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Like father and his son

Can you see the similarities between a jew and a supposed non-jew (John D. Rockefeller and Maurice Greenberg of AIG “fame”)?

John D. Rockefeller and his son?

John D. Rockefeller and his son?

Now, I of course shouldn’t even dare to think let alone blog about my suspicion that the old womanizing Rockefeller had an illegitimate son in his eighties thanks to his fat purse but… if that’s the case it just might shed some interesting light on the later life and success of Maurice R. Greenberg who of course became a billionaire like Rockefeller. Maybe even the ultimate reason the American taxpayer had to bail out AIG is that Greenberg is actually a Rockefeller and the Rockefeller clan is still largely in control of the US and not any of the more common “rationalizations”. They just take nepotism seriously.

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Watching the controlled media

I heard a rumor that media studies are all the rage among the sheeple and decided it was time to reach for the lowest hanging fruits in my sight. In short, I watched both Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC’s Question Time and Alex Jones’ latest flick The Fall of the Republic. Still, don’t expect any detailed analysis from my blog, just a few quick observations I made watching them.

First, for someone who doesn’t watch much TV, the Question Time’s treatment of Griffin certainly was a very in-your-face kind of a proof of what should be outrageously blatant negative bias against the BNP and Griffin to any sober person. The audience who did much of the questioning was naturally composed of anyone except straight white native Britons to ensure they would not be supportive of Griffin (lots of arabs, blacks, turks, asians, gays and few jews too and the blacks were chosen so that they superficially appeared rather respectable) just like the other panelists (who certainly seemed to embrace the “only lies will be told in the media” line of The Protocols considering the “factual content” of their output).

Others have already written about how Griffin himself did a rather mediocre job of presenting “the core issues” to the public so I won’t write about that. I’ll just note that to me Griffin’s continuing stated support for Israel’s violence in Gaza (supposedly against terrorists) along with his lack of a firm stand when it comes to the Holohoax issue indicates that he has made some sort of a deal with the Jewry and cannot be trusted. Thus one has to wonder if the media savvy people actually had calculated that the overly blatant bias against Griffin actually works in his favor among native Britons and they are counting that he will actually do their bidding later on. This would also explain why Griffin did such a bad job with presenting those “core issues” when he had the chance.

On the other hand, The Fall of the Republic was a bit better than I had expected. I was certainly glad it contained much less “nigger time” than Jonestein’s previous video The Obama Deception as such time tended to add little to the informational content of the production though it otherwise continued along the same line. Jones is quite capable of making it clear that Obama is a puppet working for the same people who have been behind all the other recent presidents as well and that the supposed differences between the Democrats and the Republicans are just for the show as they take their orders from the same clique. Still, like before, even though the video certainly mentions the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Rahmbo, nowhere does it make a connection that Obama is working for the Jewish interests which apparently want chaos to prevail in America and elsewhere.

Maybe the most interesting part of the video to me was that which exposed the deliberate plan to dumb down the masses through spectator sports which was initiated a little over a hundred years ago. Before that, sports was mainly for the kids, while adults had other at least slightly less frivolous interests than watching grown men play monkeys. I know as a kid I myself spent time watching sports, mainly because other people did it, but at some point doing so certainly started feeling just utterly stupid. I wasn’t a particularly smart kid in high school for example, but I remember doing one smart thing back then: I promptly left the classroom when the other kids convinced the teacher it was time to watch some Olympic games (or whatever) coverage on the telly.

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Stitching a few things together…

The saner you are, the more surreal the world around you appears. I barely have to mention stuff like Obama getting the Nobel peace prize after extending military commitments and proving himself a liar, or the talk that the global recession is over and the recovery is an almost certainty now after the governments have misallocated countless billions of dollars that were taken from the productive and the frugal and given to those the banksters favor to make a decent case for this. But there’s certainly so much more as I have learned during the past two years.

Not only did the holocaust that supposedly is one of the defining failures of the Western civilization prove to be a made-up event to turn public attention away from other atrocities committed by its enemies within our countries and so forth, but neither did man ever walk on moon no matter how much faked coverage they showed on TV or how many respectable scientists and engineers still tell you otherwise. And at some point I finally understood that the masters of deception have only grown more audacious during the decades as the common man has proven himself to be ever as gullible when surrounded by carefully planned deceptions. As a proof of sorts for this, I can link to a video, September Clues, which I just watched and which contains plenty of material and speculation clearly implying the media coverage on 9/11/2001 was heavily pre-scripted and computer generated (just like I suspect the current “economic recovery” is based on similar fabrications and short-term solutions which are almost guaranteed to fail relatively soon). And now years after the event still many people even with Mensa-level IQs seem to honestly believe that some Arabs were responsible for the “attacks” and trust “the experts” when they tell that the fires and minor structural damage brought down and pulverized the steel-framed towers at near free-fall speed. But I guess that’s a minor matter compared to the probable fact that after two thousand years Christians almost blindly follow a book that was actually crafted as a (rather obscure) piece of satire and the psychopaths who take advantage of their continuing deceivability or even when compared to the utter fraud that is perpetrated by financial circles behind fractional reserve banking.

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How to ensure failure

I can’t say I’ve ever been much of a patriot as I left my home country after I had become rather disillusioned with the current state of affairs over there rather than taking a harder path and trying to save my country. Still, I’ve quite naturally spent some time observing what’s going on back there near the arctic circle while enjoying usually more hospitable Mediterranean climate.

This year I’ve noted the folks back home have actually managed to get some sort of a movement on a roll that aims at halting the rapid multiculturalization of the society at the expense of native taxpayers and their descendants. However, I have some issues with the movement. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that it centered itself around this forum with a rather ‘funny’ name. Now I’m certainly not a PR expert either but I definitely would think the name would only appeal to blue-collar workers at best and make any people who don’t want to associate too much with common rabble and their modes of thinking balk a bit.

Still, such a trifling matter would hardly be a big deal if the movement had a realistic chance of making a difference and hadn’t shot itself in a foot in a rather more serious way: it has effectively banned any discussion of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and related material on its main forum. Central to this unfortunate decision along with some Christian Zionists appears to be their moderator with a name that says it all: Vera Izrailit. According to my meticulous study of the matter she’s of course a Zionist bitch of the very worst kind — always eager to lead the flock astray using tactics common to Jewry and her family was likely involved in the mass killings and other horrors in the Soviet Union and now the she-devil has latched herself on the small neighboring country and plans to do there what her tribal death cult did in Russia while posing as a friend of the people who try to do just the opposite.

Now some reader might of course question the relevance of The Protocols to the current discussions on how to stop mass third world immigration and so forth but such questions only reveal that either the questioner has not read the material or hasn’t comprehended its implications. Instead of discussions that would help even casual readers to a path to true understanding of the situation (the real reason politicians, media and the corporations do what they do), and thus to formulations of effective solutions, now everyone on the forum either gets it all wrong or is kicked out. No surprise then if the movement fails to achieve any significant change just like other movements elsewhere have failed before it.

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Another ‘confirmed’ crypto-Jew in a position of power

It’s of course Iran’s Ahmadinejad as reported by the Telegraph. I think it’s worth reporting that many of the same sources that have claimed for years that our dear Mahmoud is a Jew have also been claiming that Adolf Hitler was an illegitimate grandson of some unconfirmed Jew (even so convincingly I started taking them seriously over a year ago). Thus I’d say it adds a little more credibility for their claims on Adolf that they apparently were right about Ahmadinejad all this time.

Now the question remains has Ahmadinejad been controlled opposition from the beginning as few sources have claimed just like Hitler supposedly was before him. Are those stories true that behind the fabrications created by the media Iran has actually been dealing with Israel on a rather friendly basis?

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Fiction for freedom fighters

I managed to get a little sick a week ago once again. Sore throat and stuff. For a day or two I was a bit worried I had been mistaken to think I already had the h1n1-infection in May but as none of the telltale symptoms of the flu materialized this time it seems it was probably caused by some ordinary rhinovirus. Still, I was feeling miserable enough for about 48 hours that I decided to take a break from reading any heavier material and turned to fiction. Fortunately I had found just the right type of book some time before after reading this Occidental Quarterly’s review of the Northwest Quartet by Harold A. Covington. In particular, I had The Brigade by my side.

It tells a story of an armed insurrection taking place in the northwestern states of America. A few whites have finally had enough of it in the Brave New America nominally lead by aging Hillary Clinton in a time when you get the death sentence for merely possessing The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and most white women, plus almost everyone else, have been thoroughly brainwashed by the ZOG. And they do just what the jews don’t want them to do. They plan carefully, organize themselves around small terrorist cells so that the whole operation won’t be easily compromised if a few people get caught as low level operatives don’t know that much about other units. And then they attack the system continuously in order to make it too expensive for the federal government to hold on to that part of America. It of course tends to help that the majority of the armed forces of the US are busy doing Israel’s bidding in the middle-east.

I’m not totally out of their hebewoods sidekick yet as at this point I’ve only read so far to see the propaganda moguls send their emissary to northwest in order to arrange some sort of a cease fire. Nevertheless, Covington’s story certainly makes refreshing reading and is rather inspirational. Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few Europeans educating themselves too with fiction like this if the now apparent acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty hastily turns most of Europe into a totalitarian abomination.

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