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Common Purpose of the NWO

It’s been a while since I realized that things are far from what they are made to appear to the casual observer. This seems to be the case in many areas of public life. And in particular this seems to be the case with the non-profit educational charity known as Common Purpose. Now, I have stumbled on their website a few times over the years, but other than noting that CP doesn’t seem to be the type of organization I would have wanted to join (I can’t stand politically correct egalitarian bullshit), I would have hardly expected them to have a diabolical hidden agenda they likely have been pushing forward quite succesfully. But after watching Brian Gerrish’s lecture (available online and I found it through The French Connection) on how Common Purpose has been injecting its members into all levels of British society and operating in seriously fishy ways, while apparently receiving ample funding from the public purse, I do think it may indeed be a key operational level player in the New World Order. Gerrish claims he has pretty solid, even if sometimes circumstancial evidence, that CP receives its directions from the usual suspects which include the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs as well as from Tavistock Institute. And it has its graduates and members in leadership positions in all areas of public life beginning from school administrators where they are in the right position to indoctrinate the children in ways of thinking which are acceptable to the NWO.

From CP UK’s About us page:

“Of all the leadership programmes that I know of, those run by Common Purpose are by far the best, you only have to see the lasting effect on those who have participated in them to know that they work and work well. Civil society in a wide range of countries has benefited hugely from Common Purpose.” — Professor Charles Handy, Management writer and broadcaster

Now, if that were true, would the world, and especially the UK, really be in its current mess now that Common Purpose has its people everywhere in leadership positions? I’d rather think that the state of the world gives more credence to Gerrish’s claim that the CP is actually trying to destroy the current society than to those of CP supporters as its hard to deny the public schools and the NHS are failing in the UK with so many other parts of the society. Indeed, while Britain’s military has been busy abroad, the real enemy has been busy taking the country from within and is apparently getting quite ready to bring it down.

I’ll be back on this topic sometime later. In the meantime I can recommend sites like StopCP and the UK Column.

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Psychological priming in entertainment

Back in around the year 2000, one of my favorite games was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six including its additional package Urban Operations. In those games I lead a team of special forces on anti-terrorist operations. Naturally, I had Israeli killing machines in my team as part of the good guys while the bad guys included former Soviets and Arabs. The background story for the game plot included major world changing terrorist activity starting during the year 2001. Hence, on 9/11 in 2001, I was basically primed to take terrorism seriously after playing those games. After all I had been spending countless hours immersed in artificial reality where the terrorists were just around the corner in a somewhat realistic seeming situations where taking just one false move would ensure that either my character or other good guys would die.

Now, years later, after finding out that in reality the real force behind major terrorism has included powerful elements within Western governments and Israel, and that the ‘War on Terror’ was quite likely planned at least two decades before 2001 to ensure that the sheeple have their boogiemen, I have come to the conclusion that I, along with millions of other gamers, were quite likely victims of subtle but deliberate psychological priming.

I can’t be sure how exactly the conspirators work to ensure that the masses are primed to swallow their version of reality. I would think it’s possible some of the people who design those kinds of games and write ‘Tom Clancy books’ are insiders, but probably more commonly the conspirators, who after all control massive amounts of resources, simply ensure through their financial control that entertainment projects which they find useful will get the needed resources and are promoted in the media they control while other kinds of projects will have to scrape by with minimal resources.

In any case, the result seems to be that the consumers of mass produced entertainment are under constant psychological bombardment designed to make them susceptible and accept the policies of those in power. All this of course on top of that entertainment keeps the consumers from paying too much attention to what’s going on in the real world in the first place.

Almost needless to say, better keep this in mind if you can’t avoid the lure of mass entertainment.

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Awakening into the new year

While the Zionazi Sons of Satan have been reveling in the destruction of Gaza to satisfy their psychopathic desires, I have been spending a little time following public discussions on a few mainstream news sites in Finland and elsewhere. So far, I can’t say this has aroused that much hope in the ability of the sheeple to see through propaganda as the majority of people still seem to be Israeli sympathizers no matter how outrageous massacres the Jews commit. Still, there are at least a few sane voices out there and just maybe they have been growing a little louder over time. So perhaps there’s hope.

I have also been following what I think appears to be a suckers’ rally. The money masters are maybe just performing their final milking round before instigating another step of the collapse. And of course the Jewsmedia seems to be encouraging the masses to take the wrong path. It’s almost unbelievable how they can continue to do it time after time again without facing any real repercussions.

Last fall, just before the crash, to give one example, the honest folks in Finland’s financial media were telling that then was the time to invest in the US. And now they are telling people to take more debt and that the markets may well be about to rally sustainably. But when I look to what I think are more reliable sources, I see that the hyped big Credit Crunch hasn’t actually happened yet to any particularly significant degree as Robert Higgs notes at LRC. Look at the picture that tells a story of just a short pause in the growth of total debt:

Bank credit

But I wouldn’t count on the event that the real thing ain’t gonna happen sometime soon. Along with the dollar collapse and other earth-shaking events that will ruin the people who listen to mainstream pundits.

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