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Old Nick, prince of this world

They don’t make guys like William Guy Carr often enough these days. That much I can say after I’ve been reading also his book Satan, Prince of this World in which Commander Carr gives his best shot at revealing the grand plan of the conspirators along with some interesting theological observations. He makes his case that we are living in a world that is actually part of Hell where humanity is being tested. None other than Satan himself is the prince of our world. Though in Carr’s thinking Satan and Lucifer are actually two different beings contrary to more common doctrine (Lucifer is the big shot, the brightest of (former) angels and equal in powers to the Christian God known as Adonay, while Satan is his servant). He claims that even most of the conspirators aren’t initiated into this knowledge. I can’t help but to point out one transhumanist example of this being the case: Max More’s old text In Praise of the Devil. Did he just have to write a text praising the Lucifer when he joined the Illuminati? Who knows. Anyway, Carr also notes that the word democracy actually means the rule by demons as the masses are basically constantly deceived into voting the very worst lot into power.

For example:

As Voltaire stated so clearly in a letter he wrote to a fellow Illuminist, in order to lead the mob out of their present oppression into a new subjection, those who directed the conspiracy must order those they control to lie, “not timidly, or for a while only, but like the very devil, boldly and always..” Voltaire is also on record as having advised those Illuminists, with which he was associated, that they should use high sounding phrases when addressing the Goyim, and make them lavish promises. He added, “the opposite of what is said and promised can be done afterwards … that is of no consequence.”

That seems to be pretty much the modus operandi of the current political elites. They lie all the time. About pretty much everything. Like that Islam is the religion of peace, that all races are equal, that women are just as intelligent and capable as men, that the bailouts are absolutely necessary, that the Protocols are a forgery, that the Holohoax actually happened in the way described in the history books, that free market libertarians are responsible for the economic crisis and so forth almost add infinitum. And they do it boldly. And only the true suckers still believe anything that comes out of their mouths without some pretty solid evidence to prove they aren’t lying.

Nevertheless, I can’t say I’m totally convinced that there really is a supernatural element involved no matter how much I enjoy reading Carr’s religiously inspired writings. That’s still a bit too much for me for now. But I do have to say that the adjective ‘demonic‘ seems quite accurate in describing the modern elites.

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Observing small progress

Now that I think about it, one reason for my late awakening to 9/11 truth was that for years I had been observing what I thought were knowledgeable and highly intelligent transhumanists (many of them Americans) who overwhelmingly didn’t seem to take those outrageous unofficial conspiracy theories seriously. And I thought that if those evidently quite reasonable and often more knowledgeable people than I don’t take them seriously, neither should I waste time studying the matter. This period lasted until last spring when I found compelling reason to do some research myself and that quickly changed everything.

Anyway, this one post at Overcoming Bias reveals that what has actually been going on is that at least one of those supposedly quite smart American transhumanists had actually been blatantly ignorant of the subject until this week. But after watching Loose Change and spending some time studying the evidence and finding surprisingly convincing stuff, he has actually come to think there is a small but still substantial (0.02 chance) that the official story is significantly wrong. Now, that is still quite far from my own estimate that the official story is seriously wrong with about 0.999 certainty and that elements (think Leo Strauss’s disciples and people like Zakheim and Chertoff) within the US government were highly involved in orchestrating the attacks (along with Israeli operatives and others like those working in the media), but I would still call that little progress.

And I now realize that I was somewhat foolish in expecting that transhumanists would also be a reliable source of information on such a matter. Yes, they tend to be significantly smarter than the average man, but in general they apparently are ignoring the big elephant in the room while being overly focused on other things that in the end may matter less than the elephant (it’s a biggie after all!).

Though I have to say that I have come to suspect that some of them are not actually ignoring the elephant but are actually deliberately trying to prevent others from noticing it (the Jewish transhumanists are quite naturally on top of my list of suspects). And some others may of course in secret be aware of the truth and work against the global crime gang but do not dare to do that openly using their real names knowing how much it could cost.

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Another convenient death

While the world leaders are reportedly busy planning another small step for the New World Order of course in order to save the global financial system (from the turmoil that has to be premeditated as the executives of major financial institutions can’t have been so stupid they didn’t see it coming a long time ago), the little thorn in their side, Jorg Haider, died in a car accident.

Haider had reportedly spoken against the banking mafia just two weeks before his death and through his success in the very recent election could probably have actually made a difference. So again, one has to wonder how accidental his death really was. Especially considering that even a former Mossad employee like Victor Ostrovsky has publicly revealed that the most popular method of assassination around the Western World is arranging a road accident (which seems to make sense considering the ‘naturalness’ of such accidents though knowing that Mossad apparently approved the publication of that detail is good enough reason to be a little suspicious that they may have another ace in their pocket these days). Whether they did it in this case by installing a remote control system to the government owned car that Haider was driving or some other means is anyone’s guess at this moment (though see for example this Stormfront thread for discussion on the subject).

William Cooper, Paul Wellstone,David Kelly, Bruce Ivins, Barry Jennings… and now Jorg Haider. The world gets darker with each addition to the list.

But hey, the good news of the day is that American’s haven’t quite yet deployed their new pain ray trucks to keep the crowds under control in Iraq for starters and probably a little later everywhere else too.

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Are they Danes or Dhimmis?

I have been busy attending some monkey business that would be way below me if there would be any justice on this green Earth. But no there is no such thing unless the good people get their act together and force it upon the world. That is the sole reason I have had no time or energy to write that much lately.

Also, I have not had much time to continue my studies of various conspiracy topics which is why I’ll today take a short break and write a little about my experiences here in Turkey. I usually avoid writing much about local things as I’m not particularly interested in writing about mundane things and as I don’t know the language I don’t know that much about more fascinating things that might be going on behind the scenes. Though I might note that my eyes are quite enough to tell my dear readers that superficially things in Turkey are progressing in many ways pretty much like they are progressing around much of the Western world. First, there’s the housing bubble: just like in the US crazy herds of investors have been pouring way too much money into the construction business while ignoring other sectors in which investment would probably have been much more beneficial in the long run. What you see when you walk around is lots of at least half empty new residential areas and the would be buyers are in no hurry now to buy as it is quite obvious the prices will have to come down and a lot too I’d think. Second, there’s hardly any shortage of debt driven consumerism in more urban areas at least. So far I have not noticed any drastic changes in peoples behavior though I’d except to see some changes next year at least if not sooner when the tougher times materialize on a level ordinary people can’t deny.

Still, quite a few foreigners have already bought apartments around here. I for example have Danes living in one of my neighboring buildings (and only Danes I might add). This detail has brought to my attention one modern case of what I could call hidden payments of jizya which Muslims try to force on all non-believers. In short, the Danes share a housing association with several other buildings which are owned by Turks and some other foreigners. But the Turks had actually not paid a single dime for over a year for property services from which they had benefited while the Danes had been paying extra. Recently, after quite a lot arguing, the Danes agreed to a deal in which they have to pay about twice as much as the Turks for the same services even though they actually benefit from the services much less than the Turks as most of them quite naturally spend more time in Denmark than in Turkey while the Turks stay here.

Needless to say, I was a bit outraged to hear about this as it goes against my sense of fairness. Though I can understand that the Danes did not want any trouble and to them it is quite a small amount to pay for having reached a peaceful agreement (for now at least), this situation also illustrates why the Muslims and other third world invaders are currently taking over Europe. First, when in Denmark they provide generous welfare for their amiable Muslims brothers (who of course are way overrepresented in crime statistics). Second, they pour countless millions into foreign aid. Third, they buy overvalued apartments in a Muslim country and are rewarded by being more or less forced to provide additional subsidies to their dear local neighbors. It should be obvious that this can’t go on long before all the hell breaks loose as the Muslims grow ever more powerful and greedy all the time the Europeans avoid making their stand for actual fairness. Either the Europeans wake up and face the reality soon or later the reality will be forced on them which most likely will be the worse option in the end.

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Long live USSRA!

News flash: the congress of the United Soviet State of America has approved the $700+ billion bailout. I guess the addition of stuff like a tax break to the film industry in Puerto Rico made it all goody goods in the eyes of the politburo.

On Monday I briefly considered the possibility that America’s political elite isn’t actually almost totally under the control of the Secret Powers, but after it became more and more clear they were going to make it pass anyway, as they now have apparently done, I’ve become more and more suspicious that the rejection on Monday was actually planned who knows how long ago in order to make it appear that there are actually decent congressmen in significant numbers. In short, I suspect it was planned to be part of their program to fool the citizens into thinking that they can still trust the system (though I’m not sure how many are still fooled). I guess after this week’s events the politicians who changed their minds can claim that after seeing what could well have been in reality an engineered market response they really had to pass the bill.

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