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Screwed in Mumbai

Yeah, it looks like some terrorists have gotten serious in Mumbai. So far I’ve read some quite ridiculous commentary on how outrageous it is that apparently Chabad Lubavitch members, who are after all some of the most extremist Jews out there, have been specifically targeted along with British and American tourists. I still don’t know for a fact if any Jews have actually been murdered, but obviously if they have been, I’ll take the possibility that those terrorists are real Islamists rather than some useful idiots groomed for the job by some crypto-Jewish agitators much more seriously. In any case, knowing that the Jews have fooled Americans and others into murdering more or less directly millions of Muslims in Iraq and Afganistan and elsewhere in these past years, I can’t really have that much sympathy for people who only express outrage against these terrorist acts and not those other things which have been far more extensive in scale and occasionally also far more heinous.

Though I can’t say I’m anywhere near sure about how involved the Lubavitchers have been in the Grand Conspiracy for global enslavement and extermination, I have seen at least some indication they may be heavily involved in it and thus might have actually gotten pretty much exactly what they deserved in Mumbai if a few of them died there.

Still, violence like this could easily be turned into a propaganda weapon that brings the third world war to us even sooner than I have predicted unless perhaps others will manage to strike decisive blows against the Jews and their puppets. Maybe Mumbai was the first one of them… if not we are all screwed if the worst case scenario becomes reality that’s for sure.

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Commies, fooled commies

This time my boundless thirst for knowledge led me to pick up former John Birch Society member Gary Allen’s short book None Dare Call It Conspiracy (published in 1972). It appears to be a decent introduction to the idea that communism (and socialism) are both frauds as neither of them is actually aimed at achieving what most people think and what their proponents claim. And they have been frauds from the very beginning when the so called League of Just Men financed Karl Marx’s work on the commie manifesto. Still, after reading books like The Rothschild Money Trust and Pawns in the Game in addition to various material online, Allen’s book doesn’t contain that much new material to me. Of course there’s for example a good deal of information on the structure of the secret alliance which includes The Council on Foreign Relations in the US and the Round Table Group in Europe and how the Jewish bankers made sure the USSR was made in the US. Though some of the content is still news to me, such as the following regarding the Rockefeller connection to the Soviet Union:

Indicative of this was a strange event which occurred in October of 1964. David Rockefeller, president of the Chase Manhattan Bank and chairman of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations, took a vacation in the Soviet Union. This is a peculiar place for the world’s greatest “imperialist” to take his vacation since much of Communist propaganda deals with taking all of David’s wealth away from him and distributing it to “the people.” A few days after Rockefeller ended his “vacation” in the Kremlin, Nikita Khrushchev was recalled from a vacation at a Black Sea resort to learn that he had been fired. How strange! As far as the world knew, Khrushchev was the absolute dictator of the Soviet government and, more important, head of the Communist Party which runs the USSR. Who has the power to fire the man who was supposedly the absolute dictator? Did David Rockefeller journey to the Soviet Union to fire an employee? Obviously the position of premier in the Soviet Union is a figurehead with the true power residing elsewhere. Perhaps in New York.

I have not had the time to find other confirmation of that item but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if that turned out to be true.

Obviously, Allen was hoping that the book might have more effect than it so far has had, as the conspiracy seems to have grown only stronger in the last 30+ years (though it is of course possible that without the book and some awakened citizens the conspirators would have been even more succesful.. maybe that’s why we haven’t *yet* had the third world war).

Yet he does offer some decently inspirational words to the reader in the end. It is up to each and every one of us, who are smart enough to see what most others have not yet seen, to do what ever we can to bring down the pyramid scheme the elites have constructed to bring enslavement for the masses below them. Though I have to confess that I have not yet figured out my own battle plan that would offer me a realistic chance of bringing the beast down, the little light inside my head might lit up any day now. And from then on it would be show time.

Update: I just found an intriguing interview with Eustace Mullins in which Mullins makes some interesting claims about the JBS:

On the John Birch Society…

JBS was setup by Nelson Rockefeller. I knew two people at the original meeting. They needed a right-wing, anti-communist organization. NR decided that Robert Welch was the man to run JBS, so he arranged for the sale of Welch’s Candy Co. (where Robert Welch had been working for his brother John) to Nabisco (which was a Rockefeller controlled company) at a highly inflated price and Welch was given an income to run the John Birch Society.

Revilo Oliver was a good friend of mine and he was one of the founders of the JBS. He and I were sitting in his living room once and he told me that he knew Nelson Rockefeller ran the Birch Society because he had a revolving fund at Chase Manhattan Bank, and whenever Welch needed a quarter million dollars to meet the payroll, he’d go to CMB and withdraw the money.

Mullins also slanders Anthony Sutton:

Speaking of Skull and Bones, did you know Anthony Sutton at all?

I knew him well. I traveled with him for years.His scholarship was very good. He was at the Hoover Institution, which was a Rothschild setup. It was setup after WWI to rewrite history. The Rothschilds sent hundreds of people through Europe after the war, through all the war-torn countries, to gather up as many records as they could so they could control their version of history.

Was that Sutton’s take, too?

Well, I always considered Tony to be British Intelligence. He died last year, but I hadn’t seen him in several years because he was on the lam for eight years. He’d embezzled money from several people, promising to write books and never wrote them. What had happened was that he’d married a young Japanese girl and she had very expensive tastes, so he ran up a lot of debts.

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A short profile of a traitor

Make no mistake about it folks, especially my Finnish readers, one of Finland’s state prosecutors is a traitor to the nation and its people. And his name is Mika Illman. Just recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation of Finland announced that in the organizations’s so called Big Brother competition, Illman came second, because of his persistent work for restricting the freedom of speech on the Internet without caring much about judicial technicalities or how such work actually fits into his job description.

Needless to say, he has already prosecuted several people who have not toed the line regarding the joys of multiculturalism. And make no mistake about it, he is most likely one of the designated men — a wolf in goy clothing. Of that I have now Henrik Holappa‘s testimony, who has told me that the police officer who questioned him because of the ‘witch hunt’ (presumably initiated by none other than Illman at the command of his Zionist superiors) mentioned that Illman has Jewish roots (which presumably was the reason he wanted to make an example of Mr. Holappa who has actually moved to the US to avoid further trouble). And it shouldn’t be that big a surprise for those who understand how deceptive the Jews are, that most Finnish people probably think Mr. Illman is actually a Finland’s Swede because his first language appears to be Swedish. Thus the Finnish people who are starting to learn to despise Illman, are fooled into directing their displeasure against the Finland’s Swedes instead of the Jews, while Illman is actually working to destroy both cultures by bringing forth the long-range goal of the Jewish supremacists, who more than a hundred years ago came to the conclusion, that one crucial step in ensuring their supremacy is the dissolution of all the other races into one mixed race now being accomplished by mass immigration into the Western world.

Illman is now just doing his small part in trying to ensure that individuals will not be allowed to come to inconvenient conclusions based on facts in public on the Internet like they haven’t been able to on controlled mass media for ages.

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It’s not easy to be hated by the chosen stock

They can indeed make your life tough occasionally, as this report on the hardships faced by the organizers of the EURO 2008 Conference makes clear. In the greatest free country on the planet (yeah, right!), hotel owners can’t seem to stand the pressure to accommodate people like David Duke if the Jews and their sycophants make their displeasure known and use their media control to spread enough big fat lies. In short, the conference hotel totally caved in conveniently right before the event and unilaterally tried canceling it:

Yes, the hotel actually called all of those who were registered to attend the conference before they called the conference organizers themselves. Frantically trying to find out what went wrong, I began working with David Duke to get to the bottom of this.

In the end, the hotel management determined that the declaration of a “State of Emergency” gave them the authority to breach our contract. They even invited Duke to sue them, being smug in their opinion that no judge or jury would ever rule in favor of the politically incorrect.

Yet, our great white heroes did not fail us and managed to hold at least a somewhat smaller gathering in an alternative location and some of the speeches are available online right here.

I have to say Dr. Duke is a pretty decent speaker too and is often worth listening to also on Stormfront radio. Though I have read some speculation that even Duke might actually be under Jewish control (through some blackmailing scheme for example), I’m at least so far inclined to think that’s not really the case.

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The more things ‘change’, the more they stay the same

Yeah, Obama has so far brought such drastic change to America as about the first significant thing he did was naming Jewish Rahm Israel Emanuel to one of the top jobs in his government. Now that’s change! The color of the President changed, that’s true, but at least the Jews ain’t going anywhere! A big surprise! And of course I have already seen the Jewsmedia promoting their own man as some kind of a superman.

Now all I’m waiting is that Obama will bring forth his brainwashed youth brigades and turn the US into an honest banana republic. Maybe four years from now they don’t even bother to stage this kind of bullshit for the masses and openly take their orders straight from the Knesset.

Goodies, WWIII is still on, and my crystal ball tells me the initial nukes will be fired on July 7, 2017. I just hope I’m smart enough to find myself a good distance away from the epicenter when the nuke exchange begins. At least a few hundred meters below the ground in a bunker playing Fallout. And also getting ready to get even with the demonic bloodsuckers.

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It’s my brain taking a random path

Hey, I just realized they have that thing called presidential elections in the US next week. Though I can’t say I particularly care whether Americans will unleash upon themselves a postmodern coup by electing Obama’s puppeteers into power (I hope my dear reader has seen videos of Obama giving a speech without a teleprompter… very funny), or if they choose McCain, who by his name may well be a direct descendant of a person who by biblical lore was the very founder of the Synagogue of Satan. But I do care to see if the following events will prove my nagging suspicion that the recent and at least superficially unreasonable rise of the USD, has actually been arranged by the money masters to shore up trust in the establishment to ensure that American voters won’t try looking for alternatives to the two party system they can easily control. If my suspicion is correct, the buck should start going down pretty soon after the elections. But then it’s too late for the voters to do anything to shake up the corrupted system.

And if Obama is elected, we’ll also see if this Biden’s intriguing warning of a nation-shaking event that is to be manufactured to test Obama will produce even more evidence for the existence of the massive conspiracy I have already come to believe in.

Obviously, neither candidate will do anything to put the shameless financial elites, at least those elites who happen to be part of the ‘chosen people’, and who just recently decided to keep their bonus levels at ordinary levels (meaning their executives and other preferred employees will still receive many billions in bonuses) after receiving countless billions in public money behind bars (I’d rather have the bulk of them executed but I guess that’s just me). Honestly, there’s no need to hire a cryptanalyst to decipher their intended message as it’s blatantly obvious their behavior means they think ordinary taxpayers are just their serfs who have no right to what they have earned unless they, our loving financial elites, decide otherwise.

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