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Reed’s take on the Zionist scheme

Continuing on the topic of Douglas Reed’s book The Controversy of Zion whose central theme revolves around the intrigue behind the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine and to lesser degree the ultimate Jewish plan of world government under Jewish dictatorship, I might note that he manages to get into even more controversial stuff such as making his case that the Nazi concentration camps were heavily infiltrated by commies, who of course were led by Jews, and were actually chiefly under Jewish command near the end of WW2 (no wonder it is hard to find the book from any mainstream sources). He also details how the Jews established rabbinical courts in places like New York and Israel after the war to get some justice for the few Jewish victims of their Jewish tormenters while totally neglecting the much greater harm done to non-Jews and demanding compensation from the Germans who weren’t really in charge of what went on in them.

Reed goes further by detailing how the commie network had also infiltrated the US government at the same time (e.g. Alger Hiss) and with their powerful allies diverted massive quantities of American bounty to the Soviets both during the war and after it including nuclear secrets (much like Prof. Antony Sutton detailed later in a more thorough manner). Jews of course responded to whistleblowers with relentless defamation campaigns in the media they controlled and drove people to suicides (though who knows if they were also staged ones like seems to be too common nowadays).

Reed has clearly done much research but he seems to have missed some things which have become more common knowledge later. He for example attributes to Lenin the prophetic words about the second world war (to be fought in order to establish Israel etc.) which however were just part of the plan for three world wars already revealed by Albert Pike decades before Lenin’s time. I’d say he’s also too kind when it comes to the role played by Roosevelt and Churchill and doesn’t seem to go into discussing their Jewish heritage which might explain their eventual dedication to the Zionist cause. But that’s all for today I think.

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A report from the past (official history be damned)

I’m still only halfway through Douglas Reed’s book The Controversy of Zion but so far it seems like Mr. Reed is indeed an honest writer although I could probably have some issues with him on certain details. But I’ll let Reed have the words now as he was after all the one who was The Times correspondent in Berlin, Vienna and Budapest (among other cities) during the rise of the Third Reich and even witnessed the Reichstag fire with his lying eyes:

In the case of “the Jewish persecution” in Germany I found that impartial presentation of the
facts gradually gave way to so partisan a depictment that the truth was lost. This transformation was effected in three subtle stages. First the persecution of “political opponents and Jews” was reported; then this was imperceptibly amended to “Jews and political opponents”; and at the end the press in general spoke only of “the persecution of Jews”. By this means a false image was projected on to the public mind and the plight of the overwhelming majority of the victims, by this fixing of the spotlight on one group, was lost to sight. The result showed in 1945, when, on the one hand, the persecution of Jews was made the subject of a formal indictment at Nuremberg, and on the other hand half of Europe and all the people in it
were abandoned to the same persecution, in which the Jews had shared in their small proportion to populations everywhere.

At that period I, typical of Englishmen of my generation, had never thought of Jews as different from myself, nor could I have said what might make a Jew, in his opinion, different from me. If I later became aware of any differentiation, or of the desire of a powerful group to assert one, this was not the result of Hitler’s deeds but of the new impediment to impartial reporting which I then began to observe. When the general persecution began I reported it as I saw it. If I learned of a concentration camp containing a thousand captives I reported this; if I learned that the thousand included thirty or fifty Jews I reported that. I saw the first terror, spoke with many of the victims, examined their injuries, and was warned that I incurred Gestapo hostility thereby. The victims were in the great majority, certainly much over ninety percent, Germans, and a few were Jews. This reflected the population-ratio, in Germany and later in the countries overrun by Hitler. But the manner of reporting in the world’s press in time blocked-out the
great suffering mass, leaving only the case of the Jews.

I illustrate this by episodes and passages from my own experience and reporting. Rabbi Stephen Wise, writing in 1949, gave the following version of events personally reported by me in 1933, and undoubtedly purveyed the same version in the presidential circle of which he was a familiar during those years: “The measures against the Jews continued to outstrip in systematic cruelty and planned destruction the terror against other groups. On January 29, 1933 Hitler was summoned to be chancellor . . . at once the reign of terror began with beatings and imprisonment of Jews. . . We planned a protest march in New York on May 10, the day of the ordered burning of Jewish books in Germany . . . the brunt of the attack was borne by Jews. . . concentration camps were established and filled with Jews”.

All these statements are false. The measures against the Jews did not outstrip the terror against other groups; the Jews were involved in a much larger number of others. The reign of terror did not begin on January 29, 1933, but in the night of the Reichstag fire, February 27. No “burning of Jewish books” was ordered; I attended and reported that bonfire and have looked up my report published in The Times, to verify my recollection. A mass of “Marxist”* books was burned, including the works of many German, English and other non-Jewish writers (my books, had they then been published, would undoubtedly have been among them); the bonfire included some Jewish books. the “brunt” of the terror was not borne by Jews, nor were the concentration camps “filled with Jews”. The number of Jewish victims was in proportion to
their ratio of the population.

Oh dear, we have been lied to!

In any case I think part of the difference between the Jews and white Europeans that Reed as a young man had failed to notice can be extracted from the following quote from an earlier part of the book that describes ‘the logic’ of Bolshevik terror:

The aspect of a Talmudic vengeance on “the heathen” was unmistakably given to the massacres of that period. In August 1918 a Jew, Kanegisser, shot a Jew, Uritsky; thereon a Jew, Peters, at
the head of the Petrograd Cheka ordered “mass terror” on Russians and another Jew, Zinovieff, demanded that ten million Russians be “annihilated”; the British Government’s White Book on Bolshevism (1919) records the massacre of Russian peasants which followed.

You just can’t make stuff like that up! First a Jew eliminates another Jew who presumably had ran out of favors with organized Jewry and then the Jews plot how to punish the non-Jews for that crime. And the Jews always outdo themselves as they hardly stopped after they annihilated mere ten million Russians. Though I’d say it’s about time to show them that the time of outdoing themselves in that way is over.

*I could note that Reed may not have made the connection that since rabbi Wise was the same rabbi who proclaimed that Judaism=Marxism in his twisted mind he may not have differentiated between Marxist and Jewish books.

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The CIA selects psychopaths deliberately?

NewsDaily reports:

NEW YORK, June 18, 2009 (Reuters) — Laid off from Wall Street? The CIA wants you — as long as you can pass a lie detector test and show that you are motivated by service to your country rather than your wallet.

Recruits will have to pass rigorous background and medical checks, as well as a polygraph, or lie-detector test.

Polygraph evidence is generally inadmissible in court because, as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas noted in his majority opinion in the 1998 case U.S. v. Scheffer, “there is simply no consensus that polygraph evidence is reliable.”

And of course it should be kind of well known that psychopaths can generally pass polygraph tests with flying colours and yet in this day and age the great CIA selects people based on how well they pass lie-detection tests done using a polygraph. Could this be for any other reason than that they actually want to hire certified psychopaths?

Believe their lies if you want but I certainly don’t.

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And the evidence says there were directed hydrogen bombs

I was just re-reading some more esoteric sounding theorizing about just how the WTC towers were demolished. One thing in particular struck my eyes this time in this Finnish Military Expert’s response to one somewhat moronic commenter of his theory that the towers were brought down by a combination of directed mini hydrogen bombs and more ordinary demolition devices:

As a solution to the problem the hydrogen bomb has been augmented with cutter
charges placed on the outermost pillars and the upper floors of the core. These are
based on thermite, that has been spiced up with sulfur, nanotech and a suitable
explosive. According to photos the cuts were made at an angle (so the part on top
really does slide off, and the pillar is cut – one could also weld with thermite).

When ignited a charge like this forms a strong jets that can cut even through steel.
The cutter charges must be triggered much before the hydrogen bomb, so that all the
pillars of the core would get cut. When this is done, and the hydrogen bomb has
been detonated, the strongest pillars of the tower make sure that the “collapse”
progresses towards the center of the tower, into its own “footprint”. The hydrogen
bomb shakes loose also those pillars cut by thermite, that it itself cannot reach
to vaporize.

Note that the anonymous military expert’s response is from 2006 and he already made clear that he thought that nanothermate (aka superthermite) was used as well in addition to those directed nuclear devices that he suggests took out much of the central cores of the buildings and thus eased the demolition big time. That was of course almost three years before Steven Jones and Co published their evidence of nanothermate in the dust gathered after the attack. My conclusion is that the military expert indeed knows his shit just like I thought a year ago when I first read his writings. And I do definitely think he is right about that the picture below is pretty solid evidence in itself that something seriously fishy happened at the time the towers started collapsing in a rather explosive manner as the vaporizing steel beams shot from the towers don’t seem to agree with any less esoteric theory that I know of (on the left not where the arrow points):
WTC explosion scene

Though I have to say I wouldn’t bet that they used an directed mini H-bomb in building 7 as its collapse looked rather different to me.

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Business as usual in these criminal times…

You know the money masters are up to something when two Japs are caught trying to smuggle US bonds worth of $134.5 billion into Switzerland. And you know the Japanese minister of finance is full of bullshit when he tells the world their trust in the US treasuries is absolutely unshakeable when at the very same time he quite possibly might be in on the somewhat desperate looking attempt to clandestinely sell a good chunk of their US assets. And you know that stuff like this is just a tip of the iceberg of what is really going on behind the scenes during this engineered economic collapse. Unless you still believe that it’s that hard to keep secrets from the sheeple.

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The Jew gives money, the Jew takes it all away

This is a little bit speculative as I can’t vouch that Elon Musk, the rich entrepreneur originally from South Africa, is indeed Jewish, but his first name and actions definitely suggest that. For example the Wikipedia entry on him states that he left SA to avoid the compulsory military service so that he wouldn’t have had to spend time suppressing the black hordes that have nowadays, when they are no longer suppressed, turned the country into a hellhole and the rape capital of the planet, which of course would be typical behaviour for a Jew as they rarely like to serve in the military (outside Israel anyway) and only like to demonize white folks in public.

Anyway, in the US he has made lots of money, which in itself should raise your expectation that he is indeed a Jew as Jews are so highly overrepresented among the very wealthy and he is now facing an interesting lawsuit as reported by

Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard is suing current CEO Elon Musk, accusing Musk of taking control of the company, orchestrating his ouster in 2007 and attempting to “rewrite history” to take credit for developing the pioneering electric Roadster the two men worked together to create.

The suit accuses Musk of a litany of complaints including libel, slander and breach of contract in alleging that Eberhard was pushed out of the company, wrongfully denied his severance and forced to watch as Musk publicly disparaged him and “compromised Tesla Motors’ financial health.”

“In his zeal to appropriate Eberhard’s legacy, Musk has instead sullied Tesla Motors’ integrity and blemished Tesla Motors’ reputation and prosperity,” the suit states.

What’s more, the suit states, after pushing Eberhard out of the company he founded in 2002 and withholding his severance because of a blog post, Tesla wrecked his car.

If the claims in the lawsuit are true, Mr. Musk is not only a probable Jew but also a likely psychopath conscienceless enough to do what the Talmud teaches. Better be careful with these people, folks, as those two things go together a little too often!

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Let’s follow the psychos! They tell it’s all gonna be ok!

Now, I’m not the type of a person who generally likes to praise stupidity. But I’m the type of a person who read The Praise of Folly by Erasmus of Rotterdam when I was a teen. Now I have to say I did not find it quite as funny as a work of satire as L. Ron Hubbard’s Mission Earth for example at the time. But still I have to say that for a thinking man who is well on his way to realizing how utterly crazy the world is and how utterly deceived the masses are it certainly helps to develop a little bit satirical approach to your fellow men just as Erasmus ‘advocated’.

Anyway, it would certainly be an improvement if the masses started realizing they basically have been following psychopaths almost all the time since it has been none other than the pathological type who has evolved to excel at herding the cattle. And that every time they ignore the lies of their favorite leaders because they are superficially so charming and are ‘obviously’ trying to do good they are just repeating exactly the behaviour that has brought the world to the brink of civilizational collapse.

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A few short notes for the day

Every once in a while when you read something like this Revilo Oliver’s piece on the Christ Myth your head almost magically screws itself straight once again. Yeah, like Dr. Oliver, I do think that Christianity is a fraud. Now I don’t claim to know with any certainty if there really ever was a person like that described in the New Testament or whether he was a Jew or not. But the main thing is that a religion based on combining the Old Testament and the New Testament doesn’t make any sense to me (and shouldn’t make sense to any thinking man in my opinion) and I do take the possibility that it was indeed the Jews who wrote the New Testament, just as it was them who wrote the Old Testament, and that they wrote it in order to screw the minds of gentiles all over the place very seriously. And that if you can interpret for example the Book of Revelation somewhat reasonably in a way that seems to describe current events way too accurately for it to be due to mere chance, I think the reason is that the Elders of Zion (or whatever one should call the hidden rulers of World Jewry) are for some reason trying to make it appear that they are coming true.

Now, I’m the type of a person who is always a bit surprised when I learn that someone who I find to be highly talented and apparently very intelligent is also a Christian. It is of course nice to have at least some decent Christians but honestly when I consider for example those religious Jesus loving Americans, who according to recent studies happily condone torture in great numbers and even support Zionism no matter how outrageously it should go against their faith, I can’t help but concluding that yes the bulk of Christians are indeed some of the worst dupes on the planet.

Also as I happened to read the former BNP head John Tyndall’s expose of Nick Griffin who is the current leader of the party and also taking into consideration the party’s recent softening on critical issues like the Jewish Question and its apparent current practice of portraying Jews as poor victims, I have concluded that it is unlikely an answer to any real problems facing Britain. The whole thing seems to be on its way to becoming just as much a tool for the Jews as every other major party in the country and Nick Griffin cannot be trusted just like Tyndall claimed before dying.

Still, to his credit I remember reading some stuff from Griffin that indicate he is at least aware that there is a legitimate Jewish Question, which is at least a better situation to be in than the one in Finland where the only real party critical of mass third world immigration into Finland, ‘True Finns’, is lead by Israel loving Catholic populist turncoat. I’d say a more accurate name for the party would be True Suckers as its other main candidates are also NATO lovers. Yeah, NATO might be a good organization to be part of IF it wasn’t lead by the same people who deceived the world with 9/11 and stage false flag terror and run hidden torture prisons all over the place. But it is lead by such people.

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