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How they direct the media — Chinese style

Blacklisted News has a neat little Toronto Star’s article on China’s Central Propaganda Department whose meetings the major media editors have to attend:

Scholars say that aside from the People’s Liberation Army – which is directly accountable to the Communist Party of China – there is no more powerful and important administrative branch than the sprawling, bureaucratic establishment known as the Central Propaganda Department.

At the meetings, usually held Fridays, 20 to 30 editors make the pilgrimage and are told which stories they must emphasize, which must be downplayed and what topics are off-limits.

In addition, editors-in-chief regularly receive a stream of specific instructions via email: not only on what to write, but how much, how stories should be laid out and what articles must be removed from websites.

Those who flout the system can be fired.

Following the Friday meetings, the editors return to their offices Monday and pass the instructions on to their department heads, who then pass them to staff.

Seasoned editors note that 90 per cent of Chinese papers are filled with entertainment and sports and lighter fare that the propaganda department couldn’t care less about.

“They’re only interested in controlling news about politics and current affairs,” Li says.

I hope all my readers understand that Western media is under more or less similar control and has been for more than fifty years at least. Though I wouldn’t bet they only care about controlling the coverage about politics and current affairs over here (they can and probably do promote things like race-mixing even while covering sports for example.. and surely they do that with celebrity coverage).

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Wealthy and flawed

Almost right after writing my previous short post that touched the subject of wealthy families producing psychopaths, I found out that one of the richest families in my home country Finland, the Herlins’ family, had commissioned a rather interesting book which was released just today from a New York Jew on their late father Pekka Herlin who headed KONE.

According to the short article I’ve read on it, the book details among other things the many pathological characteristics of the very successful businessman. It describes the domestic hell that his family had to endure and that he was prone to violence and ending up in jail cells while traveling abroad. He also emanated charm, sensitivity and emotionality while at times also being stubborn and cruel and was attracted to mafia culture. He definitely associated with known criminals and was adept at getting favors from politicians. And like too many Finns, he was somewhat of an alcoholic which didn’t help things stay sane for his closest associates. In addition, he could at times be a very calculative businessman who didn’t let emotions get in his way.

In short, he would have scored quite highly on Hare’s psychopathy check list and definitely shared many characteristics with the psychopaths in Cleckley’s The Mask of Sanity.

How come people like that are so successful these days? Well, according to Hufschmid:

..the Jews put people with mental disorders into leadership positions so that the Jews can control the organizations through blackmail, intimidation, and bribery. This explains why so many people in leadership positions are pedophiles, alcoholics, homosexuals, and weirdos.

Hufschmid forgot to mention maybe the most important deviation that those in the leadership positions share: they tend to lack conscience. But otherwise I think he’s right. Sometimes they just don’t have the need to put the person into a leadership position as the current one already fits the bill. The Jews just probably would not have allowed major international success for a person who would not have been willing to work with them. But apparently Pekka Herlin was just the type of a guy who was willing to do what it takes in modern Jew dominated world.

His family may have done a good thing by commissioning such a revealing book after their father had died, but are they really that different in the end? Or do their genes curse them as well? I can’t say I know much about them except that one of his sons, Niklas Herlin, has been running one of Finland’s biggest independent news sources, Uusisuomi, which is hardly any better source for information than any of the other mainstream sources as it lies about the holohoax, moon landings and so many other things and even gives space and presumably money to Israeli propagandists. So at least one of the younger members of the family is either a willing servant of the Jewish crime gang or as duped by it as most of the sheep.

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Keeping the masks on

I have continued my studies of psychopathy by reading Hervey Cleckley’s rather classic work The Mask of Sanity (available freely on this page). So far I’ve gone through the biographical accounts of the several select patients Cleckley had an opportunity to become familiar with while working in mental institutions. It should be noted that all of those psychopaths who made themselves available for study in mental institutions basically belong to one particular subset of psychopaths who aren’t able to hide their rather extraordinary behavior from the society for long (though they certainly are capable of fooling almost all of their casual acquaintances into thinking they are trustworthy or whatever it is the psycho in question wants their marks to believe) despite most of them being highly intelligent and talented in several ways so they aren’t quite the same kind of a psychopath who can succeed for long in business, politics, academia and religious communities and who cause more widespread mayhem.

I wouldn’t say the book, or rather the section containing the biographical accounts, has so far given me that much new insight into psychopaths but it has definitely given me more insight when it comes to the other non-psychopathic people who are supporting them. Many of these American psychopaths under the psychiatrist’s scrutiny came from rather wealthy and influential families who were often able to keep them from getting serious prison sentences especially when combined to the natural talents of the psychopaths themselves even though they caused almost constant havoc when allowed to participate in the society. And the parents never seemed to learn that maybe the right thing to do was not trying to keep them from facing the most serious consequences as time and time again doing that proved futile and just caused further trouble later on. Cleckley describes most of these parents as rather responsible, respected and well-adjusted but at times I can’t help but to think that the reality may have been a little darker in some cases. As for example there surely must be something wrong with a man who arranges a job for a thoroughly irresponsible psychopath as a county judge. I’d rather think a sane and responsible man who actually understands what’s going on would certainly not want a psychopath as a county judge even if that psychopath would be his own son and that particular judge’s responsibilities were rather limited. Things like this make me suspect that maybe some of the parents weren’t quite what they appeared to be to the casual observer either (also the evidence I’m aware of supports the claim that psychopathic traits are quite heritable). If I’m correct they were just much better at wearing their masks than their children. And indeed, when I think about it, just like the children who never seemed to learn from their irresponsibility, neither did most of their parents seem to learn that doing the same thing over and over again won’t help in rehabilitating their psychopathic children.

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The calculation of the day

It seems that the US head of intelligence has for the first time disclosed the amount of money they spend on intelligence related work annually: $75 billion. Thus, based on the claim made by Andreas von Bulow that 95 per cent of the work done by intelligence agencies internationally is deception and disinformation, we can finally calculate a rough estimate for the sum the Americans spend on deceiving the unsuspecting citizens of our planet: $71.25 billion. Little wonder we have no shortage of sites like and articles debunking conspiracy theories in Popular Mechanics and other magazines. Not to mention paid shills on every larger internet forum.

Also note that according to this page the intelligence budget was as little as $44 billion as lately as in 2005 and less than $27 billion in 1998. I suppose it’s getting expensive to cover up the truth behind 9/11 and other deceptions. The good news is that they can’t afford to do it forever if they can’t keep the cost down…

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Awakening sheep?

I had my phone line cut off apparently accidentally some time ago but I’m back online for now. And it looks like during my absence from the internet community our dear ‘Christian’ Alex Jonestein (married to a ‘Christian’ jewess) has finally managed to discredit himself even in front of many of his more pious followers by hyping and releasing a fake discussion between Charlie Sheen and Obama as if it was a real thing.

I take it as further proof that most if not all of the more prominent ‘Christian’ truthseekers are indeed Judas Goats who are merely acting as controlled opposition and continuing a ruse that has lasted for almost two thousand years.

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A major disconnect in thinking

I know all too well that there seems to be a fundamental disconnect with my thinking and that of a sizable chunk of the rest of humanity but still when I occasionally read material like this piece by Nick Lowles I can’t help saying aloud: what the fuck is going on in their heads?

Lowles writes about the BNP and how it in his thinking will still remain outrageously racist even if it is going to be forced to admit non-white members (it of course has already been admitting jews who in some respects differ from whites more than blacks):

There has been much attention focused on the BNP membership rules in recent months. In my opinion too much. Yes, the BNP should have to abide by rules outlawing racism – because of course its membership rules are explicitly racist and so should not be allowed in a democratic society

So according to modern totalitarians like Lowles, in a society supposedly ruled by the will of the people, people shouldn’t be allowed to have their viewpoints represented by people who think that race matters and that all the parties should basically be the same (and thus the system as a whole would be totalitarian as no alternative viewpoints would be allowed). I guess that makes sense if you subscribe to the totalitarian mindset as ‘anti-fascists’ such as Lowles do but I would think it is the height of democracy that people can be members of and vote for parties with varying points of view in order to have their own differing viewpoints properly represented.

(not that I think democracy is a good form of government if the majority of people are as crazy as Lowles..)

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