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Some thoughts on ponerology

I’d like to think the world is getting better in the long run. I myself think Robert Wright was probably right in his book Nonzero that there is a tendency toward progress built into evolution unlike many other thinkers have claimed. But that of course doesn’t mean that occasionally the opposite of progress can’t happen, even for extended periods of time like a thousand years, as one could argue happened during the last Dark Age. And unlike many others, I think it is more likely that if another dark age becomes a reality it has its roots in sheer Evil rather than in mere stupidity (though of course stupidity acts as an enabler for evil people to do what they want against the interests of the at least somewhat decent masses). Thus I think it is important to study evil as expressed by humans seriously using scientific methods if possible rather than to deny its existence (on the contrary I might note there are many studies of human stupidity including cognitive biases but sadly the insights of those studies may have mostly benefited the smart psychopaths as they are very happy to use systematic flaws in the thinking of others for their own benefit).

This is of course why I was happy to find references to Andrew Lobaczewsky’s book on political ponerology (the book’s site has a decent amount of free material which I found worth reading… there’s also some additional material on cassiopaen site). It brings the ball back to the hands of more normal people as it makes an initial attempt of creating the scientific field of ponerology (which is the greek word for ‘the study of evil’) and details the role of psychopaths in the ponerization process of societies:

Our modern Western culture lacks an adequate framework to understand the causes and processes of what we commonly refer to as evil in our history. The Third Reich, the Bolshevik Revolution, Stalinism… Our body of literature, social sciences, and our common sense of morality only scratch the surface of a true comprehension of the nature of evil. Thus, the very people who are, in fact, the initiators of the greatest ponerogenic activity pass undetected. Our lack of understanding will inevitably lead to the very problems that the majority of humanity seeks to prevent.

In literature and film, evil is romanticized; portrayed as mysterious, yet beautiful; dark, yet conflicted. There is always a heart of gold beneath a cold-blooded exterior. The Hollywood psychopath, rarely depicted accurately, evokes both our disgust and our sympathy; war heroes slaughter their enemies ruthlessly, yet live loving lives as husbands and fathers. If the villain did not have a rough childhood, or does not show any signs of a struggle of conscience, he is seen as “two-dimensional” and “unrealistic”.

I could easily theorize that the reason Hollywood depicts psychopaths unrealistically is that the Jews, who own the place and who are quite possibly psychopaths themselves, don’t find it in their interest to enlighten the masses about their own nature, but that would put me straight into the basket of nutjobs in the eyes of the world, so I won’t pursue this line of thought any more in this post. Instead I’ll continue with this quote:

Inherited and acquired psychological disorders and ignorance of their existence and nature are the primal causes of evil. The magic number of 6% seems to represent the number of humans who either carry the genes responsible for biological evil or who acquire such disorders in the course of their lifetime. This small percent is responsible for the vast majority of human misery and crime, and for infecting others with their flawed view of the world.

I could note that it seems highly likely that number varies depending on time and place. And I suspect the percentage of the population that is psychopathic has been rising throughout the Western world recently. I have several reasons to do this which include things like that criminals aren’t punished in any sane proportion to the damage they cause to more decent people. Also urbanization and globalization probably benefits psychopaths as they are harder to detect in environments where people may meet each other only once or few times. It is actually very simple: in a society where you can get ahead by being evil, evil becomes ever more common, which is surely the case when a murderer may get away with 10 years in prison and underage offenders are hardly punished at all. Many of those ‘humanitarians’ who are preaching for compassion and understanding of criminals are quite likely psychopaths themselves. They do share some genetic interests with each other so it makes sense they may have evolved tendencies to help each other at the expense of other people.

And I think there are solid reasons to think almost all of the Western world is actually ruled by mostly psychopathic individuals and generally pathocratic governments in which the brightest minds of humanity are displaced in favor of those who are willing to toe the party line (deny the race differences against solid research etc.) no matter how much lying it takes. I’ve previously mentioned the concept of ‘mediocracy’ which may be just one particular manifestation of a pathocracy now that I think about it. But I’ll try to write more on this later…

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Encounters with Evil

I chanced on a writer with the pseudonym ‘Time for Change‘ at the Democratic Underground on the subject of ‘Political Ponerology: A science of Evil applied for political purposes‘ (see also parts II & III). Much of the substance of those articles is based on a book written under Soviet terror in Poland (the only surviving original writer being Andrew M. Lobaczewksi). Like the writers, I too think that this subject has been neglected for far too long and is way more important than most people think. In order to to avoid more horrors, more people should learn the truth about psychopaths and how they manage to gain power in our societies to produce ‘pathocracies’.

To get a little personal, I could note I myself have gone to great lengths avoiding psychopaths in my own life. Mainly because as a little kid I was not so fortunate to have that opportunity. I was just about to turn 4 when I met not one, not two, but actually three people, I would later learn to be more or less stereotypically psychopathic in my kindergarten classroom. Out of just about 20 people that was quite lucky of me since they picked me as their main target and thus I had the opportunity to study their behavior up close and personal. Two of these were (at the time) very little bully types while one was a teacher. The bullies formed a team of three of which one member was a little follower type but not totally psychopathic himself.

At first they just wanted to fight me to prove they were the tough ones. They were quite methodological and I actually fought them sequentially in the order of size. At first I was able to overpower the smallest one without any trouble. The second one (of about my own size) however proved to be different. At the very first punch I received I was surprised as it was delivered as hard as he could muster. It actually hurt. This was surprising because most people don’t hit others like that for no reason. Obviously after that I had to get a little serious but I tried using soft punches at first to make him understand that I didn’t want to hurt him and neither should he want to hurt me (I had been indoctrinated with some Christian teachings as a kid which may have influenced my behavior). This proved to be futile. We circled a table and exchanged punches while I was wondering what was wrong with that guy. At some point the thing started to get nasty as we were already jumping on the table while trying to deliver attacks from a vantage point. Nevertheless the fight stopped after some minutes right after I had demonstrated I was actually a lot stronger than him. I did not retaliate at all when I had the opportunity even though I had clearly suffered more during the fight as he had been hitting as hard as he could while I had been mostly using soft punches.

Later I fought the biggest guy who I feared a bit due to his size but it turned out he was actually even weaker than the previous bully (he had more brains but less muscle it turned out). I simply delivered superior force and the fight was over in seconds. That was however hardly the end as after that they started attacking me first in pairs and then finally all together (and they were getting a bit outraged after I had humiliated them more than few times already). We must have fought hundreds of times during less than three years and after the first tries they never dared to attack me unless all three of them were together as only then we were on more or less equal terms. And all times they were really trying to hurt me. They did this for fun while I was silently trying to teach them there was no need for violence. It’s totally ridiculous I know now but I thought I could change them. For more than two years I tried.

But there’s of course a lot more to the story than mere violence. There’s lies. Lots of them. You know, how did we (or they) manage to turn the kindergarten into a constant battleground while the teachers should supposedly have prevented that? I’ll give the short story: these bullies had the habit of inventing events out of thin air. Events that served their interests. These people were actually quite smart. Early on, almost everyone around was believing that things that had never actually happened had happened. Even though I myself knew these people were liars, there are few things I only years later understood had to be complete fabrications. As a little kid for some stupid reason I didn’t think anyone could invent what I could call ‘big lies’ (or actually I think the reason was that I myself found it cognitively hard to lie and did not yet understand that wasn’t the case with the psychos whose brains function in a different manner) . And neither did the other kids who were often totally clueless. Neither did most of the teachers (these actually had lower IQs than the bullies and some other kids on average which in a way explains their lack of understanding). One of them however was a liar as well and deliberately kept the other teachers well supplied with misinformation (she had one ‘helper’ as well). The bullies were her favorites and she protected them using constant deception. She basically used them to punish other kids. She was a liar and a sadist and I can hardly imagine she had anything resembling a conscience. A psychopath in short and very much like the bullies. And she was also openly Christian and quoting the Bible quite often.

This detail (a ‘Christian’ psychopath) lead me to some internal conflict, since as a kid, I had more or less swallowed the belief that Christians are ‘good people‘. In my own dealings with the bullies I also had tried to apply what I had learned about Christian ethics of not hating my enemies (etc.) even though their sadistic behavior was growing more apparent and worse with the time and not better as I had been hoping. At times they really managed to hurt me and few others but I kept hoping that at least one of them would ‘see the light’. But no, the more suffering they caused, the more apparent it became that they really were fundamentally different sort of people than I and most others. They never showed any embarrassment or regret. The only time the most sadistic bully cried in front of the class was when he had told all the others that I had kicked him in his face and was trying to get me punished. And nobody questioned his story even though I pointed out that it would probably show on his face if I had actually kicked him (and my indignant shouts of ‘That’s fake cry!‘ hardly aroused any sympathy). No, almost everyone thought that I was a pathological liar (especially other kids but some teachers too so they were not taking me seriously). After all one of the first things they did years ago was calling me a liar. They repeated this all the time and it was no use when I later told others that they were the liars as they had already swallowed ‘the first lie’ that I was a liar. This in spite of the fact that it should have been crystal clear who the real liars were for anyone who had eyes (I can only presume this was due to ‘denial’ as discussed in the links above).

Anyway, there was also the growing realization of the fact that my strategy of trying to ‘rehabilitate’ the bullies (inspired by my Christian beliefs) was a total disaster. Instead I started harboring the idea of murder in my mind. Kindness had lead to the triumph of evil. And it was growing all too clear that somehow I’d better stop them myself because nobody else was doing anything to stop them. I had the strength. I had the opportunity. I had the knowledge of their wickedness. But still my Christian indoctrination prevailed and I could not bring myself to the point of doing it. I could not kill evil. Not at that time. And the evil triumphed in my childhood.

This experience however has lead me to the suspicion that the very reason that Christianity has been so successful is actually because the psychopaths have found Christians to be the perfect sheep. Christianity has made the citizens almost powerless against the psychopaths who rule over them. I imagine this was the case in the Soviet Union where the vast majority of the population was Christian and should have been able to overthrow the evil regime as they had the numbers on their side but failed to do that quite possibly because Christians believe it’s wrong to kill the rulers no matter how evil they are (though I suspect Christian beliefs help psychopaths in numerous other ways too).

Still, regarding the psychopathic bullies I encountered, I might note a few additional details. Firstly, these were what could probably be classified as ‘successful’ psychopaths as they were clearly some of the smartest people I encountered during my childhood — smart enough to avoid serious trouble thanks to their ability to manipulate people most of the time at least and good students too. All of them happened to be blond but as this was in Finland this is not so surprising (they come in all colors though and are possibly even more prevalent in black populations!). Later I learned that one of their fathers ended up in jail (only for a ridiculously short time but still) due to torturing his wife for years but other than that they seem to have avoided significant trouble in the system as far as I know. What most surprised me though as a kid was that the most sadistic one of them was actually very talented as a graphical artist. I would never have thought that someone so evil could also produce something beautiful but that nevertheless was the case.

(To conclude this post I once again I recommend studying the subject as it is an important one. If I have the time and energy I may write about some things I think ‘Time for Change’ has gotten backwards.)

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Another Jew revealed

Oh boy, the boy band mogul Lou Pearlman is sentenced to 25 years in prison for swindling some $300 million from investors (he had been running a Ponzi scheme for over 20 years). Needless to say, neither the Reuters article or the Wikipedia page on the guy identify him as a Jew, but at least the Wikipedia mentions his first cousin who is descended from Romanian Jews. Obviously his name ‘Pearlman’ sounds Jewish too.

And as should be clear to anyone who has been reading my recent writings, there seems to be a pattern in which his race plays a significant part. Thus it should not be ignored as Jews are the masters of swindling. They may well have the tendency for it in their genes (if not then in their religion and culture at least). I might also note that although the Wikipedia page on him currently states that he has been running one of the biggest and longest running Ponzi schemes in the US history, it surely is almost nothing compared to what I suspect the Jewish money masters have been doing with the Federal Reserve. So far they just have been too big fishes to be caught by any laws or forces of Justice.

And when it comes to sentencing, I fully think that the death penalty would be the proper choice for anyone who swindles more than few million bucks. In a more just world, Mr. Pearlman would be facing the executioner right about now.

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A sequence of lies

(Also known as history as taught to poor citizens like me in public schools)

Anyway, I have had a few more thoughts brewing in my head as I’ve been reading the book ‘Rothschild Money Trust‘ along with some things online. One of these relates to the importance of the Ukrainian famine (also known as ‘Holodomor’ that happened between 1932-1933) that killed something like 7 million ukrainians and was orchestrated by the Soviet government. Mr. Armstrong notes that it was known even at that time that the Soviets had already murdered up to around 20 million people by the time they invaded Poland at the same time Nazis made their assault. However, as everyone should know, Great Britain only declared war on Germany. It makes sense to ask why. And surprisingly (or not!), it seems the reason for that is that the Nazis threatened Jews in Europe, while other Jews were a solid part of a hostile elite (against peasants etc.) that ruled the USSR. So it mattered little to the powers that be that Jews acting as Stalin’s willing executioners had been principally responsible for the deaths of those ukrainians since they were themselves only protecting mainly Jewish interests which still benefited from the Soviet Union.

It should be almost needless to say, but the very fact that so little attention is paid to the horror that happened in Ukraine compared to all the attention that is given to what may (or may not) have happened to the Jews in Europe during the Nazi era reveals how insane the priorities of the peoples of Western societies have been. Even if the gas chambers are not mere fabrications to fool the sheep and induce the gullible with guilt, what happened in Ukraine was at least about as horrible than what supposedly happened to the Jews. That should be obvious to anyone who reads stories about ukrainian parents eating their own children in order to survive a few days longer while the Jews sold the extra Soviet food supplies to foreign countries and kept them in line at collectivized farms to bring forth their Marxist utopia of a sight of Christian corpses.

Also, to me it was news that even F. D. Roosevelt was actually ethnically Jewish (along with his wife who was his cousin too). This also makes sense considering his support for the ‘Jew Deals’ of the 30’s and why he also vehemently backed Britain and allied the US with the Soviets knowing their crimes. No wonder that his ‘kitchen cabinet’ was also made of Jews like Baruch and Morgenthau. And his strategy of not informing the Rear Admiral Kimmer, after learning about the forthcoming Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor, is also almost characteristically Jewish in its shrewdness, as he just wanted to get the US into the WW2 and realized (along with his cabinet I presume) that devastation like that would get him public support. It didn’t matter to him it cost American lives. They were overwhelmingly gentiles after all. Not part of his race. Not ‘Chosen ones’ for sure. They were just disposable puppets to be used to further the plans of the Jews.

And when it comes to Ukraine, their people are still under major exploitation, which is not the case with Jews as everyone who has studied the subject of white slavery should know. The poverty and suffering the Jews were causing along with the Soviet regime has made hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian girls easy pickings for human traffickers and lead to their exploitation in the sex industry. Again, do we ever hear about rich Jews trying to ease their suffering by setting up trust funds or something? I have to say I haven’t heard about such things, but I sure have heard that they are playing a major part in getting those women into the sex industry to further fatten their own pockets.

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Wise as a MEP

The Devil’s Kitchen has a nice post which sort of reveals why politicians really love the EU as illustrated by Tom Wise and this story exposing his spending practices and how the members of the European Parliament can make their living quite lucrative:

Wise, and the other Brit contingent of the 785 MEPs, pocket a handsome �61,820 salary. But a shock News of the World investigation has revealed FOUR loopholes many use to boost that FIVE-FOLD to an incredible �307,588.

First there’s the extra �226 A DAY allowance just for showing up!

Then there’s the �39,012 HANDOUT for office expenses, no questions asked, no receipts needed.

Big earner is the �162,856 BUNG to hire staff—which many hand straight to relatives.

And there’s the up to �10,000 PROFIT in flying with budget airlines then claiming the full allowed payment for top-price tickets.

Greedy Wise, 60 on Tuesday, is an expert at the low-cost airline racket and the daily allowance scam. It has cost the taxpayer up to ONE MILLION POUNDS to keep him in the lap of luxury since he won his seat in 2004.

And all that doesn’t even include all the bribes they may be taking from Arabian oil sheiks and Jewish money masters who are busy turning Europe into a totalitarian Eurabia (and other bribes from various others sources). No wonder they can afford their frivolous lifestyles (hookers or sex slaves too depending on their tastes) and totally ignore all the misery they cause to others.

Though at least on his home page Mr. Wise does claim that unlike the other MEPs he’s been deliberately open about how he has been able to milk the system. This might well be true.

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At the feet of giants

As I love to use low-cost airlines, I once again flew to Turkey via Germany. This time I spent some time in Frankfurt am Main. And since I had a working camera with me unlike the last time when I had forgotten the necessary cable back home, I even took some photos and put a few of them online here (just two photos now.. more to follow some time soon).

Now, Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany. It is also the place where the Rothschild empire started to grow. Nowadays it has some of the tallest buildings of Germany as well like the Commerzbank tower. And it has a more prominent red light district than what I was able to find in Munich. No doubt related to the fact that many wealthy business travelers are frequenting the place. One older woman even tried to drag me into some seedy looking club but as I have learned that Jews are very prominent as the owners of those types of places (as producers of porn too since they like to show defiled white women to the world which I guess is the reason why porn is often so vile!), I decided it’s more prudent not to spend any money there (also I have to say that the women on the street weren’t that attractive as they were mostly older or overweight.. though I guess it is a safe bet to say that younger and prettier meat would have been available inside those places).

I tried my best to spot any Jewish money masters while walking around the city center, but since I don’t yet have eyes connected to a digital database of them and a software to automatically recognize my enemies, I’m not sure I saw any. But I’m sure I saw some of their servants at least.
Anyway, instead of paying for a sleeping place, I spent a night reading George Armstrong’s book ‘Rothschild Money Trust’ (written in 1940) in one hostel cafeteria at the city center, before leaving the place in the morning. Again, I’m still reading it (along with several other books on topics like the origins of Freemasonry and the Bush family), but it seems to be quite decent. Mr. Armstrong was not the type of a guy who fell for Jewish lies it seems. It contains many of the usual claims such that the Rothschilds (along with other Jewish money masters) have been responsible for many, if not all, wars that ravaged Europe after about the year 1800 and that the Protocols’ aren’t really forgeries at all unlike the Jew dominated popular media and those supposedly unbiased (right!) government mandated experts have long claimed.

It also explains how Jews have long been using their wealth to control the media (just like the protocols dictate they should do) even when they don’t own the controlling stock of the companies (or running them themselves) by systematically withdrawing advertisements from those newspapers (etc.) that aren’t sufficiently in the line and promoting Jewish interests. It pays to note that for example in Germany in the year 1900, the one percent of the population that was Jewish, owned something like 20 percent of the economy (as I remember was claimed in ‘The Culture of Critique’) and the situation is I guess even worse in the modern US. Thus it is not so surprising that Jews have managed to create a situation in which only the media companies that are in effect slaves to Jewish interests have survived until this day. And everyone who doesn’t recognize this is hopelessly clueless. Though speaking from a personal experience it is possible to wake up to the reality. It will be a rude awakening however when you realize that much of what you have believed has been lies.

I for example remember reading how the Nazis would have been so much better off if they had not displaced the Jewish academics from the establishment. I even remember that some historians think they could have helped the Nazis win the war. At that time I at first thought that may have been true. Still, I have come to realize that speculation like that from the establishment historians is little more than propaganda. You know, after the war and all its horrors and destruction, West Germany’s rise without the Jews was quite phenomenal and hard to dispute. I’d say it is evidence for the claim that the Jews weren’t really that beneficial in Germany on the whole. Even though there must have been some productive Jewish thinkers and scientists there was also all the craziness that originated at the Jewish Frankfurt school to name one example. Thus I’d say it is possible that on the whole the Jews may have well been more parasitic that productive.

(Hopefully, I’ll resume more frequent posting as I’m done traveling for now)

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A mosaic of thoughts

It’s springtime even in Helsinki. Just looking around carelessly, I could think nothing is wrong. The suburban area I’m in looks quite decent. Yet I know more than meets my eyes. Though even they do see that Helsinki is changing. When I passed my old comprehensive school, I saw several Somalis (I think) walking towards the bus stop. One another Somali girl who was obviously a pupil in that school, rose on the bus and started speaking loudly on her cellphone; less than twenty years ago there was only one pupil of non-European heritage among some 600 pupils. And the black woman on the street, with several little children, had her body and face covered more thoroughly than the vast majority of women you see in Turkey where I have spent about one year now (I’ll be back there soon too).

And when I go to a grocery store I immediately notice how ridiculously expensive everything is compared to the rest of the world. Some of the same things I saw in stores in Munich are twice as expensive in Helsinki. And when I read some news they tell me that one liter of gasoline cost 0.62 euro in April on average in the US while in Finland you pay 1.42 euros. I’m sure the hardworking taxpayers are glad that on top of those prices they are now supporting the expansion of multicultural society and their own replacement. I’m sure it was a smart choice to get a replacement for me from Pakistan. The authorities know best after all. So just pay your taxes gladly!

And of course I haven’t been able to avoid reading some stuff about the Josef Fritzl case. Now of course that guy found a willing woman for himself. A woman who apparently had just no clue of what was going on (bloody typical!). And the media covers the story for ages and the masses are distracted from thinking about those psychos that really matter. Fritzl may be monstrous, but at least he has not been trying to destroy all that’s still good in Europe like those psychopaths who run the EU (reminder: although just a very small percentage of the general population is psychopathic, I fully expect that of the top EU elites, at least 35 to 100 percent are psychos, as in general organizations are top heavy on psychopaths and the prevalence of casual but outrageous lying by them indicates they are much more prevalent in the EU than in most other organizations). But of course since the big media is in the league with the elites they are not spending time trying to expose them. On the contrary they are usually busy spreading more propaganda. The only choice for the average citizen to make some real sense of the situation is to crawl on the fringes of the internet (and yes, I have some good links on my sidebar to get started).

The more stuff I read, the more likely it seems that the current situation is indeed due to a vast conspiracy which has long been trying to fool the masses (not to mention also actually fooled them!) in order to further its own agenda. And yes, it seems the Jews seem to have been very instrumental in it. I myself suspect they are trying to collectively punish all white Europeans for their past misdeeds (either real or imagined) as their faith Judaism dictates (it’s a sick religion I gather!) but I’m willing to consider other explanations as well. One part of their plan seems to involve getting the Europeans into a bloody civil war against the Muslims.

I’ll give one example of the subversive tactics they have been using in order to reach this situation: I remember that some years ago, when I started reading economics blogs, I initially gravitated towards certain Jewish economists (with names like Becker, Cowen, Levitt, Roberts) because they were obviously pretty good writers and also enthusiastic bloggers. Yet when I begun reading more stuff from their non-Jewish collegues (for example Hoppe is non-Jewish I think), it begun to be increasingly clear that the Jewish economists tended to be quite biased in their analysis of the economic effects of immigration. In short I noted Jews tend to ignore or downplay all but the most obvious costs to immigration (the less immediate and obvious costs include things like the genetic deterioration of the population and all the hidden costs to native taxpayers… though of course some pretty decent Jews like M. Friedman have noted that it’s insanity to have mass immigration into a welfare state) while the (at the least the smartest) non-Jewish economists tend to take more of them into consideration (and often end up unpopular in the establishment when they give reasons for restricting immigration).

Anyway, after realizing that the Jewish economists tend to be systematically biased, it is not that far-fetched to think they may be deliberately biased because they are willing participants of a conspiracy to bring down the Western world. Observing their systematic biases surely increases my expectation that the conspiracy-theorists are right. Yes. It’s the Jews, stupid! They are really out there trying to get me and other whites killed or enslaved! Also the Muslims of course!

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