts set forth in the Wormser book on the findings of the Reece Committee will be summarized (note: those findings could and should have awoken the masses to the real nature of things and prevented 9/11, the war on terror, ongoing dysgenic development and the displacement of whites etc. if the establishment hadn’t been able to again distract the public – kuromaku). The various references to the specific pages where the details can be read are provided:

  • 1. Political maneuvering to prevent the hearings from being effective. (pp. 341-377)
  • 2. Completely disruptive tactics employed by Congressman Wayne Hays. (pp. 359-366)
  • 3. How rich banking and industrial families give their money to foundations without losing control of their funds. (pp. 11-12)
  • 4. Who actually runs the tax-exempt foundations? (pp. 41-54)
  • 5. How the major foundations are all interlocked into a monolithic monopoly of power to carry out globalist policies. (pp. 57-80)
  • 6. Money of the foundations used to take over the Social Sciences:

    • a. Social Sciences looked upon as a potential political instrument. (pp. 83-86)
    • b. Suppressing social scientists who disagree or criticize. (pp. 86-89)
    • c. Developing an elite corps of social engineers with a compulsive drive to “remake the world” along socialist lines. (pp. 90-100)
    • d. Foundation-sponsored Kinsey report deliberately designed as an attack on Judaic-Christian morality. (pp. 100-105)
    • e. Using social science to sabotage the structure of military services. (pp. 105-110)
    • f. Employing a Marxist Socialist to produce and promote the social science classic, “A Proper Study of Mankind.” (pp. 110-114)
    • g. Importing a Swedish Socialist to produce a study on the American Negro which has created the current climate of revolution and violence. (pp. 114-119)
    • h. Financing The Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences as a vehicle for the spreading of socialist concepts. (pp. 119-125)
    • i. Developing a Marxist elite in academic social science circles. (pp. 125-129)
    • j. Policy of continually emphasizing pathological aspects of American society to discredit its culture. (pp. 129-131)
    • k. Foundation-sponsored research often slanted to conform with pre-conceived objectives. (pp. 75, 131-138)
  • 7. Foundations use their funds to subvert and control American education.

    • a. “Conform or no grant!” (p. 140)
    • b. The birth of Educational Radicalism. ((pp. 143-145)
    • c. Carnegie finances a Socialist charter for education. (pp. 146-152)
    • d. The radical educators. (pp. 152-155)
    • e. The Progressive Education Association. (pp. 155-156)
    • f. Financing and promoting socialist textbooks. (pp. 156-157)
    • g. Financing Left-wing reference works. (pp. 167-171)
    • h. The National Education Association not designed to advance “American” education. (pp. 142, 145, 160, 164-165, 216-217)
  • 8. Tax-Exempt Foundations as instruments of subversion:

    • a. Communist influences in foundations. (pp. 174-177)
    • b. Socialist influences in Foundations. (pp. 177-184)
    • c. Helplessness of the average citizen. (pp. 186-187)
    • d. Ridiculing the American idea of free markets and free enterprise. (pp.187-188)
    • e. The Socialists receive voluminous foundation-support in launching their League for Industrial Democracy. (pp. 188-193)
    • f. Foundations push a long-range program to radicalize American labor. (pp. 193-196)
    • g. Foundations provide Communists, Socialists and similar collectivist mentalities to serve in government. (pp. 196-199)
  • 9. Foundations finance the betrayal of America’s best interest to achieve collectivist internationalism:

    • a. Foundation policies fixed on global schemes. (pp. 200-201)
    • b. Rhodes scholars fed into Government service by foundations. (pp.201-202)
    • c. The Carnegie Endowment for international Peace caught promulgating war. (p. 204)
    • d. International Relations Clubs sponsored by Carnegie to promote socialist internationalism and speakers such as Alger Hiss. (pp. 207-208)
    • e. The Foreign Policy Association as an instrument of opinion-molding to the left. (pp. 208-209)
    • f. History books which keep Americans from learning the truth. (pp. 209-210)
    • g. Promoting the United Nations as the home base for the Socialist-Communist coalition. (pp. 214-126)
    • h. Alger Hiss describes how foundation agencies should be used to affect U.S. policy decisions. (pp. 218-219)

Note that I find it a bit suspicious that Skousen claims that one Kinsey report attacked “Judaic-Christian” morality.

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Cult of Evil vs J. Richards – KO?

What happens to guys like Richards who can describe themselves like this on MR:

When I started commenting at MR, I came across as philo-Semitic (philo-Jew to be more precise), and was accused of being a Richardberg. Eventually I became the most ‘anti-Semitic’ blogger at MR, also exceeding the commentators at MR. Long ago, I left Fred ‘blame it on the Jews’ Scrooby in the dust. What prompted this change?

I have explained my awakening at judenfrei, and to make a long story short, the main events that made me seriously examine Jews were near-simultaneous realizations that the Holocaust is a hoax and that Jews did 9/11.

There was a time when I preferred to use Zionists instead of Jews to address criminal Jews. I was hoping to use a word that doesn’t suggest that all Jews are to blame or are culpable. I persisted even when it became clear that most Jews are Zionist. Eventually I dropped references to Zionists as it became clearer that whereas Jewish criminals have been known by many names through the ages – Pharisees, Christ killers, Khazars or Cozars, Usurers, Bolshevists, Communists, International Bankers, Zionists, etc. – they have been members of a criminal community all along that today calls its members Jews. Their behavior has hardly changed; before Zionism was established, Jewish money changers weren’t doing anything fundamentally different from modern Jewish international bankers’ behaviors. And, many crimes committed by Jews are not related to Zionism.

Well, what happens is that he appears to have vanished from the internet along with the hard-hitting website very suspiciously (naturally the internet archive hasn’t a backup of the site either). Now only two supposedly jewish commenters on that MR thread brag that you can’t do anything to stop them in comments entered after his disappearance.

I sure hope he resurfaces sometime in good health but so far things don’t look great.

(it also appears that ADL may have brought down Ognir’s theinfounderground forum recently as it has been removed by the host..)

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