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All aboard! The ship is getting ready to sink!

Like a good rat, I left a sinking ship long before it was going under water: I left Finland almost three years ago. Back then it was still good times for many people though I had already noted the writing on the wall which told me that a free thinking white man was not a friend of the establishment and was going to be discriminated against with help from the obedient sheeple.

Now things are changing fast and the good times may well be but a memory after few years since it seems the political elites have totally caved in under pressure from the forces behind the EU who now want to quickly turn Finland from a country that has relatively few turd worlders into a country that has at least as many blacks and muslims, if not soon more, than the average Western European country (they want at least 20k refugees/immigrants each year from the very worst parts of the world in a country of only 5M people not counting family reunifications and other such schemes). All this at the time of the greatest economic collapse in many decades that will quite likely turn even worse (even a mainstream Finnish think tank has seriously brought forth the possibility of the chaos leading to WWIII ) and while the state is going heavily into debt. And to make sure the people who pay the bills don’t think they have any choice in the matter they have been persecuting people who loudly try to rally the public opinion against this madness. So far they have been prosecuting quite a few dissidents and now they are going after even high profile people with doctorates like Jussi Halla-Aho who is a very talented and logical writer, also a possible MEP candidate and unlike almost all other academics in Finland openly critical of multiculturalism (he doesn’t recognise the Jewish threat however which is his major flaw).

There’s a storm coming and it will bring darkness. Though now I understand it will not just engulf Finland but the whole world. And the lightning may well strike you too no matter how hard you try to push your head in the sand or serve the Jews in hope they will make an exception to their law and not enslave or exterminate you when they have the opportunity to get away with it.

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“Retarded” doctors ruling the world of ideas

Just how retarded can people with professional degrees be? Well, pretty retarded, that should be obvious to anyone who has listened to the egalitarian multiculti crap academics commonly profess, but by knowing the race of the degree holder you can make even better evaluation of his level of intelligence as this data based on over 12 thousand data points from the US indicates. For example there are plenty of Jews (and Hispanics) with doctorates who don’t seem to have enough IQ points to make that much sense of what they have supposedly learned:

Percent PhD degree

Percent PhD degree

In short considering also the data I did not include here, there’s no shortage of (most often leftist) Jewish professors who seem almost like retards to anyone who actually has substantially more brainpower than the average man.

On the other hand, it’s only common for high IQ whiteys to have no higher degree than the one from high school:

Only high IQ whites tend to remain without degree

Only high IQ whites tend to remain without degree

And I dare say our society suffers if we continue to listen to people with degrees rather than people with actual brainpower to such an extent that seems to be common these days. Hell, even the current mess is probably to a signficant extent a result of such behavior.

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Another setback

I regret that I have to inform my readers that the international Jewry has scored another point against us as they didn’t stop when they managed to jail the Heretical Two from Britain after they sought solace across the pond: They have now also jailed Henrik Holappa from Finland. He was seeking political asylum in the US just like the British Duo and he personally informed me about Mika Illman who is a traitorous Jewish state prosecutor in Finland.

It seems the Obama administration is using ingenious tactics to appear it is doing something about foreigners flooding the US in these economically troubled times. But of course they aren’t going after Mexicans or Africans when there are whiteys like Holappa to be persecuted. And no doubt the American law enforcement wouldn’t have cared that much about that particular case if the international Jewry wouldn’t be calling the shots.

More details can be found at HH’s blog which now contains several posts from John de Nugent who was hosting Holappa in the US and who witnessed his arrest.

Update(June 10, 2009): Some better news for a change as Holappa was deported back to Finland and is free for now. However, the H2 who will also be deported back to Europe are still facing prison time.

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Stop taking the poison

There’s no reason to be a sucker any longer if you have already realized that the establishment is lying about so many things like 9/11, the Holocaust and the moon landings. So many supposedly erudite people, on either government or (indirect) JCN payroll, lie about what has been going on that you have to be more suspicious about everything they tell you. You can’t for example just take their word and all those studies (which of course received their funding from mostly Jewish sources like the Rockefeller Foundation) when they tell you that fluoride, which in its pure form (fluorine) is one of the most dangerous elements known to man and is used in insecticides and rat poisons, is the thing that the common man is supposed to stuff in his mouth as almost the first thing he does in the morning. I know, I did that for many years sometimes four times a day. I admit I did not get many cavities myself but I was not feeling too well either. I often felt tired though there didn’t seem to be any obvious reason for feeling like this as I often slept enough. Then I read that one of the symptoms of fluoride poisoning is lassitude. At first I didn’t quite get it as I had to reach for my dictionary to see that the word ‘lassitude’ is a synonym of the word ‘fatigue’. But then I realized it was time to trust the empirical method that I can easily verify for myself rather than reading more about the matter from scientific publishments which the secret powers can corrupt if they like to keep their sheeple more easily controllable. I simply decided to if not totally stop using toothpaste that contains fluoride then at least reduce the amount I use to a tiny barely visible bit. And surprise: soon I felt a little less tired.

Now I know the reason for my better condition could be related to the placebo effect but I’d say you’d better start reducing your fluoride consumption for a while to see for yourself if you haven’t done that already. And for more details about how fluoride became so popular I can recommend for example Christopher Bryson’s book The Fluoride Deception. So far I have read it only partially, but it seems to provide a nice description of how the public has been deceived.

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Non-Jews’ rights watch in the horizon?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes down at the blog Jewish Racism may have a grandparent with some seriously bad blood but I have to say he has good ideas at times, he knows plenty about the Jews and I often like the tone of his voice:

We desperately need a human rights organization which will respond to Jewish aggression. The Jews are committing genocide, imprisoning people for daring to think, destroying the World economy, agitating for wars and revolutions, subverting governments and religions, engaging in the slave trade, illegally trading in weapons and drugs, etc. Yet there is today not a single body which responds to this organized Jewish attack on the human race.

Why are courageous individuals rotting in European prisons without any support from a human rights organization? Why does no human rights organization criticize Judaism and Jewish supremacism? It is because we have thus far been too stupid, too lazy and too complacent to stand up for our rights and confront the genocidal Jews with an organized counter-attack.

Yeah, and why are the Heretical Two rotting in a prison in California? Obviously the problem of jailing the most courageous among us is not limited to Europe though I think I could more easily end up in jail in Germany nowadays than in the US. And yeah, we have been duped and most of us continue to be duped.

Anyway, it would be nice to get an organization like that rolling but it seems it won’t be easy to get funding for that kind of thing as most people with money are either Jews or have been playing ball with the Jewish criminals and would quite likely do pretty much anything to destroy it.

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