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Taxi to the land of torture

Yeah, I took a visual ride, and watched Alex Gibney’s documentary Taxi to the Dark Side, which details how Americans have tortured the terrorist suspects in Afganistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. Add to this my current understanding that the top officials probably knew all along that the ‘War on Terror’ was phony from the very beginning while promoting a hard line when it came to treating the suspects and what you get is the realization that George W. Bush is indeed a psychopath. What little doubt I had of that before watching the film pretty much vanished as I saw footage of him demonizing those prisoners while he knew that 9/11 was a Zionist Job and was personally complicit in the crime.

Americans themselves are fueling real terror as they are paying blood money for men without conscience for delivering ‘terrorists’ to them. In order to get them tortured to the point they get some ‘confessions’ that help them fool the public. Just brilliant. In a very evil sort of way.

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Jews and the immigration laws

I have already noted that it has been the Jews who have been the most enthusiastic and influential supporters of mass immigration into the Western world. They have also been responsible for limits to free speech and hate speech laws in many countries. Still, casual readers might want to study the issue for themselves and I just found that has some nice summaries of their accomplishments in several countries (France, Britain, U.S.A.,Holland and Canada).

A crazy example from France:

The present ridiculous laws in France which make it a punishable offense to even argue for free historical research, have been created according to Jewish wishes, supervised by Chief Rabbi René Samuel Sirat, proposed by the communist Parliament member Jean Claude Gayssot [not Jewish] and passed by Jewish PM Laurent Fabius, resulting in the infamous Fabius-Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990.

There’s also the mentioning of this one particularly illustrating example of Jewish destructiveness to his host country:

In Denmark the former Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior, a fervent Zionist, admirer of the racist Jewish philosopher Maimonides and a student of the Talmud , who took up the gun and left Denmark after WWII in order to grab Palestinian land, has co-founded an organization in which he is meeting and cooperating with some of the most rabid islamists in Denmark and similar personel.

In the newspaper Politiken of March 17 2008 he is quoted for having said this:

A quick look at any European society today should be enough to convince all enlightened Jewish and muslim communities and individuals that cooperation is in their own interest.

Muslim groups have many members, but little influence, while the Jewish community does not have many members, but is well organized and is prepared to share its experience and knowledge.

He then goes on to praise the ‘great civilization’ during the muslim rule of Spain, and says: The Jews were the first who brought the islamic civilization to the West.

Melchior recently protested against the expulsion of 14 convicted criminal Iraqi Asylum seekers, thieves, rapists and murderers, and called it inhumane!

Sounds like they’d better send Melchior to Israel or Iraq with those convicts!

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The struggle goes on

Knowledge of what is happening is changing me. No longer I am a complete fool. I’m beginning to understand why we really could be facing, if not the end of the world exactly, then at least the end of the world with hope for the triumph of goodness. The total takeover of the world by psychopaths. Jewish psychopaths. Alex Jones calls this the End Game. Christians call it the apocalypse. It’s not that far from that as even Harold Wallace Rosenthal admitted that the religious Jews actually worship Satan. It’s their little secret (and possibly they are not even Jews from Israel, but Khazars, though I haven’t had the time to study this myself.. still I think it would be foolish to trust what mainstream people say about this topic).

After realizing how they have deceived the world into believing in the great Holohoax, while almost nobody knows about the diabolical Jewish crimes like 9/11 or the massacres they have orchestrated, I can almost believe that. I certainly take the possibility that the psychopathic Jewish money masters and their servants are engaging in the most sadistic blood rituals imaginable behind closed doors very seriously. It would definitely be in their nature to do something like that. Maybe that’s one of those reasons why they so happily accept illegal immigration as people like them provide the Jews with a constant supply of new flesh that almost no one will miss for their rituals.

I’m still thinking about ways to stop them. Obviously, it is not easy to get justice served using the courts or political means as the Jews have all the money in the world and the mass media in their control. Not to mention the brainwashed masses doing their bidding. Actually I’d think it’s pretty close to impossible to get justice that way. I’d think even mass assassinations of the Jewish elites would be more realistic. A possible long shot would be the creation of superhuman AI that could put the power back into the hands of white geniuses. And a total disaster would probably follow if the Jews were able to get it done for themselves. Still, it would be a fine day to see Jewish supremacists realize that the whites outsmarted them after all just before they’d get their lives extinguished.

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Aaron Russo remembered

Whatever bad things I may have said about Alex Jones, he has at least done one interesting interview with Aaron Russo (who passed away last year). It’s available for example on the site ‘Freedom To Fascism’. Russo recounts an intriguing tale of having been informed of an event like 9/11 and the infamous war on terror 11 months before it happened by his former friend Nick Rockefeller. And he makes it pretty clear that our dear Rockefeller is indeed a psychopath (though neither he nor Jones mentions that word). I’m definitely willing to believe Russo after spending significant time studying related issues and seeing how pathological the whole banking cartel has been.

Russo definitely seems like a man who had conscience and was genuinely amazed to learn how banal the ultimate goal of those evil conspirators actually is. All the suffering that’s going on happens just because they want to gain the ultimate control over us. They want to gain the power to destroy the life of any person anywhere on the planet by simply pushing a button so to speak at the time of their choosing. They are the ultimate control freaks. The war on terror is just one step that leads into this direction. If I hadn’t spent a lot of quality time with psychopaths, I too would be amazed, but my experience has taught me they really can be that sick no matter how well they usually wear the mask of sanity.

I’m also reminded of Ayn Rand’s books including Atlas Shrugged. Whatever flaws Rand may have had, she did understand how the pathological minds work quite well, which should be clear for those who have read the books and also studied psychopaths. I guess she must have observed quite a few of them first hand before she escaped Russia after the Bolshevik takeover. Even though Rand never used the word (if I remember correctly), all the major villains who gain power and then ponerize the whole American society in Atlas Shrugged are more or less typical psychopaths or characteropaths and I dare say more accurately portrayed than in many other fictional books. And they are just as banal as Nick Rockefeller and Co. apparently are.

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An allegorical consideration of the story ‘My Pet Goat’ read on 9/11

As FDR has said: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way”.

This leads me back to 9/11 at the moment W was informed of the first plane having hit the World Trade Center. Rather than canceling the session with some kids he begun reading the story of a pet goat that eats everything in its path with them. This is quite commonly cited as evidence of poor judgment on the part of W, but after I finally took the time to study 9/11 and learned that the Zionists had actually orchestrated the attacks (probably with the knowledge of the President), it immediately struck me when I read about the gist of the story, that it was most likely meant as conveying a hidden message to everyone with some intelligence. It was (probably) meant as a vicious threat that the pet goat of those Zionists (which is actually nothing less than the US of America as those Talmudic Jews consider non-Jews as animals) will destroy everything that stands in the path of Jewish supremacists. Afganistan and Iraq first (the chaos there is just what the Zionists want and not due to strategic mistakes as they just want the goyim to suffer). Iran maybe next. Who knows what after that.

I can’t be the first one who has written about this hidden message, now can I? Or are other intelligent people actually afraid of those Jews? Should I be afraid of them? Or should I try to show them the world of pain for their murderous deceit? Avenge the Romanovs too and kill the Rothschilds?

Before last week I had thought that it’s not really my job to get to the truth of the matter, but since the majority of Americans aren’t exactly in the reality-based-community (which of course explains why they still haven’t done anything to stop those heinous Zionists and continue to be fooled by Jewsmedia), I have come to the conclusion that the minority that is in it could probably use a little help from overseas. I did not want to enter into a war against psychopathic Zionists, but it seems they have forced my hand. I’ll let what little of my warrior spirit exists surface. I’ll let it do what needs to be done. I’ll let it murder if that’s what it takes. For I know those Zionists behind 9/11 deserve to die. Every single fucking one of them deserves to die.

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The truth hurts

I admit I’m a little late to the game, but I just can’t avoid mentioning this one little detail about the official 9/11 investigation. As this short biographical page of a Jew named Michael Chertoff mentions:

As Assistant Attorney General, he helped trace the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the al-Qaida network

It’s of course ‘nice’ to have a Jew finding out that al-Qaida was responsible for the attacks and not the Zionist masterminds as I now suspect. But it’s even ‘nicer’ to understand that taking into consideration his name’s meaning it was the Devil’s own Jew who helped to ‘prove’ that the Muslims did it (and is now responsible for controlling the US borders).

I myself have seen this guy on a video only once for a few minutes but I noted he definitely has some characteristics of an essential psychopath (although I admit a few minutes is a bit too short time to make an accurate assessment, once you know what they are, it’s easier to detect them almost instantly sometimes). And it’s not so uncharacteristic for a psychopath to be semi-open about his real nature and choose a name like that for himself. And as the trait is highly heritable, psychopathy often passes to the next generation just like the name.

Anyway, with the Devil in control, the situation is grave indeed, as obviously people like that select for more psychopaths for key positions (ponerizing the society further and further the longer they stay in top positions). I’m not counting on a peaceful solution for correcting the situation.

That’s all for today, but I might also point out Birdman’s writings on the Jewish Question to hopefully help some casual surfer see the light.

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Thoughts on central banking, the EU and 9/11

Lew Rockwell has written another educative piece on the role of the Fed, and central banks in general, as the tool that has enabled the psychopaths to set the world on fire several times:

The US central bank, called the Federal Reserve, was created in 1913. No one promoted this institution with the slogan that it would make wars more likely and guarantee that nearly half a million Americans will die in battle in foreign lands, along with millions of foreign soldiers and civilians.

No one pointed out that this institution would permit Americans to fund, without taxes, the destruction of cities abroad and overthrow governments at will. No one said that the central bank would make it possible for the United States to be at large-scale war in one of every four years for a full century. It was never pointed out that this institution would make it possible for the US government to establish a global empire that would make imperial Rome and Britain look benign by comparison.

Not to mention it was never pointer out that it would give the Jews the power to call the shots. Though quite naturally Lew does not dare to make that connection explicit. But the fact that Jews have the power to issue money may be the very worst part of having central banks as they have used that power to do the most abominable things very few others would have done.

I say this after finally taking the time to study some 9/11 conspiracy theories. Before this I had avoided the issue for years because I thought I couldn’t do much even if I knew the truth and I had other priorities. But now, Eric Hufschmid and this one Finnish Military Expert, have convinced me that it most likely was a false flag operation after all. Osama didn’t plan it, the Zionists planned it. The mind boggles at their audacity, but after learning how they already lead the world into two world wars I’m willing to accept the almost unimaginable extent of their monstrosity. I doubt I would have been able to come to that conclusion if I hadn’t studied what the Jews have done before and after 9/11. But now it has become painfully clear how extensively they lied in order to get the public support for the Iraq war (WMD propaganda etc.). Thus it wasn’t such a big step to understand they have probably lied all the way from the very beginning and orchestrated the 9/11 attacks themselves.

And I have to say I feel some awe for their feat of managing to do it. One should never forget that they really do have some of the best (and most wicked) strategists on their side. I can even imagine them having planned that W reads that childrens’ story of a pet goat that eats everything in its path at the time of the attacks deliberately as an allegory of the Zionist dedication to destroy everything that stands in the way of the supremacy of the Jews. Very Straussian I would think.

On a somewhat unrelated note (even though the Jewish bankers are behind the Lisbon treaty too I suppose), I was surely glad to learn the Irish people voted ‘No’ for the treaty. That was not so surprising to me as when I was in the Dirty Old Town some years ago I already noted how the ordinary people were getting fed up with the EU and immigrants even though there were EU-funded-signs along the roads everywhere since Ireland had been receiving lots of money from the EU.

Still, it remains to be seen how the elites respond. It will probably tell a lot about how evil and dedicated they are in their mission to destroy the European civilization. So far things don’t look so good for people like me as this post (and others) on the blog ‘EU Referendum’ suggests they will go ahead anyway.
I myself am trying to prepare for the worst in the meantime.

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The Steyn ‘conundrum’

It seems the blogosphere has been all over the story of Mark Steyn facing the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, but I think Igor Alexander has made one important observation most others are neglecting:

What’s fascinating about this case is that Canadian Humans Rights Tribunals have for years been trying to deny people such as historical revisionists and white nationalists the right to express their views, and everyone has looked the other way. But now that the Canadian Human Rights Commission is trying to silence a Jew (*) who has been engaging in hate speech against Muslims, there’s a massive outcry about it! Funny how the media Jews didn’t seem to care about free speech until it suddenly occured to them that these hate speech laws could be turned around and used to silence them in their continued efforts to demonize Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians in order to drum up support for the Third World War they and their neo-conservative stooges are trying to start in the Middle East. If these media Jews are so concerned about our civil liberties, then where was all the handwringing about loss of free speech when Indian Chief David Ahenakew was being fined and humiliated by a Canadian court for making anti-Semitic remarks?

Again, it seems the Jews like to portray other Jews as victims and use their media domination to promote writers that stay in line. I haven’t read that much of what Steyn has written, but so far it seems he hasn’t condemned the Jewish role in bringing on the current situation to any significant extent. Thus even if some Jews think he should have waited longer before trying to get the public to understand even just a small part of what’s going on and what is likely to happen in the future, he has still stayed in the line to an acceptable extent. I guess that’s hardly surprising considering his own Jewish roots. He may actually be a quite typical ‘gatekeeper’ who controls what the public should know and how they should go on thinking about issues related to Muslim immigration. But then again, it’s possible I’m being a bit paranoid.

Also, I might note that although I have found that Robert Spencer (of Jihadwatch) is a very smart and erudite man, I have to say the first thing that would come into my mind after seeing him on the street would be that he is a Jew and not a Catholic. I hate to say it but I have become suspicious that he is actually one of those crypto-Jews who have inflitrated the Catholic church in order to promote Jewish interests (at least few popes have been Jews in the past too I think). That includes diverting Western attention against the Muslims and allowing the Jews to control the Western world behind the scenes to their own benefit.

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Now who’s paranoid?

There’s no question about whether I’ve been getting somewhat paranoid after spending most of my spare time studying the ‘Jewish Question‘ in these past months. I sure have. But there’s still the question whether I’ve become paranoid enough. The opposition has after all some of the best strategists in the world and enormous resources at its disposal. It pays to remember that for example (half-)Jew Garry Kasparov did not become the world chess champion by thinking about strategy at anywhere near the level of the average player. He almost always had planned his moves at least one step further than his opponent. And it is of course not a mere coincidence that he is Jewish. Just like my apparent enemies: the international Jews.

Thus it makes sense that when most others think you are sane you aren’t paranoid enough. Thus my struggle to go beyond what most others think is likely.

I have previously mentioned that I suspect Jews are deliberately trying to collectively punish all Europeans using blacks and muslims (etc.) as their tools after first opening the floodgates into the Western world (of course they may have many other objectives like creating a low-IQ mixed race to serve them without having an intellectual capacity to challenge them). To achieve this they have used their media domination and their international network in all the countries to get their establishments to do their bidding: keeping the gates open and welfare benefits plentiful for third-worlders so that the population replacement proceeds fast enough ( there is no other force on Earth but Jews who could have accomplished this I think). And when the time is ripe, when enough barbaric third-worlders are inside the Western world, they start inciting hatred themselves, which they hope will result in rivers of (gentile) blood flowing abundantly all across Europe (and the US and Australia). The first two world wars just weren’t enough for them. They seem to be psychopaths who enjoy harming and dominating others after all.

I don’t think it would be wise to be fooled by the fact that currently they are mostly trying to suppress hatred (at least on the part of white Europeans.. not so much trying to suppress Muslim or black hatred that is directed against whites) overtly by trying to criminalize hate speech (to name one example) because they first want the situation to get bad enough so that there simply is no way to avoid massive bloodshed when they change the tone themselves. That time may come quite soon.

Now, I have only spent relatively little time reading some material on quite interesting fringe sites like and Eric Hufschmid’s page, but I found it noteworthy that others have also realized that people like Alex Jones (with his videos like the EndGame) are probably deliberately trying to shift the blame away from Jews and discrediting the conspiracy theorists with some blatantly crazy stuff mixed into soup with some more sensible things while ignoring the most obvious thing: the crucial part played by Jews. Maybe because even Alex Jones himself is a crypto-Jew (he does have a Jewish wife apparently).

Also, though I haven’t had the time to study the evidence for the claim that 9/11 was just another false-flag operation, I found it interesting to read they might have used Saudis as the terrorists just to send a message that they have the ‘justification’ to attack S-Arabia too if the Saudis won’t play along (I guess they did). That kind of thing is just what you should expect from Jews. They are wickedly clever at times.

Additionally, I finally had the time to read Kevin MacDonald’s analysis of neoconservatism as a Jewish movement (Understanding Jewish Influence III). I do think that it is likely that Bush and Cheney are mere puppets for the Jews who are pulling the strings behind the scenes like they have done for a century now it seems if not longer. The Jews do seem to like to use gentile psychopaths as their front men as they obviously won’t have any moral qualms about working against the interests of their own people as long as they benefit themselves (and if those stories about W torturing frogs as a child with his friends are true he is likely a psychopath especially considering his public actions…).

MacDonald himself notes that anti-Jewish sentiments have typically arisen to the surface as Jews have tightened their grip on the country as has now happened in the US. It will indeed be interesting to see how the events will unfold this time. Previously of course the Jewish elite seems to have escaped while others have suffered. I’d say it would be better to go after them this time as the only way to avoid repeating this madness again and again is to eliminate its source.

Anyway, I’ll try to get my thoughts more organized and continue writing some time. Until then.. watch the Jews on your own!

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Money for the wicked or the virtuous?

I haven’t been reading stuff on regularly, but I noted Justin Raimondo has made a nice plea for its continuing support, as it has steadfastly stood against the lies of the neoconservative propaganda machine even at times doing that wasn’t particularly popular in the US at least. He also names some people who have made good money spinning propaganda while most others have paid a heavy price (up to some trillion bucks some say in total) for the Iraq war:

Bill Kristol, the little Napoleon of the neocons, has been rewarded for his catalytic role in setting this cavalcade of lies into motion with a prominent spot as a columnist on the New York Times op ed page. Thomas Friedman, another Times denizen, who declared that the war was both necessary and winnnable, was charging less than fifty thousand bucks a pop for speaking engagements before he got his wish; today, he’s charging $65,000-plus, and getting it. Unlike most Americans, he’s not having any trouble paying his mortgage: but, then again, unlike most Americans, he’s living in a $9.3 million mansion. He may have been wrong, but he’s far from broke. So much for the merits of America’s alleged meritocracy.

Of course there are also people like Mr. Goldberg for whom Raimondo reserves a special mention:

And in the rogues gallery of prewar purveyors of puerile propaganda, surely Jeffrey Goldberg of the New Yorker deserves a special place. His “The Great Terror” was cited by both Bush and Cheney as confirming their contention that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq posed a terrible danger, a 16,000-word compendium of every half-cooked bit of ersatz “intelligence” that came out of the Office of Special Plans somewhat extravagant imagination. According to Goldberg, Saddam was conspiring with Osama, Arab terrorists were about to take over Paraguay, and the Iraqis were building a “super weapon” that would exterminate 100,000 Israelis – out of bread mold!

And guess what do these people (Kristol-Friedman-Goldberg) have in common? Well, that should be obvious: they are all Jews and they have made their lives lucrative at the expense of the non-Jews while the people at the who have arguably been way more honest have received minimal support. This should be solid evidence for the claim that the American society is quite ponerized and is probably getting worse as I think it is a fool’s hope to think a victory for the Democrats would change anything particularly meaningful as Jews are probably even more influential force in that party than the neocons are inside the GOP. They have basically the same agenda, just a little different tactics.

And even though one may not like Jewish neoconservatives like Bill Kristol’s father Irving it’s hard to say they haven’t gotten some things right in the practical sense like this one:

“There are different kinds of truths for different kinds of people. There are truths appropriate for children; truths that are appropriate for students; truths that are appropriate for educated adults; and truths that are appropriate for highly educated adults, and the notion that there should be one set of truths available to everyone is a modern democratic fallacy. It doesn’t work.”

I’d say that too. And I think the success of the Jews who have used that as their doctrine has proven that. Still, one would hope there are better truths for the masses than what they hold as truths now. Truths that would not enslave them for the benefit of Jews. Truths that would give them at least a little more dignity and chance for betterment.

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