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A new wave of false flag terror?

Yes, it seems there are bombs going off almost everywhere. In India, Istanbul and Spain at least. This time however I know to be a lot more suspicious of what the MSM and the establishment are feeding me.

The Turkish government didn’t waste time before blaming the PKK for the attack in Istanbul. Though even the MSM dares to mention other possibilities:

Following a statement made by Istanbul Governor Muammer Guler that suggested a link between Sunday’s bomb attack in Gungoren and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization due to similar explosives used by the group in the past, attention has focused on the PKK.

However, the PKK denied involvement and attributed the attacks to “dark forces,” an apparent reference to hard-line Turkish nationalists who are suspected of seeking to foment chaos to strengthen the political influence of the military.

But just how apparent a reference that actually is? Of course I haven’t seen any mentioning of the possibility that the real “dark forces” might actually be NATO’s secret forces (or Mossad) in the MSM and could possibly be responsible for those other attacks as well. They have to keep the ‘global war on terrorism’ alive after all. Their budget depends on it. And of course they need to keep the populations around the world on edge in order to get more support for their draconian measures to “improve security”. They are not satisfied before every single on of us has one of those little RFID chips that allows them to control us anywhere on the planet.

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Europe’s squandered opportunity

What European cities could look like without the Jews and all the destruction and madness they have caused with their deceptions? I think Dubai may be part of the answer:

Dubai's waterfront

Thanks to Jews, Europeans and Americans have funded these with their hard work, while gained little themselves:

Dubai under construction

But hey at least the Jews have been getting richer with the Arabs in UAE as thanks to Jewish conspirators the oil prices have skyrocketed!A view of Dubai

If there would not have been all those wars Jewish bankers orchestrated Europeans may well have afforded to build arcologies by now which would have also been more economical and less wasteful than current cities. Thus little risk for anthropogenic global warming. But thanks to Jews it’s just not happening!

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Trying to convince the nationalists in Finland

Some days ago I was reading some discussion among nationalists in Finland concerning whether they should pay more attention to the Jewish Question. It seems that the few sane voices that take Jewish influence seriously were quickly ridiculed. Those who don’t take it seriously like to advertise that they find it ludicruous that just a little more than a thousand Jews in Finland could really be behind what is happening. But I’d say that argument falls apart since the international Jews don’t need to be that prominent in Finland themselves in order to be able to dictate much of what will go on at least if I’m correct about their financial power to economically ruin any country more or less surreptiously. And the case for that financial power seems to be pretty strong considering that they dominate the international banking cartel and many, if not most, big corporations, which can for example withdraw advertisements in magazines which don’t promote multiculturalism. And based on my understanding of the situation they probably are doing that.

And if the claims on this one page are correct, Jews do control all the major media outlets in Finland to a significant degree even despite their tiny numbers:

All non-state owned TV channels and almost all important medias are owned by two groups – Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media.

58,4 percent of Sanoma WSOY is owned by Aatos Erkko, the richest person in Finland. The mother of Aatos Erkko was Violet Sutcliffe, a well kept secret, a Jewess from England who moved to Finland during the Bolshevik revolution of Russia. (Aatos Erkko is also connected to the US Jewish Sulzbergers and participated in the Bilderberg Conference of 1991)

Alma Media is 33% owned directly by Bonnier Service, that is a Jewish family business from Sweden, that changed its name from Hirschel to Bonnier.
23.4% is owned by TV4, which is in turn owned 23,4% by the Bonnier family.
33% is owned by Talentum Oy, a media corporation, of which Bonnier family again owns 33%.

I haven’t been able to verify the that Erkko’s mother was indeed a Jewess, which would make Aatos legally a Jew, but if that’s true it is indeed a well-kept secret since today was the first day I have seen that claim myself (and is very similar to the case of Rupert Murdoch whose mother is also allegedly a Jewess and very few people know about it). Anyway, it would make sense considering that the MSM in Finland is doing exactly what the international Jews want: promoting multiculturalism and feminism while not informing the public about immigrant crime against the native population and so on.

On top of this media control, there is of course Finland’s big neighbour, Russia, a country that is apparently still controlled by Jews. No matter how much stuff I read about antisemitism in post WWII Russia, it cannot have been that bad or extended to the Jewish elites if they were in the position to become almost all the billionaires in the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And like it or not, Russia has been pulling the strings behind a majority (or at least a very influential minority) of Finnish elites for at least two hundred years. And they have been doing that under Jewish rule themselves. And the Jewish oligarchs of Russia may themselves be mere puppets for the Rothschilds as this one news item from 2003 indicates in a circumstancial manner (Khodorkovsky just happened to transfer his shares to Jacob Rothschild when facing incarceration… and I’m betting he is not the only one who would have done something like that).

In any case, I’d say it would be foolish to ignore the Jewish influence in Finland even given their tiny numbers. And to fight it you would probably need international resistance as if Finland alone would rise against the Jews and Jewish influence in Finland the international Jews would most likely be able to use other countries to bring Finland back into the line if there would not be similar resistance elsewhere (remember what happened in Austria when Jorg Haider and his party became too influential? I suspect the international Jews with their media control fueled the fire against Haider’s party.).

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And it gets darker

It would be nice to live in a world ruled by angels. It might even be pretty nice to live in a world that would be ruled by quite ordinary people. At least compared to the current situation in which the rulers think it’s their right to deceive the world for their own benefit while murdering their own citizens and everyone else who make it more difficult for them to establish the world government ruled by the king of the Jews.. the anti-Christ!.

I’m only beginning my own study of what has really been happening after 9/11, but so far I’ve found that the situation is even gloomier than I suspected even just a few weeks ago. Good people are dying. They are dying because they might be able to expose the Zionists if allowed to live (or they are dying because the very real threat of death keeps others who know the truth about Zionists silent). It seems that Bill Cooper was one of the first to die after 9/11 as he had reported on his show that the government was going to blame Osama for a major ‘terrorist’ attack almost three months before 9/11 based on some apparently reliable inside information. The following is from Wikipedia:

The circumstances surrounding Cooper’s death are controversial. On November 5, 2001, officers of the Apache County Sheriff’s Office decided to serve Cooper a warrant based on the above-mentioned charges. For reasons not explained, the Sheriff’s Office sent deputies to Cooper’s home at approximately 11:00PM, and instead of knocking on his door and announcing themselves, the deputies attempted to lure Cooper from his house by posing as citizens playing loud music on or near his property. Cooper, who was an above the knee amputee, went down to investigate the scene in his truck. It is disputed whether the deputies identified themselves or tried to serve an arrest warrant at that time. Nevertheless, Cooper announced he was returning to his house to contact the Eager Police Department, either to verify the warrant or to contact the local authorities in order to report what he may have still believed was a real disturbance. Before he could do so however, the sheriff’s deputies tried to apprehend him, at which point shooting began. Although it is unclear who began firing, there are some who question the uncertain circumstances, and who was responsible for first shots fired. Independent investigators questioned who would fire first at a double amputee, and Cooper’s supporters claimed it was a convenient death, given the close proximity to the September 11th attacks, of which Cooper had already predicted, three months or so prior to the attacks (on his show “Hour Of The Time”, 6-28-2001), Cooper was armed and one deputy was wounded. Another deputy returned fire, killing Cooper.

I’d say his death was a little too convenient for the Zionists to be an accident.

And then there is of course the strange death of the weapons inspector David Kelly who did not support the warmongers. Again, for several years I had accepted the media reports of his death being a suicide without thinking, but now I know he was probably murdered. He was murdered because the Zionists saw him as a threat.

From now on I will be getting serious about being a conspiracy theorist and a counterforce that stands against the Zionists. Though obviously I have a lot of studying to do if I want to understand my enemy. And somehow I’d better try to avoid being caught by the hidden evil that has taken root all around the NATO countries. If I have time I’ll be reading books like NATO’s Secret armies – Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe:

For the first time in this book, Daniele Ganser has brought together the full
story of the networks the Italians came to call ‘Gladio’. This is a significant and
disturbing history. The notion of the project in the intelligence services undoubtedly
began as an effort to create forces that would remain quiescent until war brought them into play. Instead, in country after country we find the same groups of individuals or cells originally activated for the wartime function beginning to exercise their strength in peacetime political processes. Sometimes these efforts involved violence, even terrorism, and sometimes the terrorists made use of the very equipment furnished to them for their Cold War function. Even worse, police and security services in a number of cases chose to protect the perpetrators of crimes to preserve their Cold War capabilities. These latter actions resulted in the effective suppression of knowledge of Gladio networks long after their activities became not merely counterproductive but dangerous.

For once I’m happy that Finland is not part of NATO — at least yet. Though sadly Turkey is. Now I’m wondering if the Zionists are also secretly controlling what ever remains of those secret networks for their own benefit. If I find any proof for that I’m sure going to write about it sometime.

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A good bishop under attack for speaking the truth

As a dedicated atheist, I don’t usually have much good to say about Christians, but I have to say I’m very impressed by what I’ve read about Richard Williamson at least so far. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he doesn’t have a good reputation within the Catholic church, as this piece titled Lefebvrists face crisis as bishop is exposed as ‘dangerous’ anti-Semite’ in The Catholic Herald makes clear:

A senior bishop of the Lefebvrist Society of St Pius X (SSPX) has endorsed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious anti-Semitic forgery that enjoys widespread currency in neo-Nazi circles.

Richard Williamson, one of four bishops ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, told The Catholic Herald that the document – which supposedly reveals a Jewish plot to dominate the world – was authentic.

He is also on record as saying that the Jews are fighting for world domination “to prepare the Anti-Christ’s throne in Jerusalem”. The SSPX has refused to condemn English-born Bishop Williamson and says it has “no policy” on the authenticity of the Protocols, a Russian Czarist forgery that has been described as “a manual in Hitler’s war to exterminate the Jews”.

The Society’s support for Williamson – who also believes that the Americans planned 9/11 – is likely to end any chance of full reconciliation between the SSPX and Rome.

After reading The Protocols myself, I too am convinced that the international Jewry has been following them for over a hundred years now. And let’s just say that if The Protocols would really be a forgery they probably wouldn’t be doing that. And I’d say there’s more wisdom in them than in Machiavelli’s book ‘The Prince’ for example and thus they are well worth reading. Though obviously they make it pretty clear that the Jewish establishment has been psychopathic for ages. And that’s why they fight so hard against allowing the truth to be known using every single trick they have in their books. Often that involves outrageously slanderous language like that piece in the Catholic Herald (run by either ‘useful idiots’ or using Jewish money I’d guess).

I too have of course heard a hundred times from different sources (mostly from Jewsmedia though) that The Protocols are a forgery, but when I did a little digging a while ago on the net I found that the so called evidence for that isn’t actually very convincing and has been refuted a long time ago. Though it’s not necessarily productive to study the debates as the actual history (not the propaganda version of it so much) makes it clear they are very likely to be the real deal even if they may have revised them a little in these past hundred years.

Anyway, if I were to join some religious sect, I’d go with Williamson’s one.

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Just how bad can it get?

These are indeed tough times for many. Including me as the scorching turkish sun has literally turned me into a redneck. Thankfully the pain is already receding though I’m not happy about foolishly increasing my risk of developing skin cancer. Still, what is happening in the economic realm gives me even more worries as the growing problems could easily lead to serious worldwide chaos in the coming years. This lead me to read a book titled ‘Crash Proof – How to profit from the coming economic collapse’ written by Peter D. Schiff and John Downes in 2006.

Mr. Schiff, who is also known as Dr. Doom, argues quite convincingly that the U.S. economy is about to collapse big time. Of course he mentions the housing bubble, which started bursting about the same time the book was published, but he makes it clear the problems and their denial are so widespread in other parts of the economy as well that there is little reason to be optimistic that the Americans can weather this storm so well they will stay on top of the world. He clearly recommends avoiding dollar denominated assets as he predicts that the dollar may lose 90 per cent of its 2006 value. Something like this seems definitely possible to me as I just read Ron Paul mentioned that the Fed has issued $4 trillion new money in just about three years robbing the majority of dollar owners big time. As soon as the masses and the Asian dollar hoarders stop being suckers a dollar run should follow which should benefit the Asian economies in the longer run though obviously cause some short term woes as Schiff argues while the living standards of most Americans would surely fall drastically.

He recommends conservative non-US investments including commodities and gold. So far I wouldn’t have lost money following his advice that’s for sure. Still he makes this little warning:

I think we’re going to be in a real crisis and that the U.S. government could easily declare a national emergency and confiscate private holdings “for the good of the country and its population

I think gold investors worldwide are far too complacent on this issue.

He also roots for the return of the gold standard after people have seen fiat money for what it is. I too think this would be an improvement though sometimes I wonder if free market money would be better backed more generally by stocks rather than gold and other commodities in some clever way.

Also, after writing about Jews a lot, I can’t deny the reason I picked up this particular book was that it was written by a Schiff. Though I don’t know the facts, he quite likely has some Rothschild blood in him. Nowhere in the book he mentions this might lead the reader to suspect he is privy to some serious inside information about the plans of the international Jews (he’s not sharing any that’s for sure) who dominate the world economy and may be trying to further their agenda which seems to include bringing America to ruin. Though considering the fact that his father went to jail for opposing the IRS he may well be a renegade and not part of the conspiracy. And obviously he is not praising the Fed himself even though it is quite possibly controlled by his relatives to significant extent. Still, after studying how shrewd the Jews can be, I’d say it is possible he does this to gain credibility, so that he is better positioned to further their agenda (Rothschilds do probably own a substantial portion of the gold in the world for example and may want to buy American assets for a dime after economic fear-mongering has done its job). And he does perpetuate some apparent lies as he for example mentions Anne Frank’s story as if that would be real and not a hoax (it seems it’s indeed hard to find a book by a Jew which doesn’t in some way perpetuate the Holohoax at least in one casual example like Schiff’s book).

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